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Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Shipping scam
« on: January 01, 2006, 11:03:29 am »
This was in one of my other rooms and I thought I'd post it here.

Ok soo in my looking for a suitable home for Irony I had also listed her on in the classifieds that she needed a good home, etc., and definetley got an overwhelming response...I mean I had people offering to fly her to calfornia, florida, everywhere...b ut I also got a really presistent letter that gave me a bad vibe so I googled the people in it (with the help of my ever charming and suspicious man), and we found out this is a giant scam directed towards pet owners. These people change their names in their our it was the Monsaw and dammy family and they talked about their house and sent a pretty poem and how sad they were their pet died recently. One thing that gave me the creeps is they never say "dog" "cat", nothing...alwa ys pet...and not even A pet, THE pet, OUR pet, YOUR pet...its really creepy. The only time they referred to it as "our" pet was when they (without asking or trying to have a phone conference) had thei shipping company contact me. And juding from what the other people say it could have been alot worse if I got suckered in....just thought y'all should know...     Go here if you want more into and read all the girl wound up owing $2000 to her local grocery store bc of their acitivites and all she was trying to do was find a dog a home....
Mom of Heidi and Wyatt

From: DozeRs_mom Sent: 1/2/2006 9:56 AM
I know exactly what you are refering to!  A woman I know in town here asked for my help when she was looking to re-home one of her dogs.  She had posted him on petfinder and didn't know WHAT to do with all the responces she got... just like you describe!  She forwarded them to me so I got to read them too.
She got SO many from "people" in far away states (and the ad said specifically that he would not be shipped and would only go to a home where she could meet the new owners).  The bad grammar and spelling in some of these ads was horrible.  There were SO many who had "just lost their dear dog on the way to the vet/store/park/etc".  There was the "how much is her (it's a him) fee and what's your banking information and I'll wire the money right away"  (yeah right... do people these days actually fall for that?!)  And the "consider him to have found his new home".  And "know that he will have the very best home.  My 18yr old daughter will pick him up at the airport".  And lots of them had website links to the shipping company they either "owned" or contacted and arranged it all.  Most of them were so unbelievably stupid (no information just i want your dog... send it here) that I couldn't imagine ever responding though it's scary to think that people very likely would if they were desperate or didn't really care about the dog.  It was really ridiculous.
Luckily, there were TWO responces out of the hundred or so she got that were from real people who told her about themselves and asked questions about the dog.  To one of those homes he went and is doing GREAT according to the updates and pictures she's gotten of him.
The scariest part is that though it was painfully obvious to ME that these were at worst, total scams, and at best (the few that may have been genuine) that they would NOT be getting the dog with an ad responce so dumb... it was not so obvious to her with her limited internet-smarts and with the overwhelming number of these she got before ANY real people emailed her.  She didn't even send me all of them... only the ones she thought COULD be real.  People DO need to be aware of this if they are looking to rehome a pet on petfinder. 


I was going through the PC (Looking for pics of my Frammy) and I came across the pics of the Thanksgiving I got Nee.¬  I'd had him MAYBE a week here.¬  He was so precious!¬ 

The last pic made me REALLY angry.¬  That little girl is the reason Sanity is terrified of 5-7 year old blonde kids.¬  The whole time we were there she was chasing him and pulling on his tail and ears, and I kept picking him up and yelling at her, telling her to leave him alone.¬  When I talked to her mother she said "Well she LOVES dogs, and he needs to learn to be good with kids."¬  That sure as **** isn't going to help!¬  (ie:¬  This is the same little girl who ties shoes to her dogs tails for "Dress up" and bites them.)¬  I had fallen asleep with him on my lap and I woke up with him on my lap, I had no idea this had ever happened until about 5 minutes ago.¬  Then I see the last picture.¬  I am LIVID!¬  Especially when he's looking at me to save him.¬  GRRRRRRR! >:(

Anything Non-Dog Related / Fram
« on: December 28, 2005, 08:55:03 am »
Some of you know of my infamous Grandmother.  Well yesterday she had emergency heart surgery, as 2 of her three arteries were blocked (And the one that wasn't already had a stint in it).  There was a complication during surgery, but they said she was doing fine.  Well today around 5 AM my grandfather gets a call that's she's had a stroke on her right side.  She can't talk and is completely paralyzed.  She didn't want me to see her but I'm leaving for the hospital shortly.

I know I complain about her but she's my Frammy and I love her.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Great Dane Pictures / Size discrimination
« on: December 27, 2005, 04:13:08 pm »
OK, downstairs we've had these two giant sleeping bags that the dogs lay on.¬  All have been happy with this arrangement cept Matt's mommy.¬ 

She goes out and buys two puppy beds.¬  Nee comes downstairs and there is no blanket!¬  Just a teeny tiny little bed.¬  He is very confused.¬  Surely he can't be expected to lay on this.¬  After Hobo shows how it's done in the other bed Nee tries.¬ 

He fails miserably.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Thoughts on Rescue
« on: December 26, 2005, 05:28:56 pm »
I was talking about this in chat, and I wanted to see what others thought of it.

I personally think that one of the reasons that Great Danes have so many BYBers, is because of the Great Dane Rescues out there.¬  Please just hear me out.¬  I've WORKED in rescue, and I'm all for rescue, however, I think that the breed specific rescues (I'll just say Danes, because that's what I know) make it so hard to adopt that the average Joe gets fed up and goes to a BYBer.¬  (A good ethical breeder is hard to find if you don't know where to look, and the average Joe has NO idea).

We have people up here on waiting lists for ANY kind of Dane, and yet there are other rescues over flowing but they won't adopt up here, not even if they have another local rescue (Of their choice) do a home check.¬  These are SOME of the things I've come up against in several different rescues.¬  They won't adopt with out any breed experience, they won't adopt out if you have children under 13 years old, they won't adopt out if you live within 10 miles of a highway, and they won't adopt out if you've EVER put an animal down for ANY reason.¬  There is a rather large well known rescue that was over flowing with dogs, and they were sending out the call for fosters a few years ago.¬  I was out of their adoption area but I said I'd help any way I could.¬  They said that if I wanted to I could foster, BUT if I fell in love with the dog I couldn't keep it, as I was outside the adoption area.¬ 

I understand rules and protocol, but in the end why can't they see that they're hurting more dogs then they're helping?¬  I can think of at least 30 people I know off the top of my head that I've met, who've had such a hard time with breed specific rescues they just got a puppy off the internet or the newspaper.¬  They were told that they "couldn't handle" that breed.¬  Instead of trying to educate these people, they were dismissed, only to go out and unwittingly help put more puppies into rescue.¬  Why can't they see that?

I guess I'm writing this both as a vent, and because I'm honestly curious.¬  Are there reasons for rescues to put these iron clad policies in effect?¬  I'm not stupid and I realize the need for home checks, but why can't a local reputable rescue do it?¬  I understand no Children with puppies or nervous dogs, but not every dog fits into that category.¬  I understand that you want someone to know what they're getting into, but instead of disregarding them for having to breed experience, help them, teach them, find out what they DO know!

Just frustrated.

Games & Jokes / The Mystery Link
« on: December 22, 2005, 10:17:41 pm »
We're in chat and I was trying to show something to everyone.  But the link kept bringing up different things for different people.  On TOP of that, the title didn't even match the pic.  See what you get.

This pic was my favorite!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Must Vent!
« on: December 20, 2005, 04:27:57 pm »
My middle sister, Jo(elle) is home from college.¬  She's 20, and went to college solely for her MRS. degree.¬  She is constantly rubbing it in my face that she's in school and I never went.¬  She's my polar opposite in every way, physically and personality wise.¬  If you like me you won't like her and vise versa.¬  She's rail thin (As Matt says she's jealous of the altar boys' curves), and I'm well I'm not :D¬  She's very uptight, and ditzy and I'm laid back and intelligent.¬  (I just play a bimbo on TV :P )

ANYWAYS first time I see her is at their church's Christmas Cantata(Sunday).¬  First thing she does is make comment about my shoes (4 inch high strappy Stilettos) and about how they aren't suitable to wear out in public.¬  My baby sister, Samara (She's 8, and the only member of my family that acutally likes me) pipes up that Jo is just jealous because if she wore those shoes she'd fall flat on her face.¬  Jo then makes an issue about my skirt length/tightness and how it isn't proper.¬  I told her it was this or I go in naked.¬ 

Oh I forgot, the day before, when she flew home (Saturday) she calls me to talk.¬  Fine whatever.¬  We make nice nice talk and she mentions that she's sad because her friend's brother just gradutated and they won't be able to use his truck anymore.¬  I say "Oh Jo, guess what Matt just got a new truck."¬  She's quiet for a sec and she says "But this is a NICE truck."¬  Mind you she doesn't know WHAT kind of truck Matt has.¬  It happens to be a 2006 Silverado Extended cab with all the buttons, and he's getting the DVD players put in the back of the head rests in a few weeks.¬  But just the tone of voice she said it..... GRRRRRRRRR¬  She goes on to say that it's a F-150 and blah blah and I say "Well Matt's truck is way better than that!" (Yes I know I'm not 5 years old, SHUT UP)¬  I go on to explain how awesome the truck is and she cuts me short to talk about how she's going to donate her hair when she gets up here.¬  Honest to God I didn't think her hair was long enough, and I said so.¬  She gets all defensive and says "Ang, it's down to the middle of my back!"¬  I was just screwing around and I said "Oh YEAH!?!?!?!¬  Well mine's to my butt!"¬  (Matt screamed out LIAR, but I don't think she heard him.¬  She also didn't hear him when he was saying things like "My brain is bleeding.¬  Make her stop talking!").¬  She then went on a tirade about me having to turn everything into a competition, totally ignoring my cries that I was just joking.

Anyways.¬  Today.¬  The final straw.¬  I've been baking all day for Matt's coworkers' Christmas baskets.¬  Fudge, Bread, chocolate chip cookies, ect.¬  Spent a ton of money on ingredients, but I want it all to be perfect.¬  However, knowing my family, I set aside stuff that they can have.¬  Well Jo and Fram (Grandmother) come in from shopping.¬  I have just cleaned all the stuff and put it away so I could have a break, and the cookies are cooling on the rack.¬  I inform them that the fudge for the family is on the table, and Jo says "I want a cookie" and reaches for it.¬  I grab her hand and said "Not those.¬  The family cookeis are in the cookie jar."¬  I go get the jar and open it and put it on the counter (Smiling, because I really do try to be nice to her)¬  She pulls a cookie out and says "I don't want this one, I want a warm one." puts the cookie jar cookie on the cooling rack and picks up a fresh one.¬  I said "NO JO!¬  THOSE AREN'T FOR YOU!"¬  She eats it anyways.¬ 

I flip out.¬  I'm SCREAMING at her.¬  "WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU?¬  WHY CAN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!?!?!"¬  Fram is telling me to calm down, it's not a big deal.¬  I said "No because Jo did it its OK.¬  She can do no wrong."¬  Jo says "Besides it's not like you paid for the ingredients!"¬  I say "YEAH!¬  I DID!"and stomp up the stairs (Again like a 5 year old) swearing the whole way, listening to Jo comment about what a drama queen I am.

I went downstairs to get the phone after she left and apologized to my grandmother for yelling.¬  She said "Well there's no reason for it."¬  Me, (Being a TOTAL idiot) thought that she was saying there was no reason for me to apologize.¬  The was cleared up when she said "It was just a cookie."¬  I tried to explain that I said no and she took the cookie anyways.¬  Fram says "But she wanted a warm one, you just take one from the jar and put it in the basket."¬ 

I then stomped upstairs and cried.¬  I'm still crying.¬  It's stupid and it's petty and I hate her so much.¬  I HATE that she has this control over me.¬  I hate that even though I know I'm infinitely cooler and prettier and better than her, she still makes me feel like the dirt beneath her shoe.¬  I hate that everyone else sees her as the pinnacle of Christian perfection, and that I'm the black sheep they'd rather not avow knowledge of.¬  Yes it was just a cookie but it was MY COOKIE DAMMIT!¬  :'(

Book Club & Noteworthy Reads / Mass nixes fees for K9 vets’ vets
« on: December 19, 2005, 11:40:51 pm »
I saw this in the Boston Herald the other day.  Didn't' get to finish reading it though so I looked it up today.

Anything Non-Dog Related / I am a LOSER!
« on: December 19, 2005, 03:40:46 pm »
Yeah I talk a big game, but when I have an opportunity to be cool I totally lose it.

Matt calls me and he's like "Guess what?  Sully from Godsmack is here"  I say "No WAY!"  He says "Yes way!  Wanna talk to him?"  My jaw drops   :o  And he goes "Hello?"  I said "OMG YOU'RE ****ING SULLY FROM ****ING GODSMACK!"  He says "Yeah so I hear."  Then Matt says something in the background and Sully laughs and he says "Your Boyfriend is talking S*** about you."  I said "Yeah he does that alot, but the sex is worth it."  Sully laughs and tells me he has to go but to have a good Christmas."

So when faced with an awesome opportunity, my dorkiness came out and I fell flat on my face.  GO ANG!   ;D ;D ;D

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Pizza problem
« on: December 18, 2005, 07:06:33 pm »
As you can see here,6318.msg81491.html#msg81491

I had a problem with pizza delivery.  I'm PO'd because they didn't call me and they're about an hour and a half late now.  I don't know if I shouldn't tip the driver, or ask for a discount or what.  I called and asked for the manager and got disconnected THREE TIMES.  What should I do when the guy gets here?

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / AGHHHHH Cuteness overload
« on: December 18, 2005, 06:11:15 pm »
Saw this on one of my other rooms.  The mother got Mastitis, and one puppy died and one is very very sick, so this lady is bottle feeding a 2 1/2 week old Golden puppy.  I'm not really a Golden person (Too Sterotypical American Dream for me) but I couldn't help going Awwwwwww

Anything Non-Dog Related / Didn't get the good job
« on: December 18, 2005, 01:22:46 pm »
I got this email today.

Hi Ang,
Thank you for applying to HandicappedPet for a position on our team.
Last week, we selected and hired someone we felt was an ideal fit. These decisions are always difficult as a number of clearly qualified people contacted us. We will keep your resume on file as we expect to hiring again in three to six months.
Thanks again for applying and best of luck in your search for a position.

I'm wicked ****ing pissed because they TOLD me that there would be 2nd interviews.  Why lie to me?  AND they said that I was over qualified for the job that they're going to be hiring for in a few months.  PLUS I wrote to them on Wednesday and asked them and they said they're still in the interview process and to wait till the end of the week, so I did.  I'm just rip **** because everytime it looks like I'm gonna pull myself out of the **** pile, I get knocked back on my ***.  ARGHHHH I want to beat something/one right now.

Games & Jokes / What type of person are you? Quiz
« on: December 15, 2005, 01:35:20 pm »

you are a fun person! like going out lots of frends and a bit of a nutter really but alway a laught when you are around, your a social person to rock on man!

Breeding Questions & Information / People's Court question
« on: December 12, 2005, 03:38:17 pm »
I'm watching People's Court.  They just had a case where a dog got another dog pregnant, and the people with the girl dog wanted the cost of placing all the puppies (Which they lost because they got $200 each for the puppies anyways).  Well I was thinking.  (Dangerous I know)

I know that the owner of the male dog is liable if he goes after the female and they tie.  But what if the dogs are in a neutral area (Like bringing a female in season to the park or Petsmart)?  Or if the female comes looking for the male?  I'm just thinking about this because what if I'm walking Nee and a girl in season runs right under his nose?  Boys aren't the only ones who run wild around here (The Joys of no leash laws).  Yes Sanity is going to be fixed (He had an appointment but an emergency came up where that money was no longer available, and with me losing my job, I'm sorry, dog food comes before ball lopping.), and I have NO intent of him fathering a litter whatsoever, but I was just curious if anyone knew anything about this.

Great Dane Pictures / A Dog and his Ice Ball
« on: December 11, 2005, 05:56:37 pm »
When you are a ghetto puppy like Sanity you play with what you can get.¬  So Sanity discovered his new favorite toy today.¬  The Ice Ball.¬  (I took these pics at night so they suck.¬  I edited them as best as I could)

Sanity discovers Ice Ball

Sanity runs with Ice Ball while Hobo communicates with the dead.

The Dead tell Hobo to get the Ice Ball (As noted by the arrow)¬  Sanity must protect the precious ice ball at all costs.

Sanity, in his eagerness to pretect the Ice Ball from those who want to use it for evil (Summoning Zombies and such) shatters it in his jaws, the remains filtering to the ground.

The undead are outraged that they have lost their chance to raise their army and use Hobo as a vessel to battle the valiant Sanity.¬ 

A battle that will go on until the ends of time......

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