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Just because I have not posted in 2yrs has nothing to do with this. Being that you all are members as well and entitled to an opinion, why should I be entitled to less?

People Whisperer and I know one another in Person. She has been nothing but kind to me so to see her saying this has me disappointed. I am not going to treat her any differently when we see each other at the next show. In fact I told her she should come to the show we will be attending. So I must enjoy her company no? So please don't turn it around to make me look like I am trying to belittle her.

I also know the person she is referring to whom is a dear friend. And its not what she said here about the person, its how she said it and the intent behind it.

I am not defending a momentary lapse. I am defending the fact it can happen to anyone and has been bad mouthing this person to people. That is wrong.

Oh and putting dogs in kennels doesn't always prevent intact dogs breeding either. I have heard of many instances with dogs being able to tie through chain linked fences. So that doesn't really solve that problem either does it?  :-*

"Well it is irresponsible to me! If you are a breeder you should have a kennel to keep females intact AWAY from males or Kennel a male with someone else. You don't just not lock a door or a window while having a male and a female intact.
The dog you know who jumped through a glass window to get to a female DID IT TWICE a year apart. The breeder was lucky enough that
females didn't get pregnant but the fact that she let it happen TWICE tells us something, doesn't it?
That is why it is important to spay and neuter...if you can't be 100% responsible"

To bad mouth someone else is irresponsible and just plain tacky. I thought maybe you were better than that. There is enough of this in the show world to be bad mouthing someone over something like this. Specially when the person is dedicated heart and soul to the health and prosperity of this breed.

Guess I should start boarding all my windows up before I get considered irresponsible next. Heck everyone with intact dogs should put boards on your windows - we would not want to be considered irresponsible had one of the dogs decided to be a sex crazed idiot and jump through the window. Tsk tsk shame on us...

I hope you change your tune, bad mouthing people spreads quick and soon no one will want to talk to you in fear of what you may say about them. Remember we are all in this breed for the same reason - our love for them. We shouldn't be pitting against one another over stuff like this.

- Abstrax

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Hello I am new to the board..
« on: September 09, 2006, 04:40:42 am »
Thanks for the huge welcome!!! Lots of very pretty animals on here and very friendly people at that.

We're now getting our supplies for the whelping box today so that will be fun, decided to build our own because I don't plan having another litter 3-4yrs from now.

I of course will have pics and lots of video to share. I am going to try enough hands on board for the birth to video tape each pups first breath. It will be fun deciding who stays and who goes. The stud owners are looking to get Pick female and I want pick male so it works out great for both parties.

I have a registered name picked out for my boy already as well a call name that could work for a boy or girl, if I end up with the off chance of an all bitch litter hehe.

Abstrax Maverick Halo - Call name Halo.. :) Its a good cross for both parents in the names I think. The female would be Abstrax Seraphic Halo if I keep a bitch instead.

Anyone into conformation??


Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Hello I am new to the board..
« on: September 08, 2006, 08:45:49 am »
OMG!!! FURRRRR BABBBBIEEESSS!!! They are adorable!!! Chara has such pretty colors, and Zero has a kissable face.. :D

I Love Saints, we have a nice male in our neighbor hood, he is sooo massive much like the Pyr males. Mals are breath taking they're eyes hold a story..

Free stack of my girl, this was the middle of august a couple weeks after being bred. Probably my best stack picture ever and of course she has to be out of coat lol.

Her and her Studly Man Summerhill LL. Mr. Maverick pictured on the right.

And here is something you don't see everyday, a Pyr who plays fetch let alone swims in the lake. :)

Mmm I luff her.

And a video of her movement for those with cable or better. :)

I look forward to see more pics of your guys babies!


Great Pyrenees Discussions / Hello I am new to the board..
« on: September 08, 2006, 08:17:00 am »
First off I just want to say its nice to finally find an active board of Pyr lovers.

My name is Melissa and I have been dealing with Great Pyrenees for almost three years now confortmation and pet wise. I have one bitch right now, her name is Grace. She is a french style pyr and is soon to be a Mama and the founding stock bitch of my kennel (Abstrax Kennels). She was bred to a nice Summerhills boy, Summerhill LL Mr. Maverick. Gorgeous male, and he seems to compliment her faults as she does his. I couldn't have hoped for a better match. We're expecting pups at the last week of September, so I am extremely excited. And the best part is they will arrive a week after my birthday! ( Shameless promoting so shoot me lol.. I am an excited soon to be grandmum! ;) )

Have I had litter experience before? Yes earlier this year I assisted with a litter out of Am/Can Ch. Rivergroves Honor Among Thieves (Sterling) and a Nautika brood bitch named Penny, as well a litter out of BIS/BISS Ch. DieuDonne's Impyrial Acclaim (Yes, Fame.) and Am/Can CH Rivergroves Nautika Fleurdunor (Flurry). Quite a wonderful experience that was. The the Sterling and Penny litter was by far the best experience one could ever have in their first round. Penny ended up with an infection and had to be placed on meds, at the advice of the vet the pups were placed back on the mother. A couple fell ill and we lost one, but the rest from that point on her hand fed, there is nothing more precious than hand feeding a newborn Pyr.

Anywise, I am so happy to finally find an active group, I have been looking for sometime and it seems that most boards are active maybe once a month. I look forward to getting to know all of you and share a bunch of fun and sad stories. I will post some pics of my girl and stuff once I get the hang of the site heehee. And feel free to show me your furry kids!!!! I LOVE PICS!!!


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