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So, Tucker is 16 months old now, and has been doing his business the whole time in our backyard- on grass.

Hubby has finally completed a 8X50' fenced in dog run for Tucker to do his business in one restricted area (to make clean up easier, and save our grass), but its cement patio tiles.  Its a beautiful dog run, shaded, but Tucker will not #1 or #2 on the cement! :o

We put some of his recent #2's in the dog run, thinking the smell would give him the idea it was ok to go there, but nope.   :(

I was off work yesterday (Canada Day) and my plan was that Tucker would pee when he really needed to pee, so he spent the entire day in the dog run,(well, going in and out of the house into the dog run- but not allowed onto the grass) with me keeping an eye on him, ready to shower him with praise and cheese the second he did his business...but he never did. :-\

He held it for about 11 hours!  Hubby and I felt just horrible, and we could see him stressing out, a few times he'd pace and look like he was just about to pee....but then he'd change his mind and stand in front of the gate that would give him access to the grass.

Finally, as we were entering the better part of the 12th hour, we decided to let him into the grass to go (I'm sure it can't be good for him to be holding it that long, and believe me we were feeling guilty as heck about it) BUT I went with him, and used an old juice pitcher to "catch" the pee.  I then was able to pour it out inside the dog run, to get the smell there. I ended up doing this about 3 times last night, to "mark" different spots on the cement floor, hoping the smell would intice him to pee the next time.

Anyway, this morning, Tucker is back outside, restricted (for now, we'll have to go to work soon) to the dog run- but is still not going.

Any advice or ideas on how to potty-train to go on cement after a year and a half of going on grass??  It is frustrating all three of us!

Thanks, and sorry about the lengthy post.

not to kick you when you are down but man why go to a vet when you know beforehand that they are going to be that way. i personally would have got that stupid vet to explain away the crappy ingredients in that food she sells.!!!!!!  buy orijen and put it in the hills bag when he is not looking!!!LOL!! 

I know, I know.  To be honest, we ended up at this veterinarian because they are open 24/7 and are an emergency animal hospital too- also its only 2nd time we've seen this particular Dr.  Its a "group" of vets so though you may make an appointment with a particular individual, depending on what emergencies come in during the day, you are not guaranteed to see that Dr, could be any of them.

I assumed ALL vets would feel that way about feeding raw, since I have yet to meet a vet in my city who does not feel it is a bad way to go.  Right now we will definitely be switching vets, I need to find someone who will respect our decision on what we feed our dog, regardless of how they personally feel about it.

And, LOL, I did think about just switching the kibble in the bag too, throwing away the Hills and replacing it with Orijens!

My berner breeder swears by orijens as it is a very good food.  Hill's is a crap food and has a lot of allergens so if your puppy was already having problems you'll have a hard time with it.  I second the switch vets any vet who stirs up that much trouble over your dog's diet choice to switch a good diet (that is obviously working) to a crap diet just for profit is not a vet I'd want my dog seeing. Maybe you could look into another quality kibble until you can talk hubby back into raw if that's what you'd like to keep feeding just until you have time to rediscuss it with a level head. Maybe stick with just the Orijen for now?

If you want ammo for why Orijen is good go to dogfoodanalysi as it's one of the few 6 star foods. Out of curiosity which are you feeding your guy?

ARGH!  I am so frustrated right now.  We feed Tucker Orijens by alternating the adult formula (teal & black bag) with the 6-fish formula (light blue and black bag).  So we'd feed one whole bag of one, then switch to other flavor, then back etc...

I absolutely know that Dr. B is telling us to feed Hills Prescription because she gets paid to sell their food, but getting hubby to understand that right now is pretty much impossible.  He is running scared right now, for lack of a better term, from anything I'm suggesting, or even from really talking about it, because he's convinced the vet is right.

I've been researching on internet, and found this analysis of Hills Prescrip. D/D.....This is the one hubby bought.

OMG! We are going to have to switch vets, because this is ridiculous.  Hills is CRAP, plain CRAP food.

The main concern of the vet (not that I really care) was the amount of protein Tucker is eating, because Orijens is 70% protein (plus then we were feeding raw on top of that) so my question now- what is the RIGHT amount of protein content we should be looking for?  Personally I see no problems with keeping him on Orijen (that's what he was being fed when we got him) but I'd be willing to try switching to Evo large bites (I've heard good things about that, plus its grain free) or something if hubby is dead set against Orijens now.

Oh my word.

Ok first of all- no offense to anyone who IS a veterinarian, or who KNOWS a veterinarian!

Tucker is 15 months old, and we needed to take him to the vet to get his boosters, and we wanted to get him weighed, generally get checked out to make sure he's grown (growing) properly etc...

Of course, first question "What are you feeding him?" is what comes out of vet's mouth.

Brent and I had discussed it prior to going to the appointment, because I knew of course the vet was going to lecture us on feeding raw etc... and tell us of all the bad, scary stuff that WILL happen to Tucker because of our horrible food choices for him etc....  And I told Brent to let me do the talking (because it was me who did all the timely, extensive research on feeding raw in the first place) and he agreed.

Until we actually got in the exam room with Dr. B.  Of course, she lectured us for about 20 minutes, not letting me get a word in edgewise to defend my decision.  Not only did she lecture on the raw part of Tucker's diet, but she lectured on how BAD Orijens kibble was (which Tucker gets for breakfast) because its basically raw food in pellet form!

AND she even stated that because she knows Tucker has been on a raw food diet, that she can refuse him service in her vet clinic because of the potentially HUGE risks to other animals and even to staff!

  Then- Brent looks at me, this horrific look on his face (and I thought "oh no! she got to him!") and in front of Dr. B. he exclaims he can't believe I never told him all the bad stuff about raw, that he can't believe I'd risk our puppy, our health, the health of our cats, heck even the health of the neighborhood (!) like this, that he's so disappointed in me etc...  It was pretty humiliating, but at the same time infuriated me because I had warned him the vet would do this!!

And then to Dr. B he states we will be changing Tucker's diet immediately, doing everything she recommended (like throwing out his food bowls, toys- ANYTHING that may have contacted his mouth after he ate raw...oh please) and he apologizes for getting wrapped up in the raw food trend, it won't happen again... and what food would she recommend we switch to?  What is the BEST out there? What does she feed her two dogs?

Of course, surprise surprise... Dr. B. recommends the Hills Prescription D/D food, that (conveniently) she sells in her office- the ONLY food she sells in her office.  We leave the vet office (Tucker is in great health otherwise, though Dr. B. says he's about 6lbs overweight, but HELLO!  He's still only 15 months old, and still growing, right?) with me feeling a little shell-shocked at my husband's abandonment of everything we've discussed before about Tucker's diet, and I'm also at the same time furious with him!!  Especially when he buys a bag of Salmon and potato Hills D/D food to take with us!  ARGH!

Of course, once we were in the truck on the way home, our arguement began and got pretty dramatic.  Brent is set on keeping Tucker now on the Hills food, he seems to have blocked out how much the raw food diet has worked for Tucker, how healthy he's become, how his skin has stopped itching, his bald patches went away etc...

It looks like I've got my work cut out for me again.  I'm going to research this Hills stuff and see what I can find to dispute the vets claims. 

Have any of you had vet experiences like this?  How bad is Prescription Hills D/D food anyway?

Thanks for listening to me vent!

Hello!  Tucker is 15 months old, and we feed a variety of foods- he gets Orijens kibble in the morning, and then alternately raw food (anywhere from beef dinner, turkey, chicken, lamb, bison, duck, beef, fruit/veggie patties etc...  and we buy premade frozen patties from lots of different manufacturers) or Merrick brand canned food in the evening.  Its about raw food 4 times per week, canned food 3 times.

We too have always implemented a "no kisses/licks" right after eating, for about 10-15 minutes (Tucker usually goes outside anyway) just for our own personal cleanliness, not really over concern for the raw "germies", and on the occasions where we've forgotten and he's managed to lick us, we've never been sick from it.

BTW:  feeding raw takes a lot of critisism from "outsiders"  (aka: non-raw believers) but all I know is that we used to have so many problems with Tucker (itchy skin, bald patches, bad stool, bad breath, gas, diarreha to name a few) and since switching to raw it has all cleared up, and he has a beautiful, shiny, healthy coat, he's strong, hardly ever passes gas,his stool is more formed- and he poops less often!, shiny white teeth and no more foul smelling breath.  We wouldn't feed any other way.

have a great day!

The same Merrick brand of dog food also offers a canned variety of "Wingalings", which is whole, cooked chicken wings in a stew of fruits and veggies.

The company promises that the wings are slow cooked, rendering the bones soft and easy and SAFE for the dog to eat and digest..

What do you guys think?  I was given a free sample can of this one too, and am iffy about actually feeding it to Tucker.


I was given a few cans of different varieties to try with Tucker, and the first one last night, "Working Dog Stew", was a huge success.

It has beef tripe, and an assortment of veggies and fruits, really good stuff, and Tucker was so excited by the smell he could barely wait for me to get it out of the can before diving in.

Anyone else feed this brand to their dogs?  How did they do on it?  Its more easily availble in my area then the Halo brand canned food, so I may end up switching Tucker to it, and putting it in his rotation of Orijens, Raw, canned...

Thanks for info.  I heard back from my vet too, who said that to use a children's formula sunscreen was ok, and aloe to soothe any sunburned area is ok too, as long as its 100% aloe- nothing else.

Hubby and I felt brave enough to take Tucker to his first dog park on Friday night, where we met up with some friends and their 5 month old black lab.  Tucker did great, we loved it, and were instantly addicted to the experience.

So we took Tucker again on Saturday for a couple hours, and again on Sunday for about 3 hours.  It was beautiful weather, sun shining, warm- just great.  Neither one of us thought of the possibility of sunburn (for us or for Tucker) and now, looking at Tucker's nose this Monday morning, I'm sure its a little pinker than usual.

(Its the part of his nose that would be called the "bridge" of his nose if he were a person.  What's the word?  Snout? I can't think of it....)

Anyway, it definitely looks pinky-red to me, is there anything I can do for it?  I don't think Tucker is hurting or uncomfortable at all because of it, its just to me, it looks pinky-red, so I'm thinking it must be sore/tender?

Also, for future dog park visits, what can I rub on this spot to prevent it from burning again? Do they make doggie sunblock?

Thanks, have a great Monday!

Food Discussion & Information / Anyone feed "Halo" brand canned food?
« on: March 28, 2009, 02:17:12 am »
I've seen Halo advertised in DogFancy, I've seen it on the shelf in my local Tail Blazers store, and was wondering if anyone on here feeds Halo to their pups?

If yes, how do the dogs like it?

The latest ad I've seen in my May issue of DogFancy is of the Spot's Stew flavor, and it looks pretty darn good to me, I'm wondering how it - nutritionally- stacks up to others.


I watched this program too, and I agree with the fact that- Hello?!?!  They bought a puppy for the purposes of the program, which I think completely contributes to the problem, AND the puppy they bought was NOT staying with the person who bought the end, they mentioned that though the lady had grown fond of the dog (Hope) it was time to hopefully find her a forever home now.  That part made me mad, as now where will poor Hope end up if they can't find a home?  Back in the shelter.  And (though I disagree on how pet stores obtain their animals) IMO, she would have been better left at the pet store.

I do also have to add my two cents in, because while I would never buy a puppy (or kitten) from a pet store because of where they come from, I do believe that rescuing dogs/puppies from city shelters or breed rescue organizations is ok, and something that needs to be done.

I don't believe the only place to get a "good, quality" dog is from a reputal breeder where the parents have a pedigree a mile long...

For example, my Tucker is 100% full out Bernese Mountain Dog, and we adopted him from our local SPCA.  He and his sister were dropped off at the SPCA in a box, with the staff having no knowledge where they came from, or why the owners couldn't care for them.

To some people, it may make Tucker less desirable in their eyes, because he is not registerable, he does not have papers, I did NO research into the breed prior to adopting him (not counting what I knew of BMDs from seeing them in our neighborhood), I had no idea of his lineage, no idea what his parents looked like.

But that doesn't make me love him any less, nor does that make him any less valuable or important to me.  I would rescue a dog that needed help, though I would never buy from a pet store.

Just my opinion.

I think Newfies and Berners grow at about the same rate.
I had been told by a lot of people that it would be better to just put Clifford on Adult food, so I did that about a month after I got him, so 4 months old. He has been very healthy other than some skin itch/ allergy problems. I switched him to grain free at 14 months and there have been no more skin issues.

The amount of conflicting information/advice out there is amazing (and frightening too!).  We were told by our vet to keep Tucker on the large breed puppy formula (whatever kibble we decided on) for 2 years, as it takes that long for them to "age" out of puppyhood, but then the more we talked to others, the more we heard we should've went right to adult right away (which obviously we didn't do), and now he's a year and still eating Orijens lg br. puppy, but I'm feeling like he should be on adult.  I think a trip to the pet store is in order.

My Tucker turned 1 year old yesterday, and I was wondering - should we be switching from his Orijens large breed puppy kibble to an adult formula now?  Or should Tucker be staying on the large breed puppy for one more year, as Berners take about 2 years to complete the puppy stage (as I've been told).

What did you do?


orijen foods are all life stages. all formulas are quite close in analysis.  my newf breeder actually prefers the pupply or puppy large over the adult due to more taurine. 6 fish even better. the formulas can actually be switched around for change in flavor for the dog.  oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUCKER!!!

Hmmm, that's good to know. I've heard lots of good things about the 6 fish formula, (I'm assuming its adult) maybe I should try a bag of that this time round, as Tucker does look at me sometimes with a "this again?" expression on his face, ha ha ha!

My boy Tucker is 1 year old today, can't believe it.  I'll post a few pics soon, got a cute one where he actually wore a birthday party hat for 5 minutes...

My food question is- we are feeding Tucker Orijens large breed puppy kibble (for breakfast, he gets raw for dinner) and now that he is a year old, should we be switching Tucker to Orijens adult food, (or some other adult food/ large breed adult food) OR do we keep feeding the Orijens large breed puppy for another year?

I am wondering as I have heard that larger breeds (and Berners in particular) take 2 years to become full grown, and 2 years to complete their does Tucker still have another year to go?

Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend everyone.


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