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Anything Non-Dog Related / If you think of it..........
« on: December 02, 2005, 01:13:24 pm »
Think of Matt and I today.  We got some bad news yesterday and have to deal with it today.  (NO I'M NOT PREGNANT!  SHUT UP!)  He's taking it really hard, and to be honest I don't know how much more of a rock I can be right now.  I love you all! :-*

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Help if you've lost a dog
« on: December 02, 2005, 12:55:06 pm »
I don't know where to put this so if I need to move it let me know.

This site is potentially useful for ANY of us--who
under whatever circumstance--might have a dog go
missing. It includes kideas, printable forms, all
sorts of good stuff and ideas that ideally, any of us
with dogs should familiarize ourselves with BEFORE a
dog goes missing. As she says on the homepage, lost
dog searchers are often under an enormous amount of
stress and tend to forget advice, ignore suggestions,
and waste precious time. Please print a hard copy of
all the "Lost Dogs" documents and then read through
each one carefully - attention to small details can
make a big difference.

Based in southeastern Massachusetts, LostDogSearch is
a one-person volunteer operation that provides free
information, guidance, and support through this
website, emails, and phone calls. Local assistance
offered when logistics permit.



From: 2daneMom  (Original Message) Sent: 12/2/2005 3:21 PM
My 18 yr old sister in law, and her 10 month old baby girl are missing.  They were last heard from on Thanksgiving night (10pm).  They were last seen in Springfield MO, but could literally be anywhere by now.  We have filed a missing person report, but Im asking for everyone to keep a look out.  They have no known vechicle, so may be with someone else.  PLEASE keep a look out for these two.  We just want to know they are safe.  I have MANY MANY more pictures, if you need them.  Please just let me know.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Their names are Anna J. Asher and Skylar J. Marrion (baby)
I will give contact info if you would like to email me, I prefer not to post it on a public board.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I got my secret Santa!
« on: December 01, 2005, 03:50:37 pm »
I swear to GOD I didn't open it.  But I know what it is (Or at least the category) and I have to say you are the BEST secret Santa EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! 

I took two pics of the label because the flash kept getting in the way.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Awwwwwwwwwwwwww
« on: December 01, 2005, 01:47:09 pm »
OMG I want one!  Jenn was I NOT JUST telling you I wanted a baby fox!?!?!?!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Bryce!
« on: December 01, 2005, 11:07:04 am »
OK I'm officially joining the puppy kidnap list now.  I know he's a mastiff but he looks like a little smooshy babykins Neener!  I'm totally in LOVE!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Update on the Matt Saga
« on: November 30, 2005, 12:34:10 am »
I heard some of you were wondering.  To be honest I don't know what's going on.  Matt tells me he wants his space, yet he calls me all the time, talks to me for hours and wants me to come over constantly and do stuff with him.  I was bad and hacked into his email and he's telling our friends that he misses me.  And his brother says he never shuts up about me.

HOWEVER, I must be strong.  I met a nice guy today.  He's 28, a lawyer, sweet, funny, has a Boxer/Lab named Sadie.  I'm going to see him at the dog park on Saturday.  He just got out of a 7 year relationship and is just trying to meet new people.  I have NO intention of starting anything with him, which I told him, but he'll be a good "Make Matt Jealous" friend.  ie:  "Honey I can't come over right now, I'm out with my lawyer friend who's madly in love with me."

So in closing.  Although Matt and I aren't planning a wedding date right now, he's NOT up for dibs ;)  I'm meeting new people, and I'm happy with where I'm at right now.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Oooooo making nifty things
« on: November 29, 2005, 10:25:36 pm »
I was having a craving for Crazy Bread (THANKS JENN!)  but Little Ceasar's is closed so I decided to see if I could make it.  Wicked easy and I'll tell you guys how it comes out but I found THIS which I can't wait to try!

In York, Pennsylvania, Henry C. Kessler first concocted this confection in the late 1930s at his candy factory, the York Cone Company. The company was originally established to make ice cream cones, but by the end of World War II, the peppermint patty had become so popular that the company discontinued all other products. In 1972, the company was sold to Peter Paul, manufacturers of Almond Joy and Mounds. Cadbury USA purchased the firm in 1978, and in 1988 the York Peppermint Pattie became the property of Hershey USA.

Many chocolate-covered peppermints had been made before the York Peppermint Pattie came on the market, but Kessler's version was firm and crisp, while the competition was soft and gummy. One former employee and York resident remembered the final test the patty went through before it left the factory. "It was a snap test. If the candy didn't break clean in the middle, it was a second."

For years, seconds were sold to visitors at the plant for fifty cents a pound.

Makes 20 peppermint patties

1 egg white
4 cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup light corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon peppermint oil or extract
Cornstarch for dusting
One 12-ounce bag semisweet chocolate chips
In a medium bowl, beat the egg white until frothy but not stiff. Don't use a plastic bowl for this.
Slowly add the powdered sugar while blending with an electric mixer set on medium speed.
Add the corn syrup and peppermint oil or extract and knead the mixture with your hands until it has the smooth consistency of dough. Add more powdered sugar if necessary, until mixture is no longer sticky.
Using a surface and rolling pin heavily dusted with cornstarch, roll out the peppermint dough until it is about 1/4 inch thick.
Punch out circles of peppermint dough with a biscuit cutter or a clean can with a diameter of about 2 1/2 inches. Make approximately 20, place them on plates or cookie sheets, and let them firm up in the refrigerator, about 45 minutes.
Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave set on high for 2 minutes. Stir halfway through the heating time. Melt thoroughly, but do not overheat.
Drop each patty into the chocolate and coat completely. Using a large serving fork, or 2 dinner forks, one in each hand, lift the coated patty from the chocolate. Gently tap the forks against the bowl to knock off the excess chocolate, and place each patty on wax paper.
Chill the peppermint patties until firm, about 30 minutes.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Matt is a B****** Albatross
« on: November 29, 2005, 01:31:47 pm »
Matt took this this morning.  I am sick.  He's a B****** Albatross.

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I am MAD at FLEAS!
« on: November 28, 2005, 11:59:10 am »
Araby had to go to the groomer today.  Because you have to drop off between 7 and 9 and Matt has to be at work at 6:30 he can't take her so Mommy gets to.  Yay......  For those who don't know Araby is Matt's psychotic, demon posessed, obnoxoius, sadistic, Pirma Donna 35 pound English Setter AKA "The Harpie".  It never ceases to amaze me that this little wisp of a dog can drag me all over Goshen (Old people phrase), and I can control my 160 pound behemoth with less pressure than my pinkie finger (I do the drap the leash over your shoulders thing.  SOOOOOO cool!  Makes me feel like I actually know what I'm doing!  :P

ANYWAYS, Matt can't just have me pick Araby up, he wants to SEE me in the morning.  Seeing as how he leaves FOR work at 6:00 AM this means that I have to be there before then.  And I live 45 minutes away.  And he wants coffee.  So I have to leave the house at around 4:45, meaning that in order to look like anything that resembles a human being, I must get out of bed no later than 4:15.  I don't even know if my alarm will work that early, so I set my cell alarm too.  I wake up at 4:12 to a big *WHUMP* noise.  Nee had stretched out, pushed his legs against me and fell out of bed.  I laugh at him, call him names, and INSTEAD of getting up 3 minutes early (2 minutes by the time I was done laughing), I went back to sleepy.  Alarm goes off.  I curse and get up and toddle off to the bathroom. 

About midway through teeth brushing, I fall asleep only to wake up when I hear Nee Rooing about something.  Then I hear crashing noises.  I sit and wonder, in my narcolepsy addled brain if I want to bother to go see what it was.  More thuddings and crashings from my room.  I figure something must be up because there isn't that much stuff in my room to be broken.  I had forgotten about my cell alarm and it must have been beeping and vibrating across the nightstand onto the bed where a freaked Nee decided it was some instrument of the devil that he must dispatch before Mommy returned!  I assume this is where the first crash occured, which brought the phone to the floor.  Ever resiliant the little phone kept jittering it's unheeded call.  Even MORE resiliant, Sanity was determined to destroy this evil thingy before it got a chance to use it's voodoo magic on his mommy. 

THIS is where it gets interesting, because when I walked into my room, Nee was stuck, butt and balls in the air, between my bed and the wall.  He's still woofing and pawing at my poor little phone, his back legs and tail kicking into my lamp over and over and over again.  Mind you all of this is at around 4:20 in the morning and we live in a duplex.  I have to get the lard a** out of this tiny little crevice without him kicking me in the face.  Or if he DOES kick me in the face, with as little permanent damage as possible.  I sit on my bed, brace my feet against the wall, grab his waist and pull.  Nothing.  Oh wait, he might have peed on my hand.  Yay.  I sit back and look at the most deadly end of a creature known to man.  Between the flatulance and the tail of doom, a Dane's arse end is an enemy few have battled and survived.  I must use all my wit and skill!  I tried many brilliant plans, all of which failed miserably.  However, in the end I was victorious, as I just yelled "COOKIES!" and he got out himself. 

I am now immensely late, and can only complete the minimal accepted tasks of personal hygiene.  I throw on some jeans, shoes, and some semblance of cleavage coverage grab the evil phone and run down the stairs.  Nee clambers down after me, we tear out the door into my NON warmed up car.  I weave through traffic (There's traffic going to Boston from the boonies at 5 AM), and squeal to a stop in front of Dunkin Donuts, hop out, get a medium Dunkachino, and they charge me for a small.  YAY FOR ME!  I get back in the car.  Nee is put out that he didn't get anything and retreats to the back to pout.  I pull into the driveway just as Matt's starting the Jeep (SOME people get to warm up their cars...).  I leave Nee in the car and Matt and I go inside so he can show me a post card his mother got from some guy who's traveling the world. ("I KNEW SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND!" He hisses at me).  Hobo hears his mommy and starts fussing to get out of the bedroom, so I let him out, and I go out with Matt so I can move my car and he can go to work. 

It is now 6 AM.  I decide to get some sleep, and after putting Nee and Hobo in the kitchen, I set the alarm and nod off.  I am awoken to Araby barks.  I am immediately pissy as this means Araby is outside (She barks constantly for no reason when she's out, which is why there is a rule in place at the house that she can't go out before 9 AM) with the boys, which means that not only is she going to be immensely hyper and hard to catch but she will be covered with fresh gooey mud when she hops into my car.  Fan-f'ing-tastic.  As I lay there glowering I hear Matt's mom scream at the dogs it's time to come in.  They obviously don't listen to her, she tries to call them individually, still nothing, so she slams the door muttering something about shooting them all.  The dogs are not impressed by her idle threats as they know she does not even own a gun.

I ease myself out of bed, noting that it's 7 AM, and I can take Bibs to the groomer now.  I go out, call the dogs (who come in right away for their momma who they love/fear so much).  I grab Araby's leash, and she's a good girl and sits for it, then goes tearing through the open baby gate, Hobo right after.  Nee is a big gallumph and he doesn't have that whole "Fast Break" thing down, and as a result gets there just in time to run face first into the gate. 

Araby's going nuts, and Hobo's at the door, wanting to go for a ride.  I need to explain something here.  You ever watch those deep sea fishing shows?  The one where the guy is wearing a harness attached to his pole?  Getting tossed every which way?  Then he gets pulled overboard?  Yeah THAT is what holding Araby on a leash is like.  Usually what I do is brace myself, let her choke herself for a while, then come next to me quivering with live energy.  (I just want to mention here that we've spent close to $1,000 in classes alone, trying to leash train her.  Not to mention we've tried every training device on the market.  Off lead she's amazing, but on the leash she's a crack head.) 

Well this time I had to grab Hobo, and Matt's mom is just standing there (Hollering for Araby to calm down and for Hobo to go in the kitchen.  The woman likes to yell), so I asked if she thought she could hold Araby for a minute.  She said yes, so I hand her to her and go to get Hobo.  Matt's mom is yelling at Bibs, then she says "Calm DOWN!" and yanks the leash so hard Araby falls over.  She seemed fine, but I yelled at Matt's mom anyways, put Hobo in the kitchen and took Bibs out to the car. 

As soon as we got in the car she started to cower.  She was shaking and when I opened the door when we got there, instead of catapaulting out to share her mental issues with the world she just laid there shivering.  As soon as I picked the leash up she got out of the car, but she hung back.  She walked on lead without pulling my arm out.  We got inside and instead of bouncing off the walls she just sat there shaking.  One of the grooming assistants asked if she was OK, as they are used to uber tyrant Araby.  I said I didn't know, then the groomer came in and I talked to her for awhile, Bibs curled up in her lap, still shaking. 

I am REALLY mad now.  Should I take Bibs to the vet?  Should I just tell Matt and have him bitch out his mother?  Should I just wait till she comes back from the groomers and see how she is then?  Yes Araby is my nemesis, but I love her to death and it isn't the same :(

Anything Non-Dog Related / Thoughts on March of the Penguins
« on: November 27, 2005, 06:19:53 pm »
Personally I sniffled for the first half(starting with the late penguin), bawled unceasingly from the albatross on (I HATE THAT ALBATROSS!  I CAN'T EVEN WATCH THE RESCUERS ANYMORE!)  I'm going to write the producers about that evil albatross. 

I am writing a humor/dog book on what life is like having a giant dog.  Something about one of those sects you don't understand until you're completely involved and by then it's too late.  So I will share with the world how annoying saddle/horse/moose references are, and how when you get a big dog you have to think of things like not walking away from something on the stove because your dog will set his chin on fire, or when you go out and you take the dog, plan on twice as long.  Three times if your dog doesn't fit the sterotype for the breed (ie a Landseer Newf or a Dane with natural ears, or that's any color other than fawn with black mask).  There will be many chapters and as I said it's mainly going to be a humor book, but at the end I will talk about the Giant dogs in rescue and why people put them there. 

ANYWAYS, it's going to be mainly a narrative with some true to life stories thrown in.  I want to know if I have all your permission to share stories that you've posted here.  While in the process of writing, if I want to use an anecdote from your marvelous life I will PM you just to make doubly sure it's OK with you.  If all goes as planned, your name will be in print and you will buy scads of copies to give to friends and strangers on the bus, and make me tons of money, MUWAHAHAHA!

Love you all.


Matt and I went to look at trucks today.  We went to a car dealership that is literally like up the hill and across the street from the city house.  While he was talking to this guy I did what I always do when I go to a showroom.  I pick out the car I want (And consequently will never own) and press all the buttons and pretend it's mine (I like buttons.)  So I sit in this GORGEOUS Yukon Denali XLT with the DVD player and the CD player and Navigation systems and TONS of buttons.  Fix everything just for me, look in the back and imagine all the Big Paws I can fit in that ginormous car.  Matt comes over to drag me out. 

As I'm fighting him, with fingers clenched around that lovely leather wrapped steering wheel for dear life, I look on the other side of the show room and there's these three guys with a Min Pin in a really ugly sweater.  I comment on the ugliness of the sweater and Matt says that he hates when people bring their yap dogs in the show room (They do it at his work all the time).  I said I wanted to get Nee and bring him in and when they said something to point out that the little dog was there and if he could be there so could Nee. 

It was at this time that a salesman deigned to come near the three guys.  The Min Pin goes "RARARARARARARA RARARARARA!" and lunges at him.  Guys laugh.  Min Pin is on his back legs snarling at the sales guy who looks pretty uncomfortable.  I am getting angry.  I tell Matt I want to get Araby so she can eat it.  He says No.  Min Pin pees on floor.  I said can we get Nee so he can sit on it and it will Die.  Matt thinks a little longer this time and says no again.  Sales man is really nervous and says he has to do something.  Sales lady with over processed stringy blonde hair in a really poofy hair style decided to make nice with puppy (And steal scared man's sale).  Min Pin bites at her.  I am fed up.  While Matt is looking at a sports car (That NO dogs could fit in, so it isn't even an option) I slip from his grip, write a phone number of a trainer friend, and of a Min Pin breeder I used to work for and go up to one of the guys. 

"Here's the number of a dog trainer I know that's great with dogs that have aggression issues due to neurosis.  And if you want another Min Pin, here's a breeder over in Amherst who's dogs are VERY sound in mind."  I wanted to say "And there's a garbage can over there that would be GLAD to take that nasty sweater off your hands" but I thought I was pushing it as it was. 

As I walk away the one guy says to the other "What's neurosis?"

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