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OK as some of you know I had to go get Bibs and Bose licensed today.  (Matt kept forgetting to go to city hall so instead of $15 for two dogs it's going to be $54) Well first off the ATM I went to for $$$$ was broken.  Then it dawns on me that Hobo needs his rabies certificate (Araby is still covered as she had the 3 year).  We had it done at a Petsmart clinic, so I go over there to see what they can tell me.  As soon as I get in I see this ADORABLE red tri Aussie puppy.  I'm on the phone with Moni and she's wicked jealous and I play with the puppy (Named Appollo) then rub it in her face when I walk away :P

Well looking around I see this Australian Cattle dog come up to Nee.  This dog is on a Flexi, his owner is no where to be seen (She's on the other side of a display) and all the sudden out of NOWHERE this dog attacks Nee.  Moni goes "What the **** was that?" this dog sounded like a hound of satan.  And then the lady is like "Oh my bad."  I was SOOOO mad if I wasn't on the phone I would have gone off on her.  So I get the phone number for the clinic (Which by the way is going to mail the certificate to me, so if I can't find it I have to wait till like Thursday.) and when I leave I go out behind the girl with the Aussie pup.

I decide that her puppy is adorable and seeing as how it looks so much like Moni's Mojo (The good), I had to take his pic.  So I chase the woman down, apologize for my psychoticness, and ask if I can get a pic of him.  She said sure, I put Nee in the car and got my camera.  Turns out that this girl doesn't know ANY dog people, and she was wondering if we could get together for socialization and so that she could talk to Moni about Aussies.  I gave her my number and hopefully we'll hear from her soon.


I know the agreeing posts are voluminous, but can I add another one?  I'm new here, but I noticed right away how people phrase responses here that are, for the most part, nonthreatening and helpful.  Most people really do love their pets, and to ask and honest innocent question and get attacked is what drove me from several boards when I just wanted some sense of community and support.  I am TERRIBLY guilty of asking stupid questions, and it's not because I don't want to do the best by my animals, I just honestly don't know.  A rude reply simply makes the person resent the advice and try to go it alone, which in the end is less beneficial to the animals.  I once asked a question on another board based solely on some bad advice from my vet, and was completely attacked for being an idiot who had no clue what was best for my animals.  That said, I apologize in advance for asking stupid questions (and posting where the posting has been done), and thanks in advance for getting patient replies.

I saw this on another post, that's on a sticky and I know that I usually don't look at the stickies.  I thought I'd bring it up because it kind of hit home for me. 

You all know how even tempered and patient I am (For you new people, that's me being immensely sarcastic.)  Sometimes I get irritated with people who post things that I think are trite and trivial.  I think that any idiot who's getting a dog should know these things.  I get mad when I have to deign to answer things that we've all answered a billion times.  Then reading Jessica's post it dawned on me.

Not everyone has the luck that we do to have researched our medical resources.  Not everyone has breed knowledge.  Some people don't even know how to use the internet, and the ones that have base knowledge don't know the first place to go to to look for an answer.  Even though BPO hasn't been around long at all in comparison to some of the other groups online, our archives are HUGE and sometimes the search engine does't find what we need.

Also some people are getting advice from people they think know what they're doing.  Why wouldn't Jessica trust her vet?  The friend that just got a GSD puppy's FIL insisted to be that if you put a dog with prick ears on a cable run, they'll go deaf from the zipping noise.  My aunt told me that I had to feed my Dane pup 12 times a day. 

So just a reminder.  These people want what's best for their dogs, just like we do.  Be patient, be understanding, and answer the same question 80 million times.  It won't kill you :)  Trust me.  If we can do the saddle thing, we can do this ;)

Games & Jokes / AGHHHHH March of the Peggin game!
« on: December 10, 2005, 08:33:51 pm »
Watch out the B****** Albatross is there.........  Grrrrrr >:(

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / For all of you Fake tree people
« on: December 10, 2005, 12:19:40 pm »
Nee just peed all over my grandparent's fake tree AND their brand new, snow white, tree skirt.  I discovered this after getting out of my shower (And being nice and fresh smelling for St. Lucia tonight), and now, I am reeking of dog piss and chemicals.  Yay. 

I think Nee and the tree are going to have issues.  They put it up yesterday when I was gone, so when we came home at 11:45 last night, not only were there two people sleeping on the couch (My grandmother and baby sister, 8 Years old) but there was a tree in the middle of his living room and he couldn't look out his windows!  What else was a dog to do?  How about Woof out a couple of low loud booming barks with sound waves that could jump start a GI tract?  Of course I was squealing "SHUT UP!" in a high pitched whisper so I was just as bad as he was.  Surprisingly (Or not) my baby sister slept through it all, even Nee sniffing her and kissing and drooling all over her face.  (When she was 4 my middle sister picked her up off the couch to puther to bed and dropped her.  Samara never even noticed, we rushed her to the hospital to make sure she wasn't in a coma and she woke up in Triage.)  My grandmother wasn't happy to say the least so Nee and I toddled off upstairs, like the good little cowards we are.


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Snow pics at the city house
« on: December 09, 2005, 02:37:42 pm »
These are alot more interesting.  Hobo's hip is bugging him so he didn't run around much.  But I think Araby and Nee were entertaining enough.


Great Dane Pictures / Lazy Bum
« on: December 09, 2005, 12:00:44 pm »
After his excursion into the snow yesterday Nee decided to take it easy.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Ummmm OK. Macros. Help.
« on: December 08, 2005, 06:29:43 pm »
At my interview, the guy interviewing me asked if I knew Macros in Excel.  I didn't know what Macros were, so I said I didn't know, then told him the formulas and sheets I'd created in Excel.  Once he heard the stuff I'd done he was confident that I'd have no problem with doing macros.

Well after I did like 5 Quickbook tutorials, I decided to look up Macros.  Looked easy enough to do, but I'm confused.  Is this just a preset?  Like if you open an new notebook, and want it set up a certain way do you just run that macro?  Is it formula related?  I'm so confused! :'(

Great Dane Pictures / Got my snow pics
« on: December 08, 2005, 02:17:56 pm »
OK it's still snowing, and Nee was LOVING it and as such it was hard to get a good pic of it.  We've got at least 10 inches in the middle of the yard.  (The old snow was all gone).  Now I have to thaw :P

Anything Non-Dog Related / Just got back from my interview
« on: December 07, 2005, 12:30:31 pm »
Of course you all know me.  I can't just tell the interview part.  I must start at the beginning! 

I wake up at 7:30 to do all the hygiene stuff and discover my special friend has come.  Greeeeeaaaat.  I'm in my PJs and I'm dreading putting on interview clothes (Due to a discussion last night regarding my attire I was told not to wear a skirt that's too short.  Upon informing all participating individuals that indeed ALL of my skirts can be deemed "too short", it was decided that I should wear pants.)  I only have two nice pairs of pants, a pair of stretchy black ones that have been washed to gray status and have a faulty zipper, or an actual gray pair of pants that have been seam rippingly tight on me.  Because of this lovely quirk, I haven't worn the gray pants since July.  I can't FIND the black pants and have to go with the gray ones.  Joy.

I'm dreading putting these things on, especially with my extra bloatiness.  Visions of me doing the "Get the pants over the butt" shimmy, flopping on my bed, sucking in my gut, and crossing my eyes in order to yank the zipper over my bulges haunt me.  I go downstairs to collect my extra things out of the laundry, reminding myself that I can't breathe too heavy while wearing these pants.  Steeling myself, I get ready to pull on the pants and THEY SLIP RIGHT ON AND ZIP UP WITH ROOM TO SPARE! 

This can't be right?!?!?!!?  I didn't even lay down!  I didn't even suck in my gut!  Something is very wrong.  I take the pants off and put them back on again.  Nope, still wicked loose, zipper still glides with ease, no pudgy love handle obstacles barring it's progress.  But I'm BLOATED!  I am very confused.  I stand there, in the bathroom, contemplating what witch craft had bedeviled my pants.  I wonder if the dryer can, in addition to shrinking clothes, expand them?  While pondering these mysteries it dawns on me I have an interview to get ready for. 

I do my make up (Tastefully), fix my hair (Professionally), pull on my boots (One at a time), call Nee and jump in the freezing cold car.  One of these days I'll learn to warm it up.  I was worried as I wanted to give myself an hour to get to this place.  I was 10 minutes late.  Not to worry though because I got there in 20 minutes, so I was half an hour early.  I talked to Andi, she asked how I was doing and I informed her I was violently ill and wanted nothing more than to spew vomit.  My darling Andi in her words of wisdom said "DON'T PUKE!"  With this tidbit I felt confident, and went off to my interview. 

They had told me that their office was on the second floor and seeing steps on the back of the building, I went that way.  First thing I did was slip on a stupid paving stone and do the "Wave your arms and tense your body and make funny faces as you desperately try not to fall on your rumpus" move.  That crisis averted, I carefully moved to the steps, and opened the door.........

RIGHT into their offices.  Oops.  A nice lady in a sweatshirt said "Ummmm Helloooooo."  I try to gather what's left of my professionalis m and give her a beaming capable smile.  "Hi, I'm Angela, I'm here for an interview."  "Oh, my name is Angela too!"  "Well isn't that nice?"  Then, the president of the company comes out and I swear to GOD he is a Bill Gates CLONE!  He's very nice, says his name is Mark, and takes me into a back office where another nice person (This time a lady) named Deb is waiting.

The interview was rather long and I'll only point out the meaty parts.  They were very impressed with me, they said I was very mature and knowledgable.  When asked about over coming obstacles I told them about the Debate story (SEE NICOLE I WORKED IT IN!), when they asked what my biggest problem is in the work place I said misconceptions about me because of my age.  (See it was a negative but I spun it into a positive!  I'm getting good at this.)  They were impressed with my computer knowledge (Apparently the girl before me said she was a computer whiz but gave a blank stare when they asked her to forward an e-mail), to the point where Mark (The President) gave a big grin and said "Yay she's a geek too!"

They liked all my marketing experience, the fact that I like to learn, that I learn quickly, that I think on my feet, I'm creative, that I'm awesome,.... OK they didnt say that part but it was implied.  They were saying how awkward it would be to have two Angelas, and I informed them that everyone has called me Ang ever since I was little, so that was a relief to them.  They had over 100 applicants who applied for this job and they narrowed it down to 20 for interviews.  I was their second.  They had another 5 today and 6 tomorrow, and then the people they couldn't contact right away.  I WAS told however that I was a "Top Candidate" and that they really liked me and thought I was a good fit.  When they asked if I had any questions, I asked if there was anything I could do that would help make me a better prospect in their eyes.  They told me "Quickbooks".  So I'm going to get a For Dummies book and learn all I can about Quickbooks. 

I'm feeling good about this and the best part is I DIDN"T PUKE!  ;)

Great Dane Discussions / I need to vent! (Uh Oh.....)
« on: December 06, 2005, 03:50:19 pm »
In one of my Dane rooms there's a girl who just got a Dane puppy.  She made a big deal about going to visit the pup when she was young and doing dominance tests which the pup passed.  (I made a point to say that I put no stock in these tests in dealing with a pet personality.  Drive in hunting and herding dogs is diffferent.  I also stated that Araby passed these tests with flying colors and look where she is now!)  She wanted to bring the puppy home at a very young age (5 or 6 weeks) and we all convinced her to wait for the socialization with her littermates.  She agreed to wait till 8 weeks, but brought her home at 7 weeks. 

She is updating us all on her pups progress, one of those nit picking the details and missing the big picture.  She has chosen a VERY confident, type A puppy.  She growls when she's interrupted doing something she wants to do or made to do something she doesn't like.  The girl says it's different than her play growl.  In the pics she's posted the puppy is very full of herself and in your face.  She's going to be a definite handful.  (Find out later that she's been alpha rolling her.  A SEVEN WEEK OLD PUPPY!)

The other thing is that she free feeds.  All 3 dogs eat out of the same dish.  We all tried to tell her that's a bad idea.  With a Dane puppy monitoring food intake is VITAL.  You need to know how much they're eating, lots of times they need a different food than other dogs, if they're eating more or less ect.  Not to mention the fighting for food.  She informed us "Thanks for the advice on free feeding, but I do monitor and have never had any problems. My dogs are very healthy.  Neither of them have ever been sick, underweight, overweight...e ct.  And they have been free feeding since they were puppies.  "  She then goes on later to complain about her being a velcro dog. 

It just makes me so mad when people think because they have a dog they're ready for a dog like a Dane!  Danes are different and you have to research and do things differently and change your whole way and thought of doing things, your whole LIFE, in penance for living with one.  Just because things have worked for you in the past with whatever dog you had doesn't mean it's going to work with a dog as specialized as a Dane.  ARGHHHHHH!

OK I'm done.  ;D

Anything Non-Dog Related / Have an interview Thursday.... I think
« on: December 05, 2005, 06:21:23 pm »
I just got an email from a company that creates and sells products for elderly and handicapped pets.  They want to know if I can do an interview Thursday.  Unfortunately the email popped up when I was online at 5:05 so I sent a reply at like 5:05 and 20 seconds.  Over eager much?  Waiting for an answer back....

Wish me luck!  OH and PM me if you want the link.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Were you surprised?
« on: December 05, 2005, 12:39:52 am »
Did you have any assumptions about BPOers when you started here?  I just found out that Andi thought I was like 30 (When she first started talking to me I think I had just turned 20) and Megan was scared of me.  I would share my assumptions but of course I'm perfect and have none.   ;D

Games & Jokes / Grown Up Christmas Songs
« on: December 03, 2005, 01:37:50 pm »
See if you guys can find these adult Humor Christmas Songs.... (If you're into that kind of thing)  Most are by Bob Rivers

Parking Spaces - Bob Rivers
Didn't I get this Last Year? -Bob Rivers
The Restroom Door said Gentlemen - Bob Rivers
I am Santa Clause - Bob Rivers
12 Pains of Christmas - Bob Rivers
Wreck the Malls - Bob Rivers
I won't be Home for Christmas - Blink 182
Alien for Christmas - Fountains of Wayne

Some AWESOME Christmas songs.
Christmas Canon (Original and Rock Version with Guns N Roses) - Trans Siberian Orchestra
Carol of the Bells - Destiny's Child

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