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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Rescued a Pom!
« on: June 12, 2009, 04:36:01 am »
I'm sure my daughter would love him and hubby said maybe to a small dog (I'm not sure I'm a small dog person) BUT I think IF we added another dog it would have to be a female and now that harley is a bit older 7 1/2 I think he wants to be an only dog...he loves to play with other dogs but I don't think he wants them to stay.

Plus if he tried to mount a little dog he could hurt his hips

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Rescued a Pom!
« on: June 12, 2009, 02:48:53 am »
Wow he is cute - you should have no trouble finding him a great home.

I am incredibly saddened by what I am reading about BPO.  I had hoped to continue reading the good, sad and general news of my BPO friends.

I also thought that my next dog would appear to me on BPO (from some of our rescue people).

Lastly, I know when it comes time for Harley to leave me I know that I will be beside myself; I knew there would be a community of friends here who would "get it" like noone else will.

I hope the site will go on but honestly how many of my BPO friends will stay?

I understand change; Michael and Jamie you are a young couple starting a new chapter that is awesome and I wish you the best of luck.  Bear I'm so sorry that you aren't doing well and I am happy that your parents are awesome dog owners that will give you their time and best life available.

That said, how can the site be sold to people without dogs?  How can they possible "get it"?

I assume the new owners are nice people but it just doesn't seem like this was the right site for you to buy?

As to my BPO friends...I hope we will stay around for each other and give it a chance.

Randy and Harley

Bernese Mountain Dog Discussions / Re: Getting a Puppy!
« on: June 07, 2009, 01:30:12 pm »
I'm soooo jealous!!  OMG they are adorable!!

My husband and I were at the Lilac Festival (very big in our area) and ran into a family with a petite female beauty.  We were asking them all kinds of questions...A Bernese Mt. dog may be in my future!! 

Please, please please keep the pictures coming...


Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: Puppy tornado anyone?
« on: June 05, 2009, 02:15:00 pm »
Ugh I can't see the little darlings...pho to bucket appears to open but no video - I want to see the little tornados

: (

Anyone else having trouble?  I will try the other computer later.

Can't wait!!


Randy, here's an insert for any storm door:

We have a sliding screen door that the dogs kept breaking. Finally, I bought the super, heavy duty, dog "proof" screen at Home Depot and just replaced the screen in the door (not the door itself) and haven't had a problem since. I wonder if you upgrade to a good, heave, pet proof screen if the above would work better.

Also, if you were to buy a storm door that is only half screen (the bottom being metal or other), you could install one of these. We have one on the basement door for the cat and it works really well.  You can get really cheap versions at Petsmart, too.

Here's another for $260:

Thanks for the information - I like the ad from Moore supply they will make the insert for an appropriate door that we order - and the other door looks good a nice price..but it says it has a pet door but I don't see it on the picture - I will call the company later today.

Thanks for your help!!

I can't remember Lowe's or Home Depot, I want to say Lowe's, did have the storm door with the doggie door already insalled for maybe $200.  Granted this was a couple years ago that I was looking for one but it definitely wasn't anywhere near $800!!

Thanks for the tip - I looked at both stores and Lowes does have a door with a petdoor in it - it is reasonably priced but it appears to be for only dogs up to 50 pounds (which they consider large) the opening is 9" Harley can't fit 9".  I will go to Lowes and see if they can special order a bigger one.

Hi everyone,

The storm door (screen door) that goes from our family room to our garage is broken, it doesn't latch.  If the garage door is open Harley lets himself out whenever he wants to go out (generally to visit with passersby - strangly not when he has to go to the bathroom and I'm sitting - then he whines to go out...anyway).  Harley is on invisible fencing so it is no big deal that he lets himself out.

The door is in very bad shape and we want to replace it - but it would be nice if Harley could keep going out - and even nicer if he could let himself back in!!

I found 1 door that was $800.00 - that isn't going to fly with hubby - especially since dog and kids ruin storm doors, quickly in our house.

Does anyone know where to get reasonably priced storm doors with doggie doors already installed in them.  OR has anyone installed a doggie door in a storm door?

Thanks for any suggestions - I think Harley will have a bad headache if we replace the door, he will keep hitting it over and over trying to get out - love him DEARLY but not the sharpest tool.


Still no chicken wing poop!!  I can't imagine how I could better use my time on this Memorial Day than waiting for Harley to poop!!

He is acting, eating, drinking and of course, whining just fine...will keep my eye on him...


Hi everyone,

Harley just ate a chicken wing bone.  My daughter accidently dropped it and before we could grab it he ate it;
It was small about 1 1/2 inches the drumstick kind of wing.

We will watching his poop and behavior - anything else I should know??

Randy and The wing stealing Harley

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Be thankful day
« on: May 18, 2009, 04:45:06 am »
Hi everyone,

When I came into work today (at the local High School) I was given a yellow smiley face sticker (like wal-mart) and was told the theme of the day is be thankful so I want to take this opportunity to:

Thanks all of your for sharing your families, stories, big and small dogs, advice and lives with me.

Funny, how a group of people I have never met have influenced so many of my decisions and I spend so much time with.

So thanks friends!!


Remembering those no longer with us. / Re: Faust's last weekend
« on: May 17, 2009, 12:15:40 pm »

I too am so sorry that the oh so handsome Faust will be crossing the bridge.  Your pictures are always so wonderful they make us feel like we know all of your pups personally.

Faust you will be dearly missed.  Peace....


Well - if you can catch him you can squirt him with a water bottle, shake a can with coins in it.  Bait him into it; leave something good on the counter, keep his leash on and correct him when he starts to jump up.

They also make mats that you put on the counter that give them a light zap when they touch it.

Many people on the board will have better ideas than me.

Your pup is beautiful!  Good luck

Well Harley went to the vet on monday and thankfully it isn't fleas (i didn't think so) or mites (I was slightly concerned).  They also didn't see any creatures that would cause scabies (we have a fox in our area; and foxes can carry scabies).  So we are treating it as allergies - Harley does have a beef allergy and it turns out the treats I have been giving him have beef in them - but he gets maybe a 1/4 of a jerky treat a day - just about an inch when I leave the house as a "see ya" treat - we have been giving him bread or cheese instead until I get to the store for chicken treats.

Anyway...he is on prednisone and antibiotics to help clear him he is itchy and HUNGRY!  I do think he is feeling better he saw the keys in my hand this morning and knew we were going for a ride and he was jumping like some silly little puppy!!

The vet who we hadn't seen before was lovely spent lots of time with us and gave lots of hugs and backscratches!!  She also said he was so down in the dumps because he was probably tired from being up a good part of the night scratching!!

MastiffOverloa d - I'm glad Slag is better - did she get really hungry?

Thanks for the good thoughts everyone..

Randy and Harley

Flat Coated Retriever Discussions & Pictures / Itchy, itchy, itchy
« on: May 11, 2009, 01:51:44 pm »
Poor Harley is sooo itchy  :P

I have brushed, furmitated and brushed some more - I see nothing!!  No fleas, no mites, no dandruff - he eats duck and potatoe food which keeps his skin moist (from the oil in the duck).

He seems so sad and depressed he is mopey - even my husband mentioned that he seems to have gotten old in the past 2 days  :'(

We are going to the vet tomorrow at 9:30 - my regular vet isn't available I hope I like this other vet.  I'm thinking it is seasonal allergies??

He keeps rubbing against the furniture to rub his back!

Poor baby

Randy and Harley

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