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Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: Nice purse Pippin!...This is funny!
« on: August 15, 2006, 01:39:56 am »
First, it's pink shirts, now purses! Poor boy never had a chance!

You know it's a good story when it pulls me out of "retirement". Pictures, Chelle, PICTURES!!!!

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: Every dog should have a kid!
« on: August 01, 2006, 01:09:07 am »
Well, at least Pippin has his bunny!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Big Paws Needs Support
« on: June 20, 2006, 10:38:18 pm »
I'd give more if you would use BIGGER FONTS
I'm getting old and grumpy!

Foster a dog, or;
leave it at the shelter to be put to sleep.

Kinda makes it a "no brainer"


I'd like to correct a few mistakes I made in my original post about the 28 great Pyrenees.  While report of the number of dogs was close to accurate, the report of their location, vetting condition contained some errors. I was relying on early word of mouth reports, rather than waiting for accurate reports. SPIN has a sterling reputation in the rescue community, so I don't want anyone seeing mistakes and thinking I'm trying to pull a fast one on them. So please allow me correct myself:

   In the statement " ...40 animals in the house. 36 dogs and 6 cats" the 36 was a typo, it should have been 34.
    I was mistaken about where the dogs were. 12 were on their way to Dallas, 10 were in Sequin, near San Antonio, and the reminder were still in the Houston area.
   When faced with the daunting number of dogs involved, I imagined the worst case scenario, and extrapolated numbers based on guesses, rather than waiting for accurate estimates. The fact is we don't know what vetting will be necessary. Some of the dogs are not as sick as others. Many of the dogs had been altered, and the reminder we just don't know yet.
I apologize for saying "I'm just stating the facts" when my facts were wrong.  If anyone feels they were deceived by my original post, please contact me with a PM so I can apologize to you personally.  If donated money, and feel you were decieved, you will receive a refund if you desire.
And I personally apoligize to you all for just being wrong.  I should have waited for the entire rescue group to come to accurate conclusiuons, rather that acting on my own. If you cross posted the to another group, please crosspost my correction also. I hope you all realize my heart was in the right place, even though my brain wasn't connected.

Maybe all of us in the area can up together a box and send it out UPS. 

if you go to www.cashforcritters.comyou can see the rules, what kind of cartridges, how to ship, where to ship to, etc. Just put our name SPIN, Inc as the organization, and SPIN's address

501 Allegheny Tr
Garland TX 75043

Pupdaddy,  I have some inkjet and laser cartridges and maybe a cell phone to send you.  I would also like to send a package of treats for the fur-babies.  Please let me know where to send it.


Thank you Lisa. I thought of this, I don't want to post my address on the internet, where trolls can get it, but I can post a jpg of the address.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Question on Pyrenees Cohabitating
« on: May 25, 2006, 09:53:02 am »
We have a female Pyrenees.  We have been considering whether to get a second Pyrenees :D  Either a male, not related to the female, or breeding her and keeping one of her male pups.

We know Pyrenees are independent animals and don't always like being around other Pyrenees.  Is that strictly male to male / female to female situations ???

Dogs, like people, will have different relationships with each other. You can never tell how the relationship will work out.

If you are determined to breed your dog, nothing will stop you. But if you want to find the right dog as a companion for your present dog, consider adoption. Take your dog with you and let her pick out her companion.

How about toys rawhides buckets etc  Just got the new Petedge catalog and this weekend would be a great time to shop!!
Sure, that's the kind of thing we need all the time.

Didn't you make a a donation to us last year? Thank you again!

Count me in for a donation  I sent money but what else can you use?  In a disaster like this it is the least I can do- a lot of credit to those that were able to step up to the plate on this one!!

We collect used cell phones and emply inkjet and laser cartridges, and turn them in for cash at Almost all cartridges, except Epson. That would be an easy painless way to help us.  You could mail then to me as a collection point. PM me and I'll get you my shipping address.

Tonights update: At least three of the dogs have a staph infection, including Cherry. That's another $180.00 for those meds.

Cherry is soooooo happy to be free. I've got another foster, Will, and they both gang up on me when I go into the yard. If I'm not outside, they are playing with each other constantly.

Add to those two, my two, Earl and Kendra, and that the maximum number of adult dogs that the city allows one person to keep, 4 animals over the age of 6 months.

Notice I said "over 6 months" well guess what, I've got 4 puppies. I had Tippy amd Captain, and today I had to take their brother and sister, Hildy and General (I didn't name them). Where they were being fostered, their is a 6 month old pyr that might have distemper, so we had to move them out of that home until we know for sure.

Always exciting at Pupdaddy's house.

BIG WET SLOBBERY DOG KISSES FOR DEENA! Your donation has already hit our Paypal account!!!! I've been telling everyone that Deena is due the credit, Jorge just pays the bills!

This is the little girl I got from Houston. After a 40 minute bath, she looks like a pyr, rather than a four legged dog turd.
I would tempted to say the stench of her was horrible. But didn't know when I bought it, but the shampoo I last got is coconut scented. I had a bad experience with Pina Coladas in college, so the "dog" smell helped cover up the shampoo smell!
My new dog room paid off last night. She bolted out of the bathroom and into the tiled room, and tiled hallway, shaking off water all the way. There was nothing there to get wet. (I think my baby puppy, Captain, has been bathed before. He came into the room, saw the bathtub, and ran away screaming!)
She's sleeping in the hallway now, probably her day in months she isn't in a crate.  I've decided to name her Cherry, for short Cherish, because she is cherished here.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / HELP!!!! HELP!!!! Help times 28!!!!
« on: May 23, 2006, 06:53:53 am »
Pearland, Tx  Animal control busted a Great Pyrenees collector this weekend. She had 40 animals in her house. 36 Great Pyrenees and six cats. Almost all the dogs were kept in kennels all day, every day. The kennels were rarely cleaned, and the dogs were filthy, matted, and sick.

My group, SPIN Inc., took 12 dogs. Another member of another rescue group took 10, but the Board of that group refused to put the dogs in their program, so SPIN has agreed to take those 10 as well. We need foster homes anywhere in Texas for these dogs. If anyone is close to Sequin, the shelter there can use help with the 18 dogs they have there.

The last 8 are being held temporarly near San Antonio. If nobody else steps up, we will have to take them also.

If my math is correct that's 28 Pyrs going to rescue, 1 was PTS becasue she was sick, 1 agressive male was PTS. The collector was allowed to keep three animals, so there is one unaccounted for, besides the cats

None of these dogs have had shots (7 in 1, Bordetella)$6.00
None of these dogs have been wormed. $5.00
None have altered. $70.00
None of them have had been checked for heartworm. $15.00
None of them have had Rabies shots $8.00

That nearly $3000.00 just for the BASIC vetting, not mention food, grooming, and regular meds, like for fleas, ticks, and heartworms. We're expecting some additional medical problems from some. I know BPO does not allow solicitions for donations, so I'm not asking for money, I'm just stating facts! Like the fact we NEED money, and we can take donations through Paypal on our website.

TO all my BPO friends, I'm sorry I've been MIA for months now. New house, new job, and the ordinary rescue stuff have kept me away from you. And here I return begging for help. I miss all the BPO stuff. Maybe I'll get settled in soon. Of course, when the outside temp hit 100+, I'll find LOTS of time to stay inside on the computer.

Thanks for anything you can do.

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