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Mixed Breed Discussion / Please Vote for Keiko
« on: April 07, 2008, 08:27:09 pm »
I entered her in the Bissell online contest.  Winner will be featured on the Pet Hair Eraser vacuum and package.  Will also recieve $10,000 donation to the pet cause of winners' choice.

I can also win a new vacuum, which we desperately need.
Voting is today thru the 15th.  One vote per person.

This should be her page.  If not, you can look her up alphabetically .

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / I hit the motherload!
« on: March 14, 2008, 08:00:13 pm »
Went to the Chicago PetExpo today and it was a blast!!  Actually it's probably good I didn't take any of the dogs with b/c it would have taken me waaaaay too long to get thru all the booths.  It was HUGE!!  Over 4 times the size of the one in Minneapolis.   :o

Soooooo many booths and so little time.  Spent over 3 hours walking around.  Lots of rescues and purebred groups.  A few bird rescues, a reptile group, and a ferret recue as well.

The "motherload" I hinted to was what I came home with.   ::)  A greyhound group was selling items there and they had giant sized toys!! So I bought a tiger striped bone that was about the size of Nigel, the larger of my two rat terriers.  Also got a large blanket from them as well.  Bought treats from 3 differnt companies, and wanted to from a 4th but ran out of money.  ::)  :P 

Got a few breed specific knick knacks, several bird toys for Pasta, and 2 ferret toys for my rats. 

The major purchase though came from a dog rescue group that had a bunch of items for sale.  The entire booth was 50% off!!!!!!!  :o   :o  So, needless to say, I bought 3 crate liner beds and 3 flat pad type beds.  2 Gunther sized, and 4 med/small sized for the ratties (Keiko doesn't use beds)

Saw lots of breeds there.  The giant breeds I saw though were 3 leonbergers, one pyr, 2 mastiff, one dane, one irish wolfhound, and 3 st bernards.  Many shepherds, greyhounds, pitties, several samoyeds, keeshonds, basset hounds, dachsies, mi-ki's (don't ask, desinger breed), and too many other breeds to mention.   :)

There was also a cat show going on at one end of the building and I think a bird show on the upper level (the cages had ribbons on them anyway)

Overall, had a great time.  Hubby was mad I didn't take him with. Except that I did tell him around 11am that I was going to leave in around an hour.  Then when I left I said I was leaving.  Sheesh, talk about a heavy sleeper.  I thought he was awake b/c he yelled at Nigel for jumping on his head.  ;D


Please look at this website and email the governor and call his office.  they are tallying the phone calls there.

I am completely disgusted by the verdict that the judge brought down on this dog.  Read the story.  A group of illegal immigrants come to do some landscaping.  Against the owner's instructions to wait until he was outside, they entered the property when his wife drove up.  Dogs came running out and were then beaten on the head by one of the gardeners with a rake.  Another man grabbed the wife and fell to the ground with her and she screamed, at which point one of the dogs attacked him.  He was the only one bit, with non lifethreatenin g injuries.  The dog was deemed dangerous for attacking the man and was sentenced to death.

The illegal immigrant was rewarded $250,000 settlement, despite changing his story 3 times.  There were also some concerns about the bias created by the animal control officer on the scene.[/color]]

I just cannot believe a dog cannot protect his owner on the owners own property, whether or not it is a real or perceived threat.  It is ridiculous to me how Congo could be deemed a dangerous dog.  This country is getting way too quick to judge before reading all the facts properly and with knowledge on the subject matter.

Anything Non-Dog Related / The newest addition to the family
« on: November 03, 2007, 07:34:02 pm »
Meet Francis.  So named b/c I have no idea if it is a boy or girl and Francis can go both ways.......... lol.  ;)

I had not planned on getting this guy until closer to Christmas.  But we had to remove him from the floor at work b/c we needed the cage due to a new shipment arriving.  So he was moved to the back rooms, where I knew he would go downhill fast.  He was already sick, but there was no way to keep the humidity up in the cages in back.

So I decided to get him early, take him to my vet, who specializes in exotics, treat him and see how he does.

The diagnosis was not a good one  :( .  This is one sick little fella.  Doc took one look at him and said, "yeaaahh, he doesn't look so good"  He has a bacterial infection (can't remember the specific name, starts w/ an "a") causing respiratory distress.  He is also covered in ulcers and apparently has coccidia (which is probably what caused the bacterial infection in the first place, from drinking water he pooped in before it could be cleaned).  So to treat the bacterial infection I have to give him injections into his neck every 72 hrs for 9 treatments.  Then he will go back for a recheck and we'll see about treating the other stuff.  :-\

He is a chinese water dragon.  They look kinda like mini iguanas.  Males get around 36" and females 24", although the record I think was 40" (and was a female!)  Right now he is a bit spoiled and only eating waxworms, but at least he is eating........ .and it's so cute, he'll now take them from my fingers.  I'm trying to wean him back to eating crickets again.

Here's some pix of the guy.  Sorry, I got a bit carried away (and these aren't all of them.......... lol)  ;D

full length pic.  The tail is about 2/3 of the body length.

Keiko says hello to the new family member

She wasn't too impressed.....  Shortly afterwards, he tried to run over her nose.

Francis' new digs.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Finally! We have a house! (only took 1.5 yrs)
« on: October 22, 2007, 05:44:30 pm »
For those of you who recall, I moved out of Ca in May '06.  Since Illinois will pay full schooling for him, that's where we decided to go.  Hubby went to Chicago to find work, and look for a house, staying at his mom's in the meantime.    However, b/c I didn't want to deal with trying to find a place to rent with 4 dogs, I am staying at my parents place in Minneapolis, MN.

Well, it took longer than anticipated for him to find work that paid anything  >:( (7 months)..........and he had to take a huge pay cut with his current job (is looking for something better now).  Once he got settled in, the househunt began.  Having 4 dogs meant we had to find a town that allowed that many, that was w/i reasonable commuting distance for him to get to work.  And most towns seem to have a cutoff of 3 pets (dog or cat)  :(

Once we found about 4 towns in the area near his mom's (b/c of affordability) he would find several houses and check them out before I would drive to look at them.  Unfortunately our price range was ummmm........s hould we say nonexistant?  :P  Since I was living out of state, the bank couldn't count my work income as going towards the loan so it would only give us one based on his income.  Anyway of the few houses we saw, most needed alot of work, and the rest had no yard to speak of.  :(

But we did narrow it down to 2 houses on the same street, actually 4 houses from each other.  Decided on the one with the 2.5 car garage and larger rooms, even if the kitchen was tiny and it only had 1.5 baths.  The yard isn't huge, but it's adequate.  The basement was what sold me.  Huge family room with a full bar and hot tub!  Plus an office space.  Should have plenty of room for all my animals, I'm already figuring where all the cages are going......... .lol.  In fact, I have 2 guys on hold for me until I move, maybe not dogs, can't handle any more of those right now.........lo l.

Here's some pix so y'all can see some of the best features.
It's a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home in Oswego, IL (b/t Joliet and Aurora for those of you who know the area).  We just closed on it yesterday.  Hubby will move in next week, and b/c of work obligations I won't move until the beginning of the year.  But I am going out for Halloween so the neighbors can meet the dogs.........t hat way they won't seem so scary as they'll be dressed up.

Bills & Other Legislative Acts / Breed Ban Bill to be proposed in MN
« on: August 03, 2007, 05:05:11 am »

Representative Lesch Proposes Bill To Ban Dangerous Dogs

Responding to several recent Metro Area dog attacks, Rep. John Lesch (DFL-St. Paul) today unveiled legislation to ban certain dangerous breeds of dogs. Lesch said that the dogs represent a threat to public safety.
"I'm tired of reading in the paper that another child has been attacked by a vicious dog," Lesch said. "At some point, we have to admit that these animals are just too dangerous and its time to get them off our streets."

Lesch's bill would make the following breeds of dogs illegal: the Akita, the Pit Bull, the Rottweiler, the Wolf Hybrid and the Chow Chow. Owning a dog of any of these breeds would be a misdemeanor. A CDC Report in 2000 identified these breeds as some of the most dangerous, accounting for over half of the dog bite related deaths between 1979 and 1998.

"Certainly any dog can be dangerous if it is poorly trained or mistreated, but these breeds show a disposition towards aggression," Lesch said. "There are dozens upon dozens of different varieties of dogs in the world, there is no reason why anyone has to own a dog as dangerous as a pit bull."

Lesch's bill will be considered when the Legislature reconvenes in February of next year.

Here is his website with included email address:

I urge anyone and everyone to email him in opposition of this proposed bill.  It is proposed to be statewide!  Other wording of it has the proposed breeds and dogs with their characteristic s, which is scary to say the least.  If passed, it will give owners of said breed 6 months (I believe that's what it said) to rehome their dogs. 

It does not mention mixed breeds or similar breeds, just "pit bull" which is so open to interpretation .  I more than likely won't be living here if this is proposed, but I own a husky mix..........I have no proof of her parentage..... .....I do not want her (or any other dog)being mistaken for a wolf hybrid.  My great dane was often mistaken for a pit bull as a puppy.  I have no proof of his parentage either (although it is now obvious what he is).........I would hate for someone's puppy to be taken away for mistaken identity.

I sent him a very, very, very long email stating my concerns and that breed bans do nothing to fix the problem.  I again urge anyone who wants to stop these breed bans to please email Rep. Lesch (I had to chuckle b/c it reminds me of letch) and voice your concerns.  Supposedly he reads all his emails himself, although I highly doubt it.


Anything Non-Dog Related / Our newest additions
« on: April 28, 2007, 03:09:27 pm »
While it's still fresh in my mind from posting in the "zoo" thread, I thought I would introduce you to our newest family members.

Sundance (Sunny) the lighter one, and Spud (Tater), the dark guy.  They are both male rex mix rats.  Someone dropped off a litter of 8 pups, 4 male and 4 female at work with their mother.   Said he bought her pregnant which was impossible (she had been at the store long past their gestation period).  Anyway the males needed to find homes since we are a female only store (the other two males ended up going to another store and mom b/c she looks a bit well ratty, will also be adopted out)

All the dogs have met them and seem okay with them.  Keiko was a bit more interested b/c she's been chasing rats in the shed.  But she knows if it's in the house it's off limits.  Gunther wants to mother everything great and especially small so he was cool.  Nigel showed no interest at all and I think Posey thought they were a toy and was glad she wasn't the smallest one anymore.

here are a couple of pix:

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / HUGE VENT!!
« on: July 10, 2006, 09:12:24 pm »
I just finished posting this on another board, but I'm just so upset right now, I need to vent some more.  I've copied and pasted it from the other board.

Okay, so we go to the dog park, and things are going pretty well.  Everyone is running around and having a good time (well, except N&P who are on leashes and moaning about it the whole time).
I see a couple of bassetts heading our way and I was like "aaawwwee, just look at those ears flapping in the breeze" as they ran down the hill.  A kid came down with them, with the mom trailing behind. (do you know where this is going yet?)
Some of you have probably heard me mention on here before how Gunther is afraid of children, particularly b/t the ages of 5 and 12 (this one was around 10).  I was watching the one bassett, who N&P were saying hello to.  Gunther was standing a few feet in front of me, facing me.  Suddenly, the kid runs w/i about a foot of Gunther and scares him.  He kind of shimmies over to my mom and barks at the people standing next to her (probably thinking it was them).
Now I was willing to give the kid the benefit of the doubt the first time, as kids naturally run around.  But then he comes running right by us again, actually looking at Gunther to see what he would do.  Well, Gunther sees who is doing the running and runs at the boy, barking.  The kid runs behind a large bush and teases Gunther, running from one side to the other.  I call Gunther over, and he obliges.  Next to this bush is a wooden slat fence which separates the lake from the rest of the dog park.  The kid goes on the other side of the fence and makes faces at Gunther.  Gunther runs over there barking again.  I call him back again.
The kid then jumps the fence, and Gunther goes off.  He runs at the boy, barking in his face and lunging at him with teeth bared (but not biting him, thank God, and thank goodness I was one of the few people to see this b/c the bush was in the way).  I once more call Gunther and he comes over.  This time I put him in a down stay.  Keep in mind the whole time the mother is doing nothing other than yelling at the boy, who obviously wasn't listening to anything she said.
The people we were talking to before this all happened (who had a very nice german shepherd, btw) asked if he was okay.  I told them he was afraid of children.  The mom, who was also sitting there asked how long I've had him, and I told her since he was 12 wks.  He wasn't abused, he just doesn't like their behaviors (I dont' really blame him).  At one point the boy comes up again FROM BEHIND and tries to pet Gunther and I have to grab his collar and keep him from seeing the boy.  I was hoping these people were just passing thru, since they had a pit mix with sore feet but after a few minutes we left to the little dog park.
We were having a blast.  Another person with 2 small dogs came to play, and I talked with a bouvier des flandres owner on the other side of the fence when she passed.  I kept my eyes open in case that family was going to pass our way.  They did.  I saw them first and grabbed Gunther's collar.  He then saw them and started growling and huffing.  Then, if you can believe this, the stupid motherf-ing boy started climbing the fence to come into our area!!!!!!  (WTF!!)  The mom just yells at him and continues on her way.  My mom said, "I wouldn't advise that if I were you", but he doesn't listen and jumps in.  My mom finally goes over there and tells him to get out of here!  Go on, get out!  He finally leaves.  Gunther kept a close watch in the direction they left for the whole rest of the time we were there.
GOD, I just can't understand some people!  What is wrong with that mother?  If your kid isn't behaving, then leave.  I can't blame my dog for your kid's bad behavior, and if he gets bit, I have witnesses who saw what happened.  I just hope this hasn't ruined Gunther's impression of young boys (especially black kids, as this kid was black, or 1/2 black).  He did so well at the parade yesterday.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Hey Everyone!
« on: June 28, 2006, 09:46:52 pm »
Just stopping by briefly to say hello!  :)

Our move from CA to IL is 1/2 way done.  I'm at my folks' right now in Minneapolis while hubby looks for a house for us in IL.

I can see that I've missed alot around here and I'm not even going to try and catch up, especially since I'm using my dad's computer right now and he had dial up.  Ugh!  B/c of all the avatar's on the main thread page, it takes forever to load and let me open a thread (if I try and open one too early, it will shut down my internet connection) :P  >:(

Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive and well, as are Keiko, Gunther, and our two newest additions, Nigel and Posey.  In other news, Gunther broke his tail a few weeks ago while I was out of town.  Apparently it got shut in a door, but no one will fess up as to who did it.  Its back to working, but still has a nice lump on it, which may never go away.  He is also having nail issues where he runs them raw and bleeding.  Which I find odd b/c this has never happened before and he's not running anymore than he did in CA.

Keiko has just about stopped eating alltogether.  She is on a diet, so that's not entirely bad.  I switched her food a few weeks ago and I just think she's holding out for something better.  She keeps trying to sneak Nigel and Posey's food or my parent's cats' food.  It's going to take her a long time to finish a 40lb bag at this rate so I can get her a different flavor/type.

Nigel and Posey are our two new rat terriers, which I had mentioned we were getting before the move.  They are little rug rats who are doing pretty good now, but were really having some serious potty training issues.  But I think we're on a schedule now (hopefully)  :-\

Hope things are going well with all of you.  Hopefully I will actually be able to read some threads tomorrow.  Well, I'm off to bed.  When we finally get settled, I'll post some pics from our trip, including some of the dogs at the Grand Canyon.  8)


Remembering those no longer with us. / Lacy is gone :' (
« on: April 29, 2006, 03:01:51 am »
Due to my husbands horrendous and irresponsibly stupid mistake, I have lost my Lacy bird.  :'(  :'( Last night I woke up to a burning smell and he had fallen asleep with the oven/burners on again.  He had already caught it, but it smelled aweful.  I told him to open some windows, which he didn't.  In the morning, I opened some windows and left to go to the annual Muttstrutt.  I came home to find her already gone.  I'm hoping she went quickly.
Due to her age and the fact that birds have a very sensitive respiratory system, Lacy could probably not overcome the smoke inhilation she must have been exposed to.  I cannot say whether that was what caused it as she was old, but I think it was a big contributing factor.
She may not have been the easiest bird to get along with, and due to her feather plucking she wasn't the prettiest, but she was still the first of my "serious" pets, and the one I've had the longest at 11+ yrs (she's at least 1 yr older than that).
I will miss you, my first pet to get, and unfortunately, my first to lose.  Here's to my Lacy bird, may your wings now take you beyond the confines of a cage, far up to the heavens, which you can now reach.

Great Dane Pictures / Photo Shoot Part 2
« on: April 22, 2006, 01:41:26 am »
I thought I would start a different thread for these pics, as my adding all the pics to the other thread was really slowing down my computer.  :P

I took these actually on Keiko's birthday a few weeks ago. (she turned 8  ;) )

Great Dane Pictures / Photo Shoot
« on: April 22, 2006, 12:49:39 am »
I thought I would try my hand at a photo shoot session with my two a few weeks ago.

Here are the best pics from the first session.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Questionable website?
« on: April 08, 2006, 02:03:35 pm »
Someone please tell me this website is not what I think it is.   >:(

It does say in the disclaimer that everthing written should be considered fictional unless othewise stated and that the information given is for amusement purposes only, but I don't buy it.

Meet Posey (the chocolate tricolor) and Diego/Nigel (black tricolor).

They are the two rat terriers we have "adopted"  I am hoping to show Posey if I can get the nerve when we move.

I've already told my friend we will take them.  I've just recently become aware that not all towns allow multiple dogs.  The thought had never crossed my mind, b/c where I used to live they allowed 4 dogs/cats/combo of the two.  So I need to start researching the western Chicago area to find out city ordinances.  I've found no counties have ordinances and only Aurora so far has a limit of 2 same species pets (total # of allowed pets, 4)

We don't officially pick them up until right before we move b/c we are only allowed 2 dogs on base.  I hate to have to go back on my word to my friend, but we have to move to this area as hubby will be going to Northern Illinois University.  So if anyone in the Chicago area knows of any towns that have rules on this, please let me know.  We move in May, so I need to move fast on this.  Gah!  This really upsets me as this had never even crossed my mind as a possibility.   :P  :'(  :P

Anyway, here are some pics (sorry, I get carried away once I start posting) from their visit in Feb:

Can you find Posey?

By the end of their visit in Feb, Gunther loved these little guys.   :)

Games & Jokes / I could watch this all day
« on: March 13, 2006, 11:54:07 pm »

I love the music that goes with it.   :D

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