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Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi from Ohio - Gr8 Pyr
« on: June 19, 2008, 08:08:23 am »
I think her coat will definately cord, but I will definately keep it cut to about 3"-4" max. After I brush her you can hardly tell, it immediately goes back to it's natural seperation. I asked the vet about it and he thinks so too.I read up on the grooming it takes to keep it corded and not matted and you have to manually seperate it every day, bath regularly and it takes about 24 hrs to dry. I already have a full time job. lol.

Besides, I think she would be more comfortable with a coat of a reasonable length.

I really think I have the best of both worlds. She is kom physically, but all Lab personality.

Thanks for the tips.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi from Ohio - Gr8 Pyr
« on: June 19, 2008, 07:36:32 am »
Her coat is like "cotton" in texture, very soft and naturally seperates. You can see her color change from root to tip. It has a cool effect in the wind. She is a single coated dog, but the new coat coming in is curly and looks like an undercoat underneath her puppy fur. It is curly from her neck to her tail, but her head, sides, and legs are straight. Who knows how she will end up. I brush her vigoursly every day. Her breed is not supposed to shed, though I did read that they will shed their puppy coats. No matts so far, she hasn't started to cord or anything. From what I have read this does not start until they are 3 years old and she just turned 6 months.

I guess we will just wait and see. I am documenting it with lots of pics. People who haven't seen her in awhile can't believe it is the same pup. She has changed colors so much is is still growing about 5-8lbs per week. Is this growth normal for a Pyr? She is in the upper 80's now. She gets fixed on Friday and they will weigh her then so I will have a more accurate weight.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi from Ohio - Gr8 Pyr
« on: June 19, 2008, 06:29:05 am »
She is not a working LGD. She definately has all the personality of a lab. Her coat has been a mystery to me. She never shedded even during her bath, then about a month ago she started to shed her puppy coat or what I call her bear fur and her new coat is coming in curly and "white". She was pure black when I got her with four white toes. See the pic below. Anyway she seems to have stopped shedding her puppy coat and is only half way finished. I don't know if I should help it along and have her groomed or not. My husband and I are kinda curious what it will do on its own.

Anyway, welcome again.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi from Ohio - Gr8 Pyr
« on: June 18, 2008, 10:32:55 am »
Welcome! I am a buckeye too! I just found this site myself about a month ago. I adopted my komondor/lab mix from a shelter in Urbana. I haven't found any kom owners here yet. But the Pyr people have been great with advice on food, grooming, etc. Any great advice you have on LGD would be appreciated.

I live in Waynesville about 30 miles north of Cincy. Where are you in Ohio?

My big baby is 6 months old (as of Monday)and weighs in at about 85 or so. She is going to be a big girl!

Again, welcome.

I agree with the flags, visuals always help. But you also need to inspect your collar and make sure it is working properly and is fastened properly. Check your batteries and you need to make sure your collar is not too loose, you should only be able to slip your finger inbetween your dogs neck and the prongs. If your dog has longer hair, they make longer prongs for these types of coats.

Additionally, once a dog learns that the shock is "not so bad" if there is something he really wants on the other side you may need to change your setting up a level or two to change his mind.

Also, take the time to escort him on leash around his perimeter and when he gets too close and you hear the beep, tell him no and pull him back. If he comes back on his own, reward him instantlywith treats or praise. Never try and "lure" your dog over the line, this just confuses them.

You should also be able to set your range as to where the dog receives the "beep" and where he receives the "shock". Increase the distance between the beep and shock. If he is at a run and gets the beep and shock instantaneousl y, he is over the line before he has a chance to to slow down and turn around. I have my shock set 4' from the line so if she ignores the beep, she has to make it through 4' of shock to cross the line.

Some dogs are more stubborn than others, but most dogs will learn to respect the fence with enough repetition and education.

I have had an invisible fence for 12 years. If your dog is properly trained it is an excellent training device and is not cruel. Try the collar on your hand and feel the shock that is given. Correction can be taught at the lowest level.

1) You must train your dog what his boundaries are. Use the flags, have him on leash and let him hear the beep. When he hears it tell him "no" and pull him back. You must walk the boundaries several times with your dog. Installing the fence and just turning him loose to "figure it out" is cruel.

2)My collar will "beep" then "vibrate" then issue the shock. The dog has two chances to turn around before getting the shock. There are 8 levels of correction and I have only used the first.

3) I also purchased a remote training system. Same system but with a hand held device so you can take them off leash to the country, park, hiking, etc. I use it when we go to my father-in-laws farm (300 acres) and she never has to be on leash. I never use this system in our yard because it will confuse her as to where her boundaries are.

The shock is not nearly the strength of a horse or cattle fence. When Tink does get a shock, she doesn't yelp, she just seems irritated and itches at it. If installed and used properly I think invisible fence systems are an awesome tool for any size dog.Education and training is the key.

I am definately and advocate for them -IF used properly.

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: Dogs digging out of fence
« on: June 13, 2008, 10:00:09 am »
We have an underground invisible fence. The dog collar will first "beep", then "vibrate" then if she is real stubborn she will get am mild shock.

They make remote collars that will do this too. They work off a hand-held "walkie-talkie" type device. We use it on Tink in the house to stop chasing the cat and teach her the inside boundaries. We also us it when we go hiking or to my father in laws farm (300 acres) so she can run free and I can call her back with the beep. I have never had to use anything but the beep on the remote collar. It is a great training tool.

You could use it from inside the house and when you saw them digging, give them a beep. My hand held device works with multiple dogs.

It has worked wonders with Tink and we can take her anywhere off leash and still keep her under control. The one I have was made for hunting sporting dogs and is water proof. I have absolutely no complaints with it.

Akita Discussions / Re: Information/AdviceRequired
« on: June 13, 2008, 06:10:49 am »
I had concerns when I got TINK because of her Kom side. I had read they are independent thinkers and guard dogs. They can be very defensive of what they consider "theirs".

Anyway from the very beginning, both my husband and I would walk over and pet and talk to her while she ate. Sometimes we would throw little treats in her bowl or pick the bowl up before she was done and put treats in.

One day she "growled" at me over a bone. She was abuot 12 weeks old, it was almost like she was "trying it out". Anyway, I put her leash on and lead her away from the bone. We then went back to the bone together, correcting her as she growled until she stopped. It is very important for your dogs to respect your authority but I beleive with a lot of patience and repitition any dog can be trained.

Now it is no problem for myself, my husband, other dogs, or kids to pick up toys, treats, ect.

Try putting him on a leash until he behaves himself. There were times TINK was on an ambilical all day, but she has learned well and has a wonderful temperment.

Hope I helped.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Should a Pry be clipped in summer?
« on: June 11, 2008, 11:13:04 am »
I have a kom/lab mix with excessive hair (kom-side). I have done a lot of research and inquiry to other kom owners as well as my vet and groomer. They all suggested to shave their bellies and the excess hair between their pads/toes, leave everything else. This is my first year with a kom, she is 6 months old, we live in Ohio and our AC was out for 3 days. It was in the 90's and she seemed to fair better than us.


Mixed Breed Pictures / TINKS GRADUATION
« on: May 29, 2008, 10:49:08 am »
I wanted to give a little update on Tink. She graduated her basic obedience on 5/20 and is working on her canine good citizenship certification so she can become a certified therapy dog. I was really proud of her. After that bad dog food incident she really hasn't been feeling up to snuff, but she aced her test. I am sooo proud of her. In addition she and her canine friends (people I work with and their dogs) raised over $1800 for the Dayton Humane Society's Furry Skurry last week. Here are some updated picts for you.
P.S. I wanted to thank everyone on their advice about the dog food. She has been switched over to Canidae All Life Stages for about 2 weeks and is doing great. I have continued feeding her some homemade rice mixture with it during her transition. She absolutely loves it and is obvious she is feeling much better. Thanks everybody!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Bad Dog Food???
« on: May 14, 2008, 10:36:44 am »
Thanks for all the info. The vet is squeezing her in on Friday and I bought her a small bag of Canidae on my lunch break. We will see how she likes it before I buy a large bag. The whole dog journal dog food list posted here was really helpful.

Thanks to all. I will keep you posted on her condition.

I haven't met any kom people yet, so I need your advice. Something odd is happening with Tink's coat. Her regrowth, that is coming in white and wavy is fine but it is starting to break off there. The black "fuzzy" is coming off and her new growth is left behind but only about 1"-2". It is pretty much just on top of her back so far mostly between her shoulders.Is this a normal shed for LGD? She had a bad batch of dog food and was sick a couple of days and I hope the two are unrelated. I am going on vacation next week and I don't want to worry about her while I am gone. I am trying to get her into the vet this week before I go, just for peace of mind.Any experience/advice is appreciated.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Bad Dog Food???
« on: May 14, 2008, 06:11:14 am »
I called the vet last night and he agreed to throw the bag out. He told me to cook and feed her chicken and rice for a few days until she got over the stomach problems. He also had me bring a stool sample. She has round worm. He was surprised because this is an intestinal worm puppies get from their mothers. Her stool has been tested three times since I had her and it never showed up. He doesn't know if this is something she could have gotten from the food, but is also not something that should just be showing up now. He also doesn't think it accounts for her throwing up. I guess we will never know. She acted fine last night, so hopefully we nipped it in the bud. I go on vacation next week to Seattle and I am afraid of leaving her now.

So, what type of puppy food do you all use. I defineatly won't buy the IAMS again. Who can you trust?

Anyone tried Canidae?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Bad Dog Food???
« on: May 13, 2008, 01:40:07 pm »
Tink threw up twice yesterday. Once shortly after I got home and she began her second feeding and again in the middle of the night. It looked like regular dog food. I have fed her IAMS Smart Puppy Large Breed since I got her but I just bought a new bag two days ago. Do you think it could be a bad bag? I normally wouldn't suspect, but Brittany (I girl I work with) feeds it to her lab and he is 1 yr old and the last bag she bought he refused to eat. They had to take him to the vet because he wasn't eating at all. The vet told her to buy another bag and she did and he eats it now. She sent a sample to IAMS and they never responded one way or the other, but she got a coupon for a free bag. She has since switched brands. Anyone else had trouble?

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / Re: 7 month old pup losing weight
« on: May 13, 2008, 11:45:23 am »
Maybe its his diet. What are you feeding him? Quantity means nothing without quality. Maybe he needs more of "the good stuff" in his diet, less fillers, especially if he is an active dog. They can burn calories like crazy. You need to make sure he is being feed a good quality puppy food.

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