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Thanks Libby P, I'll keep you in mind for next time! 

I believe this leg is filled now....thanks everyone!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / London/Windsor Ontario Members?
« on: February 13, 2007, 08:46:25 pm »
Any members from the London/Windsor Ontario area?  We are trying to coordinate a transport for a big guy to his forever home and need a leg in your area filled for later this week.  Please PM me for details if you can help with e date is not yet confirmed - will be set once the storms pass through the area.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Lost Newf in Nova Scotia
« on: December 13, 2006, 06:20:05 am »
I've been asked to forward this on in the hopes that Marlee can be found:

"Sherry just called me and asked if I would send you my information about Marlee.  I have attached my story advertised in the paper below.

Marlee went missing at suppertime Nov. 28.  I was told she snapped her collar after getting excited while two boys left my house. I was inside and she was laying on my front deck when these two boys came looking for foodbank donations. I wasn't watching yet the boys indicated she snap her collar and ran around the back of my house.  I immediately went outside...hear d her bark once and continued to call her name but it went silent.  We went out that night several times driving the area in hopes of seeing her.  She was reported missing the next morning.  I have reported her missing in 4 counties.  Advertised on the radio, and sent flyers out to people homes, placed flyers at local stores and called many vets.
Two children indicated that they saw a big black dog in the woods just behind my sudivision so we started searching the area heavily and trying to contact the home owners in the area around the circumferance of the woods.  I also left my coat and her bed outside in the woods for a scent home.  The tips for any solid siting for Marlee stopped after this. 
I live in Wilmot, 5min. from Greenwood, where there is sparce woods and lots of farm land and me and my family have been walking the area.
Marlee is all black with a small amount of white on her back right paw, her toes.  It is a very small amount, more like a few strands.  If you pick up that paw there is white and black hair growing. Her middle toe nail on this paw is white. She also doesn't drool unless she gets really excited.
Her registration no. is135254693A  I believe she was microchipped.. ..don't even recall seeing tatto markings on her body.
21months, born Feburary 16,2005
She was wearing a green remote training collar that has an on/off button and it was off at that of her disappearance.
She was a small female weighing 78lbs.  She's very friendly and sweet.  And she will leak a little urine sometimes when she gets excited.  I have small children so she is used and loves kids.  She was my dog and followed me everywhere....
Marlee is a cherished and loved dog in this home, and me and my family and many other people are looking forward to her return.
I have attached some pics.  I hope this information will help.  And, I can't thank you enough for helping us find her.
Krista McKay
Break Away Empowerment Coaching
Krista McKay < shyness-socialanxiety coach
(902) 765-0931"

Not sure what he is......other than really cute and in need of a good home/foster situation.  There are not a lot of ridgebacks or danes in this community, so chances are he is a lab/mastiff cross or something like that.  This boy needs some serious training - he is strong and exuberant, but playful and doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body.  He just needs to get to somewhere where he can get help, and fast.  Time is up at his current foster home.

If a foster home becomes available all of his food/vet expenses/training classes will be covered by his rescue group.

Here's a few more apologies for the "flash eye".

Bancroft, an hour north of Belleville/Peterborough.  Transport can be arranged.

Here's a shot of him - it's not a great picture of him.  he does actually look more like a bull mastiff than this.  I'm going to try to hook up with his foster mom tomorrow to get better pictures. 

He is about 70 lbs. 

Edited to add:  he is with a fairly new rescue group and they are just working on getting onto petfinder.  Hopefully he will be up there within a day or two.

I'm looking for some help finding either a foster home or forever home for a young, male bull mastiff (?) cross.  He is 1 1/2 years old, UTD on shots, neutered, crate trained.  This is a VERY high energy boy who has had little training and is need of a home with an experienced dog owner.

He is fine with other dogs, although very boisterous so needs to be with well socialized dogs. 

He knows very basic commands, but is so enthusiastic and playful that he will require considerable work in this area.

He has been in foster care with a rescue group for several months, but the physical limitations of his foster mom are necessitating that he find a new foster or forever home.

Can anyone help this sweet boy? 

Good to know, MommaBear.  Thanks. 

He is in the Hastings County pound....they are not on petfinder.  It is open 1 hour a day, that's it.  He's in a pen for the other 23 hours.  There is so little funding for this pound, it is scary.  They try their best not to put animals down, but if they get full, the large, harder to adopt dogs are the victims.  Luckily the woman who works there knows me, and called me to help get him out of there.  I just got off the phone with her, and she is able to hold him for a few more days while I find a foster home or rescue group for him.

I did hear back from TOH, they need more hopfefully they can do something to help this boy.  The rescue in Minnesota got back to me also, they are full.  I am going to contact New York tonight.

I have already contacted them.  Have also contacted a rescue group in Minnesota.  Have not heard back from eiher so far.

Need help finding a rescue group that will take a young (under 2) male, intact, Saint.

Friendly, knows basic commands.

He is in a kill shelter that will adopt him to anyone that will take him, no questions asked (scary).  They are giving me a day or two to find somewhere for him to go before they release him or have him PTS if they run out of space.

We are half way between Toronto and Ottawa (north of Peterborough) so are interested in activities in either direction!  I'm surprised there isn't a regional club in Toronto already...gues s that explains why I couldn't find any info about one. 

Thanks for the reminder about TOH, I had totally forgotten about them - I'll contact Krys to see if there are any upcoming events scheduled.  Didn't there used to be a Giant Breed Dog Walk every Sunday in Arnprior?  Anyone know if that still happens?

What about Saints participating in Christmas Tree pulls in the GTA or Ottawa areas?  Parades?  Regional Clubs?  Draft Tests?  We belong to our local Newf Club which always has LOTS of activities, but there doesn't seem to be much going on with Saints.  Saints of course are always welcome at the Newf events, but I would love to find activities where I could meet Saints from different lines, and a few different breeders too. 

Very cute! 
Newfs can close off their nose while underwater, much like a Moose does!  It's great that yours will swim like underwater retrieve is part of one of the Water Dog tests, so you're ahead of the game!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Saint Activities in Ontario, Canada???
« on: November 20, 2005, 11:55:29 am »
Any Saint owners from Ontario out there?  I'm having a hard time finding info on Regional Clubs and events in Ontario.  Any leads?   

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