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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Nibbling
« on: October 05, 2009, 11:17:58 am »
So...I haven't been on in awhile but I have a quick question.  Both of our greater swiss mountain dogs have started to nibble on my husband's chin.  They aren't playing and they're not excited... when they are licking him, they just start nibbling a little.  He is the only person they do this too and we were just wondering why they do this.  We had a Mastiff in the past that did it also, and we're just curious why big dogs to this.

Newfoundland Discussions / Re: I love my dog because...
« on: May 11, 2008, 01:55:51 pm »
Such a great topic!!!
I love her hugs, even if sometimes they aren't asked for.  How she tries to play with the cats the same as Smoke, not realizing they are 10x smaller then them.  The way she has to suck up and HAS TO give you hugs and kisses after she gets in trouble.  The way she sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night so she can wake me up when the alarm goes off.  As wierd as it sounds, they way she tries to protect me even though shes terrified of everything and hiding behind me.  The way she is incredibly intelligent and learns everything so quick, even if she wont do it in front of strangers.  That as soon as she gets done eating she has to get into my face and burp just to let me know shes done. That if I even get up she has to follow me and if I head towards the bathroom she's in there sitting down before I even make it in there. 

I love the way the Sioux can sit on top of him and he is completely oblivious to her.  The way when you tell him no he groans.  The way he still tries to fit on one couch cushion, although he hasn't been able to for a couple of months.  The way he licks any and everything when he gets happy.  The way he throws his toys up in the air just so he can go chase them when they land.  The way that he always wants to cuddle.  The way he doesnt realize he's growing and isn't little anymore.  The way he jumps around and prances like a deer after we get home, even if sometimes I get knocked into a wall.  The way he collects water in his jowls so that he can come give you a kiss and get it all over your face.  The way he'll do anything if he thinks it'll make us happy. 

I love them most of all because they can always make me laugh. They are the enjoyment of my everyday.  I love that they are so completely different yet love each other and us unconditionall y.  And I love them because they are ours, that even with their quirks and messes and Sioux fear I couldn't ever imagaine my life without them. 

These stories make everything gross, embarassing and anything else seem so little.  Thanks for the good laugh (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things like this never happen at my house  ;D)

Belgian Malinois Discussions & Pictures / Re: I just found out
« on: April 06, 2008, 05:47:44 pm »
It's okay Shiner.  My husband tells Sioux all the time that she is the short bus driver.  And Smoke would be more then glad to sit with you and lick the windows (since he licks EVERYTHING).
That is a pretty mean thing for your neighbors to say. I would probably call my neighbors out if they did something like that.  Us joking around with our pups about doing that sort of thing is one thing, but not someone else.  I even get defensive when people refer to Sioux as the "mean one" because she's afraid of new people.  Some people these days

Events to go to or join / Re: Big Buddies Meet-up of Austin
« on: April 02, 2008, 07:40:02 pm »
Hey.  It's on Sunday the 13th at 10:30.   Its at Emma Long Metropolitan Park.  The website has a map too.  If you can't get to it let me know and I can e-mail or something too you! 

Events to go to or join / Big Buddies Meet-up of Austin
« on: April 02, 2008, 01:27:45 pm »
Hey everyone!  Found this the other day and thought it was a great idea.  A meet up in Austin, Texas for all of us with big paws.  We will defintly be there and Smoke and Sioux would love to meet new people!  Let us know if you'll be there.  Here is the website for directions and info and all that fun stuff!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Discussions / Help! Sioux is going crazy!
« on: March 21, 2008, 01:47:07 am »
So...I have a big problem and I'm not sure exactly how to go about it.  Figured this would probably be a good place to start.  Earlier today we had some friends over to help put up our fence.  Sioux, our female, has meant everyone who came over several times.  She did her usual bark at everyone that came through the door and then hide.  But then I was in the kitchen with her and Smoke and my friend's 8 year old son.  I had my back turned and all of a sudden I heard Sioux growl and as I turned I saw her go after him.  This is something that she has NEVER done before.  So I punished her and kenneled her in the house by herself.  So after maybe 1 1/2 hrs I let her out so that she could go to the bathroom.  We get outside and all of a sudden every hair on her back was raised and she was growling again at someone new.  So again I punished her and re-kenneled her inside alone.  I know the breed can be very protective and she's not fond of any changes.  A chair in the wrong place will set her barking.   But I'm not sure what to do with her.  We've been through puppy classes with both of them.  Sioux didn't do so well there, just because she was more intent on what everyone else was doing, but she was never agressive towards any other dogs or people.  But I will admit, she scared me today.  Any advice that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.  I want to stop this now, before it becomes a big problem!  Thanks for reading and sorry it's so long!

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: Aggressive Mastiff Puppy?
« on: March 21, 2008, 01:27:42 am »
We had the same problem problem with the humping when we got our male puppy.  Although he is a GSMD rather then a Mastiff,  my sister-in-law (who has a pair of English Mastiffs) told us the best thing to do in that situation was to reassert your dominance over him.  There are several ways to do this. The next time that he tries to do this, hold him on his back until he stops squigling.  We did this maybe twice on our Smoke and he hasn't tried to hump anything, including other dogs since then.  Which may come as a problem for breeding, :).  I hope this helps alittle bit!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Discussions / Another New Swissy Mom
« on: January 29, 2008, 10:17:14 pm »
Hi everyone!!  I just thought that I would say hi to everyone since I'm new to this site.  I've been looking for a forum for just swissys for awhile and am so glad that I finally found one.  My husband and I have to Swissy puppies right now.  Sioux is a 6 mo old female and Smoke is a 5 mo old male.  Smoke is also the bluish color that seems to be really rare.  But they are both beautiful dogs.  They are going to puppy classes right now and are trying as hard as they can to learn.  When I get a chance I'll post pictures so that everyone can see our beautiful puppies!!!

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