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General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / I love Uno!!!
« on: September 06, 2008, 04:22:11 pm »
I see Uno, the Best in Show winner of the Westminster, all the time at work. He is a big time traveler! This last time he was here, my co-worker took a picture of us together. Just thought I'd share. He is such a sweet dog. And here is a pic of him in the airline seat as well. He's such a frequent traveler!!

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Re: He Has a Squirrel Obsession!
« on: September 05, 2008, 12:22:07 pm »
Naja has done that too.  YUCK!  There's nothing in this world yuckier then pulling a half decomposed dead squirrel out of your dogs mouth!   :P

Thankfully when he was firmly told to drop it, he actually listened for once. :P

I hope I never have to pull a dead one out of his mouth. :o Ickyyy.

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / He Has a Squirrel Obsession!
« on: September 05, 2008, 12:12:14 pm »
For Real. He Does.

A few weeks ago Mike was taking Miles on a walk and Miles basically pulled Mike into the bushes. He came out with a dead squirrel in his mouth (Miles not Mike)! :o :o :o :o I'm not sure if Miles realized it was dead. He always tries to chase squirrels and play with them on our walks now. He has gone as far as trying to climb a tree ::). And now he'll just stare out the window for hours and watch the squirrels and whine and do his "play" bark.

Who also has a squirrel obsessed dog!?

Awwww. Cody sure is cute. Love the ears. I will always have a special place in my heart for BP's though. I love the pic of Sierra eating her food with Cody trying to get some, and I especially like the one of Cody playing and Sierra looking at him like...What are you doing? Hehe. Too Cute. I think they will be the best of friends in no time. I know how you feel regarding Sierra not getting attention.I'm sure the newness of Cody will wear off soon.

Wow, my heart is breaking for you. :'(  I know how it makes me feel to KNOW someone as caring, loving, affectionate as you. I know how it makes me feel when I view a post where you, yet again, with your hands full, rescued another dog (or dogs!) from death. I cannot imagine how you feel. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. I pray that you find all your current dogs homes, but if you don't, remember that you still saved these dogs' lives, and that is saying alot.

Keep your head high. Just because you cannot continue to rescue NOW, doesn't mean you can't start back up again a few years later. And who knows, like Lin said, maybe someone will start where you left off. :)

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Re: Ursa and Daddy on the Slip n Slide
« on: August 30, 2008, 05:40:53 pm »
Oh my gosh!! How Adorable!!! I love her! She is SUCH a doll!

P.S. Miles also LOVES the water. He loves the lake. He hasn't been brave enough to go where he can't touch anymore, but he will go to the point where his back will be almost covered. I'm sure Ursa will be a water dog too. What am I talking about? She already is!!!

Medical Conditions & Diseases / HD, Growing Pains, or Something Else?
« on: August 29, 2008, 08:30:53 pm »
 :o :o :o Today I took Miles for a walk down to the lake. I let him swim for a bit, then we walked home. On the way back, I happened to put my hands on his hips to sort of guide him/get the show on the road....he was being a slow poke because he saw another dog. (Procrastinator just like his mom ::)) Anyway, I put my hands on his hips and I felt them pop has he walked! It scared the bejeezus out of me!!!

Now, I'm all freaked out that he's got major hip issues. Which, If I didn't put my hands there, I never would have known! He acts the same as he always does. No issues getting up or down. He runs and jumps and plays, just like a happy healthy 120 pound puppy would.

Obviously you guys are not veterinarians, and I know the only way to know for sure would be to take him to the vet, but what do you guys think about this "popping"? It's not a noise maker, I just FELT it. And like I said, I never would've known if I didn't put my hands on his hips. Do you think he has hip dysplasia, do you think he's just growing into his joints, or do you have a different idea?

Never the less, I gave him some glucosamine today! Now, about how many mg should I be giving per day?

Miles had to have a baby tooth pulled. He was neutered at the same time. I think it was like 60 dollars to pull it since he was already under. Apparently they can be a bit time consuming to extract because they have very long roots, according to my vet. Maybe it will be easier though if his adult teeth haven't starting coming in yet. I think 500 is outrageous for such a procedure!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Re: NDR - -Cat behaving strangely
« on: August 17, 2008, 09:02:03 am »
Awwww. Poor kitty. Fingers and Paws crossed here. Let us know how the vet goes.

My cat, Oreo was once acting strangely after getting front declawed. The vet tech that gave him to us when we picked him up was holding him very oddly. Like away from his body under Oreo's arms, like, "Here, take your cat." Later on the way home we realized he smelled like something was burning. Almost like burnt rubber.....

He then started acting strangely the next day...he couldnt walk...I had to hold him up in the litter box so he could go to the bathroom...his head would tilt...and his head would just shake constantly. It was Christmas Day, and we decided to take him to the emergency vet.

They didn't know what it was....thought maybe a reaction to the anesthetic or he got into something at the vet when they weren't watching. They kept him overnight, and kept pumping fluids through him. It did start to flushed out whatever toxins were in his body.

But, he has never been the same since. When he gets excited, his head will shake. Poor guy looks like he has a mental problem. And he probably does....but he's still an awesome cat, and is soo happy (unless the dogs get in his face! ::) ;D)

In the end, I just wanted to say, it's not over yet!!! Hang in there kitty kitty :-*

P.S. We haven't been to that vet we took Oreo to since. They had absolutely no sympathy, acted like they had no idea what he might have gotten in to and pretty much didn't care....and had no explanation for the cat smelling like burnt rubber.

Rottweiler Pictures / Re: I'm da baby
« on: August 15, 2008, 04:25:04 pm »
Awwww. What a cute wittle baaaaaby. hahaha

She is too funny. :D ;D :-*

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hello from Tennessee
« on: August 15, 2008, 04:18:30 pm »
Welcome to BPO! Your babies are absolutely beautiful.

I'm mom to Miles, a one year old great pyrenees.

Welcome again! I'm sure you'll love it here...and if you're like'll soon find yourself spending more time than you should right now...I should be cleaning the house.....haha ha ;)

What an adorable little guy! :-*

I think he has pyr like hair...and ears....but the shape of his face seems more american eskimo/pomeranian like. And those stubby legs remind me of a corgi!!

Like everyone else has said, whatever he is, he's adorable!!!

The Chilly Bone is just what you are looking for. They have a few different shapes. You wet it like a sponge, put it in the freezer, and a few hours later, voila! You've got a puppy teething ring or bone or whatever shape you purchased.
I purchased the chilly bone at my local pet supplies plus.

I also tied a hand towel in a knot, wet it, and froze it as Julie suggested. That also worked really well.

Great Pyrenees Discussions / Re: Ode to Pyr Hair
« on: August 09, 2008, 11:53:05 am »
That is AWESOME! IT NEEDS TO BE FRAMED and put on my WALL. hahaha

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: If Dogs Could Talk
« on: August 09, 2008, 11:51:28 am »
I love love love the one with the newf and the chick. hahahaha

And the one that saw a mouse. hahaha It reminds me of myself when I saw a centipede in the house the other day.

And that pupper that was so thirsty he was grabbin' a drink. hahhaha

Yep yep..those are my favorites

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