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I'll bet you are all thinking of smelly or gross things and so sure they do that..but William has put a new twist on picking things up..

So I thought I would start a post about unusal things that our furry friends like to carry away

William started counter surfing..start ing with the coffe table and graduating to the kitchen counter..

We or most of us have had counter surfers and usually it is for food left out..

William I am sure would go for the food but he seems to have a liking for my dishware..

I have found my coffee mugs in the dog bed in the computer room..and we have even found a bowl on the kitchen floor.

they aren't broken or even scratched..alt hough I must admit very clean..

He does like carrying things especially with handles..his 1st was an empty gallon vingar container..tha t blew off the roof..

So proud he found it all by himself

So lets here what kinds of things your fur kids like to carry around..and hide..

PS this is what my dishware looks like and I have the whole set and then some..and they are heavy to top it off..

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / REQUEST
« on: June 01, 2009, 07:00:20 pm »

To all of you that have (any old Polaroid) film I make my plea..
Polarorid is no longer making this film..they call it progress..
I am a volunteer.. and will be  working at UMC with my therapy dog in January ..and the pictures are for the kids..Their smiles are priceless

I know that once all the film is gone it will be I am trying to stock up while I can..
Yes it can still be found online..ebay.. amazon ..etc..but the prices have skyrocketed..
Being on a fixed income I won't be able to get much..and lots of it on line is outdated and I have no idea how long it is good for..I'm aiming for ex.dates in 09..

Anyone interested in donating (their unused Polaroid film)to SMILES in Pedeactrics and ICU I am willing to give you contacts at the hospital as well as I am a member in good standing in TDInc..(Therapy Dogs Incorporated..)and if contacted will show my TDInc ID as well as info to contact them..

I know it is hard times for everyone now..and you could sell this film and get whatever you can for it..I am asking that you think of all the good KARMA coming back your way providing SMILES to sick children..and their families in the hospital..all dealing with more than just hard $$$ times..

I look forward to hearing from anyone ...I am not looking for $$$$ only the film that you probably don't use any longer anyway..

Thanks for reading my request

Tricia and the fur kids

Happy holiday weekend everyone..stay safe and have fun..

I have finally got new pictures of William..he is growing like we are force feeding him miracle grow...

He has passed his puppy class with flying colors..
He is now 52 lbs. 21 1/2 inches tall and from chest to rump the same.
He is happy and healthy..and has even gone back to the hospital to visit with staff this past week and did remarkably well..the volunteer coordinator told me he looks ready to start now..but as I told her..he is still a 5 mths old and I can't register him as a therapy dog till he is a year old..
I really think he was born for he was strutting down the halls he was keeping his eyes on me..making eye contact,,with no cue from me to do it..although getting lots of verbal praise..and a very happy me when he did..
Time seems to be flying by and I swear I could sit and watch him grow...he is gonna be a very big boy when he gets there..
My goal is to register him when he is a year then I am sure he will be ready as long as I keep taking him out and about..and not burn him out in the process..
We are real happy with him..
PS next post more pictures that I can't fit on this one..

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / AMAZING PICS!!!!!!!!
« on: April 03, 2009, 04:10:42 pm »
I got this in an email and just had to share with all my animal loving friends here on BPO this is what the email said

I have the photos hereI hope it works cause the pics are great////TATFK

Not one, but two !  Truly amazing !  These animals were photographed just north of the Wisconsin border
on a highway near Marenisco , MI .
Once in awhile there is an opportunity to take in a piece of nature that you may never see. In these days of
unrest and turmoil it is great to see that Mother Nature can still produce some wondrous beauty.

The odds of seeing an albino moose are astronomical and to see this in the upper peninsula of  Michigan ,
near Wisconsin , is even greater than astronomical. To see two of them together is nearly impossible.
We wanted to share these photos with as many people as possible because you will probably never have
a chance to see this rare sight again.

This is a really special treat, so enjoy the shot of a lifetime.

I promise I will take more of William especially since he got another haircut ..yes a *Magic haircut only now he has eye brows and you can really see those pretty brown eyes..

But I remembered I had these two and they were from last week..out in the yard..

the 1st one is Emma tackling William..which happens everytime he runs..and then he pops up and runs again..always with Nanny watching

hense the next picture..Falko r finds something to distract the whole situtation and saves the day..

I got a great laugh out of this one..and wanted to share it..
the caption that came with this was

*Cats are so dramatic*

I just really thought this picture was worth sharing..


You have got to ck out this kitty..pretty amazing..I hope she gets a great forever home she sure deserves it..

http://www.kval. com/news/ 40682277. html


 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I don't know where it came from..don't know why it seems so right for him..

Watching him play in the yard this evening with the other just happened..and when I said it out loud he looked directly at me and bounced in my direction..


I hope to get a vedio tomorrow if it is sunny enough..and I will post it as soon as I will be a 1st for me but I know I can so I will..

Thanks all the word jumble folks that tried...
that was pretty amazing by the way..

But somehow they do name themselves and tonite he did..

Tricia and the fur kids

well just so you all know if you heard the screams from my home was only nails and a bit of clean up today on puppy..

OMG he is just the biggest baby..and he thinks that screaming will get him what he wants..of course with me that doesn't work..much to the distress of everyone else in the house..

As long as I know he is not hurt in any way and what I am doing isn't hurting him he can scream all he wants..cause he won't get what he wants till he is calm..

I still need to trim the hair on his feet but am taking a break..

WOW I sure wasn't expecting his reaction..but his nails were way too long and they had to get done..and I even did them in my lap instead of the table..and he still screamed like I was killing him..of course once done we played in the same position and I touched all his toes and feet and made friends..

I had to put him in the tub to wash his (for the G rated) peepee area..that was just clumped with hair..not sure he could even pee as a matter of fact..he was ok with that part..but the dryer part he freaked again..and last week when he got a whole Bath and dry he just squrimed alot..not scream..but today he had to test me I guess..after he was dry I shaved that particular part or area so it won't be a problem..he didn't seem to mind that..

It sure tells me I must be on top of this and put him thru these things every other day or so till it is no big deal..

I think it was more of he didn't want to than anything else..but he has an attitude when it comes to that and now I know..boy do I..

Still working on a name and have tried quite a number of the ones I got from all of you in the word jumble..but nothing seems to feel right yet..
I guess I will know when it is..

Just wanted to update on the brat..hope to have new pictures soon..

Bouvier de Flandres Discussions & Pictures / Anyone good at word jumbles
« on: February 13, 2009, 09:25:40 am »
Hi everyone..I am still searching for a name for *Good Boy*
while Jessie is still an option..I thought of using all the letters in the names of the rest of the fur kids and see what can come out of that..
ammeroklafasyr ahwabaj
The problem is I am really terrible at word jumbles..

So I have many letters in which to use..and cheating of any kind is allowed..

any names that can come out of this mess might just be a blessing..
Of course the names already in use wouldn't help so they have to not count..
They are..
Emma Falkor Rysa What Jaba
Any others could work..but my brain is spinning with the all word jumble experts are welcome ..
This boy needs a name..
Tricia and the fur kids..

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Bouvier Kisses and Puppy Breath
« on: February 05, 2009, 06:31:05 pm »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

He has arrived and is more than I ever expected...
Emma is reserving judgement.
Falkor is beside himself with joy and concern
Rysa at first sight went past halloween kitty..more like a cartoon kitty with her tail in a light socket..but warmed up to will be no time before they are chasing eachother around the house..

I am totally in LOVE
He doesn't like crates or anything to do with I may have a few long nights ahead of me but so worth it..

Magic apparently guarded him all the way here and no dognappers were rry you'll all have to try harder next time..

We only got two pictures tonite but I promise there will be more..

It's been a long day..and my guess is a longer night
How sweet it is..

Tricia and the fur kids

 ;D ;D ;D
Being this excited and happy should be illegal..maybe it is
If so I should be arrested..

the countdown has begun..He *Good Boy* will be arriving
at 745PM Az time on Thursday..

I thought Christmas only came every 12 months..not for me at least not this year..

I will be sending more pictures so don't bother asking you will be begging me to stop..

talk to you all soon..
Tricia and the fur kids


Thank you everyone for keeping your fingers and toes and tails can uncross now..he will be here on the 5th of Feb and I can hardly wait..
Good Boy is his temp name until he or I come up with a better one..and I like it better than Steele which was her name for him because he will be that color when grown up..and I figure I called Magic *good boy* for about three weeks before he found his name..and he turned out alright..
Here he is enjoy the pics
Tricia and the fur kids

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Bouvier colors
« on: January 24, 2009, 01:26:04 pm »
Just in case you'd like to look..not all the colors are there but if you ck out all the will see most of them.

I only wish she would update her website..with the new pups..not sure when she will..too busy would be my guess..

But she has a wonderful place and I have even contacted several of the people on the testimonials and that page has some great pics..

But the babies are just too cute to look at in any event..

Tricia and the fur kids

OK here goes

Jan. 23, 2009
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

Mother saves young son after stabbing slippery snake

Las Vegas police officers carry a python, which measured nearly 18 feet long, out of a southwest valley apartment after it attacked a 3-year-old-boy Tuesday morning. The snake was later euthanized.
Photo courtesy of KVBC-TV, Channel 3

Police officers display the female tiger reticulated python that almost strangled a toddler in a southwest valley apartment.
Photo courtesy of KVBC-TV, Channel 3

A 3-year-old boy who earlier this week was bitten and squeezed to the point of unconsciousnes s by a snake nearly 18 feet long was doing fine Thursday.

The boy's grandmother said that her toddler grandson, after spending Tuesday night in the hospital and taking two doses of antibiotics, is "doing great."

The grandmother, who gave her first name as Patty and declined to give her last name, said her grandson entered the master bedroom of the family's southwest valley apartment just after President Barack Obama's televised inaugural address and hit the snake in the head with the door.

The female tiger reticulated python had escaped from its cage, and the bedroom door was supposed to have been locked, she said.

"She wasn't trying to hurt him," the grandmother said of the snake. "She was just startled. She just instinctively, as a snake would do, coiled him."

The child's 25-year-old mother then grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the snake 17 times, she said. The snake let go of the boy, who was unconscious, and his mother began performing CPR while the snake started coiling around her.

She revived her son and escaped the snake's grip.

"I'm so proud of my daughter," she said. "Her mother instincts kicked in."

Las Vegas police, who responded to the incident and carried the snake out of the apartment, declined to comment on the case Thursday, citing an ongoing investigation by the department's abuse and neglect detail.

The grandmother said the snake belonged to a strip club operator. Her daughter's family was taking care of the snake while the strip club was being renovated.

The family owns several snakes, according to the grandmother, although none nearly as large as the python that coiled around the toddler.

"The snake was a good snake," she said. "Snakes, especially ones like this that are bred in captivity, they don't have that hunting instinct that a wild one would."

The python was taken to Lied Animal Shelter and euthanized because of its deep wounds, according to Jim Seitz, the shelter's co-director of operations.

The family's other snakes, which were seized by animal control officials, are also being housed at Lied, Seitz said.

"We've gotten four or five calls already from people wanting to adopt them," Seitz said.

The grandmother said her daughter does not want the snakes back.

"It's a very traumatic situation," she said. "She feels horrible that it happened, that there was even a chance that it could happen."

The toddler also had a few bite marks from the snake on his chest, but none deep enough to require stitches, the grandmother said.

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