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Hi there,

have been quiet for a while, so hello guys.

Day-z is now in the UK (hurrah) and she is loving the winter weather.

I wondered how much time your Saints spend sleeping - as she is pretty much asleep all day, maybe awake for 1 hour or so in total.  She is not ill at all, but maybe lazy.

Am interested to hear how much your big babies sleep.

Jill and Day-z

Hi there,

some of you have seen the post:,8737.0.html

which has now turned into me worrying myself sick about Day-z who went into the vets with a runny tummy and now is being diagnosed with kidney failure.  I won't know how bad it is until tomorrow morning.

Am not sure what i believe in, but whenever anyone posts on here that their baby needs help i think about them the next day and try and send positive karma.  So, please think of Day-z tonight.  I am hoping that they willl be able to patch her up and send her home and i can do the best i can to manage her kidney disease - but please think kind things for her.

Thank you


Medical Conditions & Diseases / Loose stools (very) - feed or fast ?
« on: March 20, 2006, 06:19:34 pm »
Hi there,

for the last 24 hrs Day-z has very loose stools (like liquid) - apart from that she is fine, not irritable, sleeping fine (i slept on the sofa enxt to her so i know this) - she is not desperate to go outside.  I take her every 2 or 3 hours and she mostly does a very, very, loose stool.  But she does not seem to be ill apart from this.

Question is, should i feed her or not, or feed her with pumpkin in or not ?

I did feed her this morning which i think was a mistake.

If this carries on I will take her to the vets, i did call them this morning and they advised me to give it another 24hrs.

Any advice very, very welcome.


Hi there,

i just wanted to see if anyone else took their Big Paw to Doggy Day care, as pretty much everyone i talk to thinks i am crazy for taking Day-z.  It costs me $25 a day and i drive her there and back, sometimes it is close to where i work, sometimes it is not.  The pluses are she has company all day and plays with the other dogs from 9 - 6, also she does not forget being house-broken, and she is tired at night when she gets home and it also seems now that she has fallen in love with a Pekinese boy (!).

If she did not go then she would be home alone for the day, which she is not used to.  My work situation may change so that i work closer to home and could come back at lunch time to take her out - this might work, but i am not sure that she would have so much fun.  People have suggested that i get her a friend - but i am not sure about this.  And, she prefers small dogs, but i would like a rescue medium or large footed friend.

Am interested to hear what you think.

She goes to and i can not recommend them enough.


Hi there,

i have a dilemna, and i would appreciate hearing what you good people think.

Problem is this - i live in Miami and might need to relocate permanently to UK (I am British).

Trouble is, Day-z can't fly into the UK without going into quarantine until March 2006.

Which do you think is best for her:

1. Put her into doggy day care / boarding here for that time - she loves it there and they are really good with her.

2. Have someone housesit her in the house in Miami until March - the person who would do this is very good with Day-z but works fulltime and is not very strong.  But, she already lives in the house and they both love each other- existing housemate.

3. 2 + someone to come in and walk her during the day.

4. Fly her to UK and put her into quarantine and visit.

I have been working from home until now and she has had me around her most of the day, how much do you think it will hit her me being away and is it really not possible to otherwise entertain her - do you think there is anything i can do to make this easier for her ?

Please let me know what you think.  I will not give her up, she is the best.

If she is in the US, i will come and visit her as much as i can



Hi there,

we have been working on this for months.  But no matter how many treats we give her, no matter how much we play with her feet with no cutting, Day-z will not let us cut her toenails.  She has always hated her feet being touched, but now, given that she is a big strong girl we just cannot get her to let us cut her toenails.

So, other than taking her to the vets to be done, which is fine but they only can do it by having 3 people hold her down, what do people suggest.

We bought a Dremmel and that is no better.

It is her paws being touched that she hates.


Hi there,

just wanted to get an idea of how much bigger Day-z might grow to be.  Huge is fine, small is fine, just curious.

At seven and a half months she weighs 85ilbs 9 oz, and was 72lbs at 6 months.

Interested if you guys have any similar data to share.

She is about 25inches tall now.


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