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Kuvasz Pictures / PUPS KEEPING COOL!
« on: August 05, 2006, 10:02:37 pm »
It has been sooo hot here!  90 plus degrees!  I kono,I know, that is NOT really "hot" compared to some areas you all live in, but for us it is atrocious!  Our grass is actually dying!  We don't EVER have to water, it is just "green" I went out to mow and ACTUALLY got "told" by hun that it was not "allowed"!!!!He is a yard freak!  It is always "clean cut and looks grand!"  apparently, unknown to me, (I guess I am a bit "slow" in this area that if I mow it will be totally brown and look terrible!  ( Kids actually mow but I supervise that, they were so like SWEET we can go to the lake with the dogs YEAH!!!")  Abyway we are changing the pools int he kennel at least twice daily, and I swear to get the green crap that grows on the sides is almost impossible to keep up with.  I gave up scrubbing every tiem and just spray the heck out of the pools when I change them.  The pups can't seem to get the clue that there are THREE pools and must congregate in one!  The only little boy left gets "rolled" by the girls and poor baby waits until they are done with their fun to be the lone ranger covered in mud cooling off!  He is totally a honey and one of the favorites!  I did try sitting int he pool when it filled, just to cool off myself but the little buggers thought I was free game and I almost drowned in a kiddie pool!  Just kidding!  They really did think it was grand having me down on hteir level and what a mess I was when it was all said and done! 

Kuvasz Discussions / Re: Bighamton, NY Kuvasz Poor things :(
« on: July 26, 2006, 03:31:26 pm »

EXCELLENT!  Thanks for posting Sophia!  Shana

Its quite alright Sophia!  ::)  I read so fast sometimes I miss half of what I am supposed to see... :-[  I really must go, I have flight arrangements to make for a few babies who are going home in a few days!  I willl email you a few pic's of Myrissa with Mia, she is quite taken with her, and visa versa.  It will be exciting to see how she does in the dog club.  We are going to have her do rally when Mia is old enough.  Myrisssa is only 13 and I donot want her deterred from showing by starting in a highly competitive area.  My Aunt has bred, raised, and Shown Borzoi's for over 30 years and tells me Myrissa would love Rally.  We shall see!  Bye!  Shana

I correspond privately with quite a few individuals who are either members of the Kuvasz Connection,upper Mid West, etc.. I however do not participate much in many of the boards.  I find many of the conversations inflammatory and do like to participate in petty "wars" and  attacks on others character, etc...I find that most of the boards are quite closed despite having many members and if a member unfamiliar to the "known breeders" starts or tries to participate in conversations they are either ignored or "blown" off for lack of a more apprropriate term.    Some things are best aired privately.  I do watch and keep track of plenty of info however.
I have found this board to be one of the only boards where members actually respect eachother and if conversations are noted to get heated or out of control the moderators take quick action to quell or at least temper the discussion , directing it in a more appropriate direction.  If you have any other questions about this, please email me privately. 
On another note, I made a donation through the Kuvasz Fanciers website, I donot usually use paypal although my husband does.  It makes me nervous to have all my financial info online despite how safe it is supposed to be.  Shana

No Sophia, Why?

This is the latest update as far as I know, I am goingto donate to at least help with the cost.  It is unfortunate that the individuals who signed the list as agreeing to take one or more of the Kuvasz did not infact do so if indeed that is the case.  As i said we only know as much as we read or hear by calls etc...  This was on another list.  There apparently was some trouble with the paypal address so I am including the optional payment method at the end of this post.  Shana

As you may have read about a month ago, Paul K passed away. He had a breeding
kennel in Binghamton NY.

There were approx 50 Kuvasz at the kennel. As of now, a month later, there
remain 50 dogs to rescue. Four or five of the dogs should be on their way this
weekend. That leaves 46.

About 15 are in Humane Society facilities.

The rest of the dogs are still on the farm, in kennels. Alone.

They are being provided food and water once a day by HS, but other than that
there is no one at the farm.

I'm sure you'd agree, that's an unacceptable situation for any Kuvasz to be
in. HS cannot continue to support either the 15 or the remaining at the farm
for any length of time. In fact it's probably surprising they've been able to do
as much as they have. They were flooded out in the recent floods in the
northeast. Their expectation was that the dogs would be moved out well before now.

Lisa Boyle drove up there and checked on the dogs and spoke with HS several
times. Through Lisa's personal committment, and her relatioship with a really
special animal sanctuary that Lisa knows the owners of, there is a unique
opportunity to transport the dogs and provide more reasonable housing and care
for these dogs, pending a real rehoming effort. (Lisa, and the sanctuary, are
only about 15 minutes from where I am in New York State).

At this point it's reasonable to say any time lost to get the dogs into a
more secure/stable environment is not "ok". These dogs have been all but
abandoned. Kuvasz dont deserve that. No dog deserves that, but this is an opportunity
to change a very difficult situation.

Lisa will be going up there to bring down dogs on Saturday. How many,
however? The potential, incredibly, exists to rescue them all and rehome from here.
The limitation is funding.

It costs money to get the dogs released from HS, licensing fees etc for
intact dogs (which are higher in NY than neutered), etc.. Once the dogs are rescued
they need to be fed. The limitation to how many dogs can be rescued, this
weekend, and set up to be rehomed, is money.

We need to raise money for Lisa to bring the dogs down and start their
rescue. We need funds to provide for food, and medical care. Some donations have
already been made. Gail has donated, KFA through Gail, I've provided some funds.
The KCA is also discussing helping with the effort. As of right now, however,
there is not enough money to get them ALL from HS and feed them all. Nor after
that enough to support their rescue.

The structure is in place, the facilites available, and the experience on
call, to rescue them all. IF, as a community, we can provide the funds to
accomplish it. Vet assistance is available at deeply discounted rates. I'm nearby,
others with expertise/experience with Kuvasz are not far away and have offered
to help. All the pieces are there.

Please consider helping with a donation. No one should need to choose which
dogs are pulled out of that situation and which are not, because there are not
enough funds.

You can send donations (please, ASAP to start) to Lisa through pay pal, using
her email address crosscreekfarm or checks mailed, to Lisa
Boyle, 565 County Rte 12, New Hampton, NY, 10958. Given the urgency of the
timing, pay pal would work better.

Once they are rescued they need to be re homed. If you can take one or more
dogs, or know someone who can, please let someone know. Gail, myself, Cindy,
we'll make sure there is follow up. More information about that process and
possibly others to contact, will follow.

The key right now, today, is to rescue those dogs and provide for them so we
can re home them.

Please cross post as appropriate.

Steve Kovacs

If anyone is uncomfortable donating to an individual, there is a
paypal donation button specifically for this rescue at the bottom of

KFA will then forward your donation to Lisa. KFA is a recognized
501(c)3 charity and your donation is tax deductible. You will find KFA
as well as KCA listed when you search for "kuvasz" on the IRS Charity

I would also encourage you to contact KCA and request they establish a
"Binghamton Rescue" fund before it's too late to help these dogs.


I also saw this on another board about a month ago, I do believe that Darla Lofranco started a list and some of the dogs were spoken for by some of the members on the list, and some of the breeders.  It was /is a very sad situation.  I think there is some type of broadcast this weekend about it.  Shana

Kuvasz Pictures / HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !
« on: July 04, 2006, 04:42:50 pm »
Hope everyone is having a great Fourth!  We spent the day cleaning in the kennel, filling in holes weed whipping hte fence line where the electric runs and taking PUPPY PICTURES!!!!!  Puppies are out today to visit the other dogs and have some fun!  Myrissa picked a name for her girl, she calls her Mia, she also chose a registered name today.  OUr litter theme is music, she lieks a band called "drop dead gorgeous"  so is named "Kilde's Drop Dead Gorgeous".  I registered the other female we are keeping as "Kilde's Save All Your Love" after my husband and my song from high school.  I have not chosen a call name yet.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a Happy and Safe Fourth!

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: 5 1/2 weeks old!
« on: June 23, 2006, 05:52:17 pm »
Sophia,  Right now, I am looking at 2 girls, both with very dark eyes and pigment, teeth meet nicely in a scissor bite , their legs are nice and straight, right now their coats are both nice and wavy, not to curly, not straight.  That can change, Aidan has a slight wave to his coat, was more curly as a pup, and Beauty was the opposite, slight wave as a pup, now a very definate wave to her coat.Their nose, eye rims, lips, and flews are black. The roof of their mouthes are dark. Pads of their feet are black and their nails are turning slate-coloured.
  both girls have a nice smooth gait and single track when they really start running around in play.   Both are independant,are learning basic commands very fast, their attention span is not very long right now.  They are just babies, but we work on sit and stay, down and come.  They are best at sit, staying is a challenge for wiggling puppies and they all come immediately when called right now!  I imagine they think I have food or treats every time I call to them!  LOL!  Honestly, "sit" is their strongest lesson learned at this age.  They are very good at not jumping all over us when we enter their side of the kennel, they just sit right on our feet, in another month or so we will work sitting to the left of us. I expect they will need reinforcing of down and sit as they grow.  We all know that training a growing Kuvasz can be challenging. I am not sure how much they actually retain of basic obedience lessons at this age, I am reading a good book on Puppy development right now and applying some of the things from that book to their lessons. 
Neither girl is timid or shy in the least, they do well when removed from their litter mates and from mom.Both have a take charge personality, but are very sweet, they are not "mouthy" or nippy.   Both are very curious and do not frighten easily. I have no idea at this point if they will be quality for breeding, based on appearance I expect they will be, but you and I both know that all the appropriate x rays and health tests need to be performed before any kind of breeding decision can be made.  That will not be finalized until they are 2 years old.  Cali our 1 yr old, looks like an excellent candidate for breeding, but I won't know for sure until I have preliminary clearances done.  If you have any other questions, please email me.  I do not frequently log into bigpaws duriing the summer months, things are to busy around here. 
PS  PLease resend the picture of Sapphire, I cuold not retrieve the picture.  Thanks!   

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: What a Good Girl!
« on: June 21, 2006, 07:55:06 pm »
I would love to put her photo in the album!  Thanks!

Kuvasz Pictures / 5 1/2 weeks old!
« on: June 21, 2006, 07:32:13 pm »
Here are pictures of our beautiful babies!  I am keeping one, possibly 2 females this year.  I have already chosen the one, she is labeled "shana's pick"  I am also seriously considering keeping "hot pink" female.  She is the smallest girl, but very beautiful!  The only one with a delicate structure to her. The one of the little pup laying half under the dog house is also hot pink girl.  (colors they are marked with for identification) missing is the one boy who is being picked up next week.

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: What a Good Girl!
« on: June 21, 2006, 07:18:00 pm »
She really is a beautiful girl!  At first she reallyl ooked like her mother, but as she has grown up I can really see her dad's big beautiful head! 
On another note, at work yesterday I had a special care conference with one of my patients daughters.  She spins her own yarn/thread.  She asked me if the dogs were blowing coat yet.  I told her "like mad!"  Especially Beauty after the pups.  She just started spinning dog hair.  She asked me to bring her all the Kuvasz coat I brushed out.  She is going to make me a pair of winter mittens out of their coat!  Imagine that!  I told her that my hands were always cold in the winter, no matter what mittens or gloves I bought, she said that dog hair makes the best mittens, scarves, and hats for winter, incredibly warm and sheds off most moisture.  I cannot wait to try them out! 
Congratulation s on such a great training experience with your girl!

Kuvasz Pictures / Re: 18 days old and first trip out of doors
« on: May 28, 2006, 06:38:19 pm »
LOL!  It is hard to let them go, finding the perfect forever homes for them can be challenging. 
We are keeping a little girl out of this litter.  One boy is going to Wisconsin, and a little girl to California so far.  We had those homes before she even bred and of course had LOTS of communication!  When she was due to whelp I think I spoke to one family at least daily if not more.  They were so excited.   ::)  The other has pictures of Beauty and Aidan on her desk at work.  They don't have any children, and this is their "baby"  I enjoy meeting people for my babies that love their four legs like we do!  I know that they will be cared for and loved. 

Kuvasz Pictures / 18 days old and first trip out of doors
« on: May 28, 2006, 02:46:49 pm »
pups are 18 days old.  Just made their first trip out of doors, spent an hour with mom in the portable kennel.  Tomorrow we are looking at moving to the smaller side of the permenant kennel.  Just started on gruel and making a holy mess of the whelping box!  What fun to watch!  They are precious!

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