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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: What is the largest dog?
« on: February 03, 2008, 09:57:59 am »
I actually just wrote an article about the largest and the smallest dogs (Gibson was mentioned) as well as this tiny Chi named Heaven Sent Brandy.  In researching the article I found this really interesting NPR story about scientists singling out a "master regulator" gene that controls the size of dogs- here is a link to the piece if anyone actually wants to read it -

Anything you want to tell me!  Personal stories, concerns, etc...  The tail thing is a great add on.  You always think about the dogs stepping on children or running into them, but the tail whomping is often omitted! 

I'm probably going to work on the article through the weekend as I have a bunch of others to post (and I usually take weekends off), so please tell me more!!


Articles / Need BPO's Input on Article about Child Friendly Mastiffs
« on: January 24, 2008, 02:37:31 pm »
Hi Everyone,
I'm currently working on a post on a question I received about the most "kid friendly" mastiff breeds.  Of course, I have already included the basic information about these guys being "ginormious", needing to be supervised at all times, not knowing their own strength, movement of their own limbs, etc..etc..

I already have a good foundation, but would like to get the feedback of some of you here since I haven't owned all of these breeds (I wish!), and thus, I haven't personally seen all of them interact with children.


Group Discussions & Photos / Re: Reef and Lucian Update!
« on: January 22, 2008, 12:03:58 am »
Lucian is about 145 currently and is still quite lanky.  I'd say most of that is his head and tongue!  We spend a great deal of time road tripping to CT where my girlfriend, Emily, attends graduate school (and teaches pre-school!).  Lucian loves the road trips and adores the perks of having "two houses".  He doesn't know that the fun is going to end this summer when she moves to Philadelphia! 

Lucian is a big hit at the groomers where he is nicknamed "Stud".  He is always getting his nose nipped by the toy breeds and just looks forlorn by their greetings.  He is as gentle as ever with his toys - stuffed ones have a long life in this house!

Reef is still putting up with being the big sister.  She steals the giant beds and curls up right in the center of them.  She also enjoys sitting on her brother to exert her role as the alpha.  We KNOW you're boss Reef!

As for the bridge piercing - I've had it for 9 years- it took a long time to heal, but it wasn't any worse than any other piercing  ;)

Group Discussions & Photos / Re: Reef and Lucian Update!
« on: January 21, 2008, 11:28:43 pm »
Oh I forgot

Group Discussions & Photos / Reef and Lucian Update!
« on: January 21, 2008, 11:25:35 pm »
I promised photos within a few hours and here they are!

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: Myth Or Truth
« on: January 21, 2008, 09:40:15 pm »
I honestly wouldn't give him any food (treats) during human meal time.    If he is sitting nicely and unobtrusively while you are eating , I'd give him a few words of praise and go back to your business.  If this gets him over stimulated, I'd just ignore him altogether.  Maybe giving him an interesting toy on a mat or on his bed at the start of meal time to keep him occupied. 

I am sure I will rescue another APBT....after that, well, I have had my eye on a few Boerboels...bu t that is a LONG while off!

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: Myth Or Truth
« on: January 21, 2008, 08:35:30 pm »
1. Eat before your dog:  I don't think it really matters as long as your dog isn't eating at the table *with* you  ;)  My dogs eat in a 1 hour window every night and my schedule varies a great deal.  Sometimes they eat before me, sometimes they don't.  They also don't eat in the same room as I do, but that is because I feed raw and the last thing I want is meat strewn all over my house!

2. Do not let your dog enter/exit a door or narrow opening before you:  I think it's very important to teach manners and basic entering/exiting rules with your dog.  Mine wait  outside every door until I say "ok" and then go through.  However there are times when we walk through at the same time. 
3. Do not share food with your dog on your dinner table:  I completely agree with this point.  If there is something you want to give to your dog, save it for later and put it in their bowl.  No reason to encourage lap drooling!

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Re-Intro
« on: January 21, 2008, 08:01:49 pm »
Oh just you wait!  I have a staff photographer who was just here about an hour ago taking photos of me and the kids.  I'll have some for you in a little while! 

That is pretty spooky guys....I guess my ears were burning.

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re-Intro
« on: January 21, 2008, 06:31:54 pm »
Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say a quick "hello" again, as I have been MIA for a while.  I was formerly known as "ThatDuckyBoy", but now have a new job as the full time editor-in-chief of a website called "The Dog Guide", so I figured a name change would be fitting!

As a refresher, I am owned by Reef, an American Pit Bull Terrier who is pushing 7 (and who is the prancy, pony princess), and Lucian; an 11 month old Dogue De Bordeaux pup who thinks he is a lap dog. 

I spend my days writing about dogs (and editing others writing about dogs) and my nights doing hospice care for pets (Plus a few more dog related activities thrown in for good measure.  I have to keep myself busy!)

It's good to be back at BPO!

Doberman Discussions / Re: Meet 7 week old male- Spartan Leonidas
« on: July 05, 2007, 11:12:31 pm »

 We cropped his ears because that is what we think a Doberman should look like, and it's our choice in this matter. The procedure was done under sedation, and he was sent home with 10 days supply of pain pills. Women and men do worse things to their bodies every day in the interest of appearance...   :D 

Your pup is beautiful!  Thanks for posting new photos of him and his giant self spread out on the couch!

However I do have to say that I always find it amusing when people say cropped is what a Dobe "should" look like.  Considering they are born with natural ears, isn't that kind of a misnomer?  Now, a Basenji with prick ears- that is what one "should" look like. 
Also, women and men have the options of choosing what they do to their bodies, puppies do not.

Rottweiler Discussions / Re: Zeus inside dog * Maybe*
« on: June 27, 2007, 08:32:50 am »

I'm really glad you're working with your husband with you're little one!  I think you'll find that his behavior's will improve more rapidly with the more time that he spends with you in the house!  Keep up the great work you're doing with him! 

I'm glad everyone is finding them useful and hopefully learning something!  That is exactly the point!  Sometimes even when we think we have gone over every aspect of a situation, it takes another individuals prospective to find those that we missed. Maybe some puppers will be able to enjoy a bit more of "the good life" of the indoors because of these...


Not to mention the precise timing that you need when correcting a behavioral issue that can only be had when a dog is a constant part of your family.

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