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Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: Pictures of the other critters
« on: October 17, 2005, 01:02:33 pm »
i finally got batteries for the camera so here are our other critteers.  Their names are Pandora (solid fawn) and Aurora (Fawn w/ White).  They are cute little rats!  Shakes can't stand them!!! They like to stick their noses out of their cage and taunt him.  He jsut sits by the cage whinning (Mom pleeeeaaase let me play with the new toys!!!).

that does help.  I too want shakes to bark a  couple times.... just not as much as he does.  He is very protective of our house, and that is good. 

The issue we run into is that he barks anytime someone approaches our porch.  We live in the back half of a duplex, and share a walkway with the neighbors that live in the back half of the duplex next door.  So he barks at them, and anyone visiting them, and as much as we socialize him to the neighbors, he still goes at it anytime they come and go.  I am sure it is getting a bit annoying for them. 

He was accidentally tested last week though.  We left the front door open accidentally while getting ready to go for a picnic in the park, and the mail man came.  He has to actually walk up onto the porch to put the mail in the mail box on our wall.  Well Shakes ran right over to the doorway, and Barked and barked.  I was worried the mailman would refuse to deliver mail again.  But Shakes was really good and never left the house, he jsut stood right at the doorway and Barked.  The mailman complimented us on how well trained he was, and we pretended that we had actually trained him to do that, when in reality he desided to be that disaplined all on his own!!! 


I would suggest to use the device in conjuction with training. Train him to bark at what you want him to bark at. I am currently working at that too, but I think that I am going to invest in one of these devices.


What is your methode for training what to bark at and what not to bark at.....

wow that sounds pretty rad. 

I looked at their webpage and it is an ultrasonic not in human range noise that activates when the microphone hears barking.

I only have one question.... if it stops shakespeare from barking at the mail man and the neighbor, does it also stop him from barking at an intruder?  Becasue if some scary robber comes in my house i want him to bark!!!!!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: why i may hv to give up Nikki...
« on: October 14, 2005, 02:18:12 am »
is there some rule about this in your lease?  If not i say "sucks to be the lady bellow." You are beign very nice to offer a switcherooo when it seems to me that they have no grounds to evict you or anything like that.  The eviction process is long and horrible, and i doubt your landlord would want to go through that.

If your rental agreement doesn't say anythign about having dogs, or noise from normal use of the apartment, how can she forse yo uto give the dog away?

(I could take her though if you really needed someone, and i live in a city!!!)

Kirsten's was yes the truth hurts but the person delivering the truth doesn't have to do the hurting.

i think you summed up my thoughts better than i ever could have. 

we have an "ointment".  It is like a gel, and i have to squeez 1/8th of an inch out into his bottowm lid, that i have pulled away from his eyeball.  I am supposed to do this without lettign the sqeeze tube touch his eye...... This has proven near impossible.  I wish i jsut had drops to put in.....

Just trying to be helpful.. :)

ps: relax, life's good

I am just trying to help too, by offering an example of what has made me feel uncomfortable posting from time to time. 

And yes, life is good, (except shakespeare has conjunctivitis, and i hate to see him uncomfortable).

Just one point:

Sometimes the truth hurts.
There really is no way around it, I don't know of any other way to not hurt someones feelings when you have to tell them news they dont want to hear.

Example: How do you deliver the message in a happy/light manner to someone their new puppy from the pet store, that the kids just love, has serious health issues because of bad breeding and being raised in poor conditions, and being fed old-roy because that's what my neighbor feeds her dogs. The puppy's owner might be upset to hear this, and may not want to hear it, and will probably get mad at you. But as an animal lover with a conscience, how could you not tell her/him the truth?

I don't think the issue is with telling people the truth. It is with how one does it.  There have been times when i have felt unsure about posting questions, because of how some people respond.  It isn't about delivering the message in a happy/light manner, but to go off of your example, there is a differnece between:
1) giving advise about how the owner should proceed, and offering advise for next time, that the owner can take or leave.


2)Chastising the owner for doing something you (and I) feel was wrong, that is already done, and the owner might not have known better than at the time. 

I am not trying to say that you or any other members in specific do this, just illustraiting what i think gets to the heart of why BPO is such a great place.  I know that for the most part i am goign to get answers that are along the lines of 1, and that makes me feel free to post about issues even if i (beign a fairly new dog owner) know i have made a mistake or done something stupid.

Yes the truth hurts, but it doesn't have to attack my personal decissions, or previous mistakes.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: Pictures of the other critters
« on: October 11, 2005, 03:20:30 am »
i think we need more non cat critters..... i will have to post mine when i get home!

yeah life gets busy and i don't watch new topics.... missed a lot.  I must say i agree that is is sad people are leaving, or dismissed.  I also agree that there are people who post and are very condesending at times.  It sometimes makes me reluctant to post questions i know might be stupid.  Adivise is good, condesention and absolutes are not.  You may say i shoudl not give my dogs blue toys (as an outrageous example), and it may be well known that blue toys have some negative thing associated with them, but say it nicely (ie: you might want tobe careful becaue blue toys have this issue) as opposed to in the absolute truth manner (ie: I would never never give my dog blue toys they are horrible and a responsible dog owner shoudl have known that). 

I truely value this board, and as upsettign as this seems to have been for everyone, maybe it is good to air out our closetes everyonce and awhil and talk about issues. (i just wish nobpdy had to leave).

yeah, it certainly is high.  There are other rescues in southern california that are like that too.  it is a warning sign for sure.  This seems like i really small rescue opperation though, with a few older danes that are hard to adopt out and probably require medical attention.  I still wouldn't pay 600 for a rescue puppy, especially when there is a waiting list so i know if i don't the pup will still get a great home, but they probably use that cash to pay for the other danes.

i actually emailed the rescue about these pups before i saw this post.  They were all accounted for before even being posted.  the rescue has a puppy waiting list.  And an adoption fee of $600 for a pupppy.  Too bad really, because they are darn cute.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Re: My dane needs a new home
« on: October 05, 2005, 10:37:57 pm »
i wonder if it is a female issue, or an all dog issue.  have you seen how she interacts with boy dogs?  If i lived near you at all, i would take her in to see if she got along with my boy.... but alas, i am in california.  want to take a road trip?

If you got her from a rescue, they willl likely take her back, or even require that you give her back to them.  She is purty.  I wish i lived out that way.  Lots of family there, but they aren't big dog folks.

Specific Website Information / Re: Easter Egg #2
« on: September 21, 2005, 02:48:02 pm »
no problem.  my low score is 38... but i got real lucky.

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