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Saint Bernard Pictures / Lucca at City Park -Denver, CO
« on: February 28, 2009, 03:10:42 pm »
Just a few of pictures, because Lucca and Frida went for a longish walk at city park, which we very rarely visit because it includes a few lakes and that means goose poop, and dogs love to eat goose poop, so yeah... But I thought maybe Lucca would be grown-up enough to understand how much I disapprove...
Turns out, Lucca just doesn't eat poop... Frida, however, has always been a different story and I have to keep an eye on her! But now I can't wait for summer! Lucca wanted to go in the water so much, but I didn't let him because it's still very cold! but once it gets warmer, it'll be so much fun :D

on his bed waiting for me to figure out what to bring... I just liked this picture, crappiness and all

sometimes, he looks almost like a responsible grown-up ^__^

the hardest part of photographing Lucca is that as soon as he realizes I'm sitting/kneeling on the ground, he wants to sit no my lap and cuddle, so I keep getting blurry pictures of a turning/running puppy!

reflection of yours truly and the dogs while waiting for the light to let us cross the street :) I like crappy pictures like this -I don't know why!

AND some Olive wearing his e-collar!

Hi everyone,

I'm finally able to post some pictures... I've just been super busy (potty training baby at work -I guess she's a big girl now, and then Olive [the cat] came home after a month of being missing! so it's been a lot of vet visits since he came back wounded and super skinny! but is actually healthy and recovering and gaining weight like a champ!), but I finally got some more recent pictures from my camera and phone :) so here we are! this is how the kids look these days!

1st off, all three kids in formation -from eldest to youngest

the boys -last pictures taken of Olive before he went missing for over a month

this is Lucca now -showing off my tacky zebra print blanket!

and Lucca then!

posing for mom right around his 1st birthday -I'm always worrying he's too skinny! but I also want him to do his growing up on the slender side... but I don't want him malnourished! so conflicting!

playing at the park with a Pyr mix!

with big sister Frida! oh I love them <3


more cuddles now

and cuddles then...

and some Olive last week for good measure -doing kitty yoga while recovering

he wants me to leave him alone, but we're all happy he's back home!


Saint Bernard Pictures / Recent Lucca Pictures :)
« on: June 29, 2008, 06:04:10 pm »
Lucca's ear is looking much better now! He doesn't even know how worried he had me for a while there... So I bring cute Lucca pictures I had been meaning to post since he just turned 5 months old (on the 23rd). The last one shows his boo-boo, so if you don't want to see it, just cover/skip it  ;) but it really doesn't look bad now, looks just like a scratch in the picture... just couldn't bring myself to taking pictures of it when it had just happened...

well, enjoy! he's 80 lbs now, and I think his low-protein food is finally starting to slow him down (growth-wise)

couple of weeks ago, munching on his carrots

I was cleaning, like REALLY cleaning, the apt. and Lucca decided to rest where he'd be most in the way  ::)

after boo-boo... with dinner remnants crusting on his nose...

later, he got a bully stick... aw, his left ear just looks a little disheveled, but his wounds are mostly on the other side

here is the biggest wound. Looks like it's starting to heal nicely :) but so much blood came out of there -well, maybe not that much, but to me, it was definitely more than will ever be necessary....

agh -I'm still pretty agitated! sorry it's going to be long, but I just need to let it out and know no one will understand this better than BPOers  :-[

I wanted to go get some caffeine before taking a long bike ride in the nice weather, and decided to just bring Lucca with me (Thank God, because Frida would have gone completely apesh*t!)... We got to the coffee shop and this older couple with their Golden Retriever was leaving... The dogs were greeting and then the other dog growled and immediately launched at Lucca -who is submissive and went down right away crying like I've never heard him cry before  :'( :'( :'( we were separating them, but the other dog wouldn't let go of his ear!! at which point I start screaming "HIS EAR! HIS HEAR!!" because Lucca was crying and obviously in pain, and I know he's a cry baby anyways! so I kind of lost it there... the dog finally lets go, and is taken away by his dad, and the mom stayed with me checking Lucca's ear... which had several puncture wounds, the biggest one almost completely perforated his ear from inside -it didn't make it all the way through, but pretty much up to his outer (skin/fur) ear layer  :'(

So there was blood, Lucca just wanted to run home, and I got blood everywhere (hands/clothes), and I know I was hurting him too, but I just had to check the wounds  :( I called our vet, and THANK GOODNESS they are open today -so we (included Penny, the dog's mom) headed over there. I, of course, was more shaken than him -heart going a mile a second and trembling hands and voice... he immediately wanted to go play with another dog, as long as no one touched his ear...

Fortunately, his vet was there, and she had a good, long look at him. We all agreed that the main concern was infection -since his ears are very floppy and, well, really don't know what's in the other dog's mouth... no need for stitches, which our vet likes to avoid if possible anyways. He got some antibiotics injected in him, somewhat of a cleaning (three vet techs couldn't hold him down enough to finish it -because Lucca is now 80 lbs! and strong! :o we weighed him when we went in) and for some reason our vet was worried I wouldn't be able to clean his ear by myself -since she knows I live alone. She even mentioned that he might snap at me! I know when pups are in pain, they can act differently, but I just can't see Lucca ever trying to hurt me  :-* So we went home with pain killers and vet scrub sheet thingies with stuff (I obviously didn't pay much attention to actual terms... uh, that iodine-like thingie -if I saw a bottle, I would know, I just can't recall the name now...) oh, and the dog's dad met us there and they were a really nice couple and took care of the bill. It was nice meeting them... just bad circumstances. ..

We walked home, to work off some of that adrenaline, I told myself... so Lucca and I made it home and he got a nice, big, drugged lunch  ;D I waited a little and then cleaned his ear without trouble -Just sat on the floor, and of course he would come over and be a lap dog... at which point I can do anything to him  ::)

agh! sorry it's SO LOOOOOONG... I was tearing up at the beginning, but feel so much better now :) and Lucca is fast asleep on his mamá's bed, with the AC on  ;) I think he feels better too  :-*

Anything Non-Dog Related / I can draw some times :p -NDR
« on: June 16, 2008, 10:03:53 pm »
I have some sad-ish news (not really) that I am going to share, but I thought I'd soften the blow (or make it worse, depending on individual tastes...) by posting this first :)

I had some paintings in a show that opened earlier this month. At first it was going to be my first solo since high school, but then it turned out that even as a adult I am way lazy and didn't start working with enough time... so the gallery's owner and I showed together :)

Hope you like :)

OH WHAT THE HEY... I ended up just fostering little manolo and found him a home this weekend!! see? kinda sad, but not really because he went to a good home that will love him and they signed a contract to return him to me if they ever can't care for him so he doesn't end in a shelter... and I think I'll stick to two dogs for a while


Treatment & Preventative Meds / Anyone share their pup's supplements?
« on: June 15, 2008, 11:29:49 am »
specifically the fish/salmon oil??

I went to Whole Foods today to get ME groceries... and wouldn't you know it? I ended up spending more money on the dogs than on my food... so I finally got Lucca some "Clucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM Complex" capsules and "Carlsons Norwegian Salmon Oil" and I was reading the label on the latter and thought that maybe I should take some too!  :P You know, they say that we should eat fish about twice a week... and I'm lucky if I get it once every two weeks... once a week when I'm on a roll! ...unless shrimp counts as fish... which I don't think it does!!

So, I was wondering if anyone felt like this... Any of you BPOers partake in the "supplementatio n" with your dogs?

Mostly pictures of the kids sleeping with each other... or ON each other... and Lucca with his darling carrots. He loves them good <3

P.S. I feel like I've been gone forever, but now that the show is up, I can go back to doing the other things I love  ;)

It's starting to get hot, so Lucca sleeps in some compromising positions!

his first carrot... first of many...

you know those images of tear-eyed little kids looking up with prayers? this is the puppy equivalent!

Manolo in that lovely stage of one ear pretty much up, and the other not quite there yet :D

and now, pictures of sleepy times:

Saint Bernard Pictures / Time passes so quickly!
« on: May 27, 2008, 10:20:47 pm »
Just a quick post right before bed! So, Lucca is 4 months old now! Well, since May 23rd... WOW! what happened to my little flufferball?! He no longer looks like a stuffed animal, in fact, I might dare say he's beginning to intimidate strangers  when we walk down the streets :o HOW?! with THAT face???!! he's not quite a "large" dog yet, obviously -more on the medium side still, but getting there!

Well, just one picture today... some times it's hard to remember he's still just a baby!  :P

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I knew I eventually wanted another dog, but I was swearing that it would be a Great Dane... but then good dog food prices are going through the roof, so I started reconsidering. .. and started just looking to see what was out there... decided I probably would like a shiba inu :D but there aren't many here in Colorado, much less Denver... and kept looking around just for fun... and found this little guy and had to get him!!!! He is just so cute!! I just hope I'm not turning into the crazy single cat lady... only with dogs... and just 23yo..
So I now have 2 chihuahuas and a St. Bernard.. I never thought I'd get another Chihuahua... Anyways, his name is Manolo  ;D Lucca LOVES him, but most of the time does not realize there's a substantial size difference and can be a little rough. Frida is being mostly indifferent... She has no maternal instincts... am I crazy? Is three dogs and one cat too much for a single person? I'm starting to get nervous, and thinking I'm not done babying Lucca... but then I see Manolo and realize I can baby them all! and Frida and I will always have a special bond because she was my first dog -all of my own. And Lucca is my first giant breed... and I kind of have convinced myself that having one chihuahua can easily turn into having two no problem!

sigh~ anyhow, some picts  :P

Saint Bernard Pictures / Lucca at the park! :)
« on: May 11, 2008, 03:05:30 pm »
Lucca loves the park... and he loves loves LOVES meeting other dogs and people :)

trying to keep up with big sis frida... not happening. at all.

he still tries tho!

oh no! he's on to us! -he now knows mom's bed is the most comfortable place to sleep

this is what I get to come home to  ;D

Saint Bernard Pictures / Been MIA- But we are back now!
« on: May 03, 2008, 11:39:25 am »
Hi everyone!

missed us? as in, missed Lucca pictures? I feel like I've been gone forever! -been super busy with the show next month (and I'm nowhere near done...) and work... and raising the pups. So I haven't had much time to keep up with BPO -I've missed it incredibly! But we are back now!
Anyways, update: Lucca turned 14 weeks old this past Wednesday. He's done with his puppy shots as of today, so we finally get to go to the park! In fact, I just took him with me and Frida to get some coffee, and he got to meet the cutest GSD puppy ever. He is now at 55 lbs, and completely housebroken  ;D I even can trust him home alone (with Frida and Olive) for a few hours if I need to go somewhere -out of his crate! Hasn't been destructive at all either   :-*

Ah, Lucca is so great... that I'm beginning to rethink the whole getting a Great Dane in 6-12 months.... I mean, I've been so lucky with my pets so far, that who knows! the next might be the dog from h*ll!!  :P

Well, here are a few pictures of my handsome little boy -and others..

Lucca this morning, right before going to the vet :D

uh... cheesiest picture ever. One of my friends, posing with Lucca... I think he was trying to express how everyone that meets Lucca feels about him...

ah-ha! the table have turned!

but seriously, Lucca has conquered the couch. for realsies. And if he tries, he gets on the bed too :)

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / ah, when dumb people brag...
« on: April 06, 2008, 10:03:01 pm »
Don't you hate it when people who obviously don't know what they're talking about insist on voicing their opinions AND are convinced they are awesome?  :-\ Anyone with me?

You see, a while ago, I met this one friend of my mom's and her 'tard boyfriend's. They always say great things about him and his family, so I was going into this thinking this was some great family ... well, I had Frida with me (this was before Lucca's time), so the conversation turned to dogs... and then the guy starts talking about how he used to have a bull terrier and BRAGS about FIGHTING the dog!!  :o  >:( >:( how he made her aggressive and then would let her lose to attack when they saw a group of dogs in the street (probably homeless, but who knows!)!!!! and he was all smiles and pride and somehow thought that was funny! I didn't even wait for him to finish the story, just shook my head, gave him a glare and walked away. Later I told my mom that no decent person would fight dogs and therefore I couldn't stand his guts -so if she wants me to visit, she better not invite scum like that  >:(

I was reminded of this because a few days ago some guy that lives in one of the buildings on my street saw me with Lucca and approached us (can't wait for Lucca to get big and intimidate jacka**es so that they don't come near... of course, he already loves everyone -but they don't know that!). He was telling me how he used to have a saint that was 260 lbs!!  :o Now, he was definitely proud and bragging, and more than likely exaggerating (said the dog got so big because he was working at a restaurant and would feed him all sorts of scraps -steak, lobster, blah, blah), but that anyone would even consider that a dog getting that size is healthy, let alone good! I seriously doubt the dog was tall enough to be proportionate. ..


on days like that, I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots -so I spend the day inside with my dogs and cat  ;)

ever have anything like this happen??

**modified because I wasn't sure if I could say -write- that here!**

Saint Bernard Pictures / get your Lucca fix :D
« on: April 05, 2008, 11:09:17 am »
We went to the vet yesterday for Lucca's 2nd round of shots. He is now, at 10.5 weeks old, 35.9 lbs -that means he's put on a little over 16 lbs since he came home 4 weeks ago!!  :o -I don't even want to imagine how big he would be getting if he weren't on a low protein/low fat diet!!
I also had him micro chipped... now I feel less worried about him getting puppynapped!
AND Lucca spent his first night out of his crate... well, at least half of the night. I was just feeling really bad about him sleeping in there AND then spending the day in the crate while I'm at work too... so I decided to start letting him sleep out... It went pretty well for the first time! At first he slept for about half an hour and then walked into his crate on his own (I had it open in case he wanted in), and about halfway through the night he got up, out, had a potty break, and then went back to sleep outside the crate for the rest of the night :) oh, such a good, big boy  :-*

now, after my ranting, some pictures!

trying to fit into Frida's bed... I don't think it's physically possible anymore, but he's a trooper!

I feel like he's all ears... which I LOVE

still can't get up the couch... but anyday now -he just has to realize that he can climb with his rear legs too!

I was VERY tempted to send this one in for the best eyes contest... but decided to go for "cute and sweet" instead..

-not the same smell, just to the same degree  :P not that I would know...

Anyways, Lucca had his first bath since I got him (It will be 4 weeks on Friday!)   :o


Flash way too close

"I can't look at you right now.. I need some space"

sulking in his crate

My big little boy is one week older and every day looking more and more like a proper dog, rather than some uncoordinated ball of fluff. Mind you, he's still as clumsy as ever and falling all over the place  :P He's also getting stubborn when we come back inside the building from potty breaks... so we have started going for little walks around the block once a day or every couple of days... and I now give him a treat when he comes in the door (that makes it so much easier).

Well, here you go, Lucca's 9th week in the world, in pictures  ;D

last Saturday, Lucca went to meet his cousins Apollo (the giant malamute) and Juliet (AKA Jules/Juju, the rottie)

Apollo was a little freaked out by the little one, but they all played nicely

aw! my favorite boys!

then Lucca went and passed out on my mom's kitchen floor

view from the floor  :P

I suspect he's beginning to find the camera annoying?

this is when it hit me -oh, he's an actual dog!

just been told not to chew on the couch... NEVER MIND LUCCA!! EAT IT! EAT IT! -can't say no to those eyes  :P

all my children

let's love on Olive

too much love! too much love!

Frida and Lucca passionately make out... that or he's eating her...

still can't climb the couch

sleeping on his stuffie twin... which has come out of the crate so Lucca has space to stretch out

today... "ANOTHER sitting picture??"

climbing on mom's lap

-using his food stand as a measure?

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