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So I have for years trying out all kinds of air freshener, of course I have at least four differnt kinds of the stuff you spray at home at all times. Plus oust and lysol, and the foam you spray into the carpet. I steam clean my carpets at least twice in three months, hubby says its because I want to rip them out, okay that might be a reason.... ::)  I totally hope they will fall apart and I can tear them out of my house even though they are not more than a couple of years old. I am 100% certain, that had I loved them, they would all be shredded into little bits and pieces by now, but nope, they are holding up just fine.

Sooooo back to the air fresheners. I started out with a couple of the huff and puff ones with a fan you plug into the outlet. Well open floor plan and only a couple of them didnt do it, so every time I went shopping I added a few more, which now means I have approx. one million air freshener. Have tried the air wick, the glade the oust and I am sure every brand there is out there. After having bought all new refils for them, I usually ask my family when we come home from somewhere "can you smell the huffy puffy things" They now look at eachother and say yeeeees mmmmmm. I ask so what scent is it, they say vanilla and I know that nope they didnt smell it because I loaded with rain forest haaaaaa. I have tried the things you stick onto the filter for your central air and heat unit but where ever it goes, it sure aint anywhere I can smell it. I have absolutely no idea where it goes. The bedrooms are okay because the doors are closed at least during night, but the open areas nope.

Soooo the other day, I came home and smellt it........ The whole house had a strong, extremely noticable odor. It was NOT my air fresheners, Galahad had had an upset stomach, he had made one pile in Jennifers bedroom. ONE PILE.......... . And not very big either. ONE PILE some 70 feet away from the front door, and the smell hits me so bad as soon as I open the door, I am gasping for air.

How come the one million air freshener I have plugged in, dont manage to make my house smell like rain forest, when ONE pile of doggy doo does the work throughout the house, even in the bedrooms where the doors had been close? Can anyone explain that to me? Please ohhhh please why ohhhh why isnt anyone making an air freshener with the same power as Galahads poo?


Anything Non-Dog Related / 4 AM AND THE ALARM GOES OFF
« on: December 20, 2005, 09:47:32 am »
I didnt go to bed until 2 or so, had a hard time going to sleep so it was around 3 or so when I did. 4 am I wake up from the alarm screaming its head off, my first thought was ohhhhh noooo it cant be 6 already. Then I realized that is was not my alarm clock, so it took me a couple of secs to figure out if it was the fire alarm or the house alarm. Its the fire alarm, man I got out of bed in some kind of record speed. Ran around in the house trying to figer out what was going on, in and out through all the bedrooms downstairs, then up, then down again thinking that we probably have smoke detectors in the walk in closets, but nope there is no smoke, and no fire. By  now every single fire alarm in my house is screaming, think 11 fire alarms all at once 4 in the morning, THATS no good.

Whats worse is that I am the ONLY one awake, all the others are still asleep, yeees they sleep though this. I get back in the bedroom where Galahad is looking up with sleepy eyes and Chris is still snoring away, by now I am mad, making a mental note to myself never to leave the kids alone with him, they would never make it out in case there actually was a fire.

So I figured the batteries must be bad, there is a green and a red light on each and every one of the smoke detectors, guess what they were all blinking red, I didnt know if that was because they were all screaming or because ALL the batteries were bad. I had 3 9v batteries in the house, so I changed three and hoped for the best, naaaa the best didnt happen. I run up again, and grab the one I think is the "main" detector, and pull the batteri out of it and voila they all stop. 2 min later they were all screaming again. Now I am doing the !#@$^$@@%#@$!%^ by Chris's bed and he finally wakes up and says "did you change batteries" that did not make me in a better mood lol. I go to the fuse box and turn the main "thingie" off and the house goes black BUT the alarms were still screaming. Turn the main breaker on again, and they stop.......... . to start again 5 min later.

I get my butt into the car, drive to walgreens get 2 8 packs of 9 v batteries, home and when I open the car door I hear the alarms still screaming in the house. I change all the batteries and it stops ohhhhh man what wonderful silence..... for 2 min....... then it starts again.

I did loose my patience and I have now 11 smoke detectors in my house ripped out from the cables hanging from the ceiling and I have no idea what wrong with them. Chris who is trying to defend himself saying "ohhh but I had no idea what was wrong" duhhhhh neither did I. I have decided he is soooooo in the dog house today. AND I hereby declare my husband the king of all morons  :P :o :-\

Does anyone have an idea what has happened to the smoke detectors, why in the world did they stop just to start again, and why did it not help when I changed every single battery?

Sorry for long post I had to vent a bit, Chris is tired of my venting lol


Book Club & Noteworthy Reads / Great reading for animal lovers
« on: December 19, 2005, 04:45:00 pm »
For those of you who hasnt yet read James Harriot's series about his work as a vet. In the hot seat topic it came up and I think people on BPO would really like these books, they are funny and emotional and also informative, the author is a vet. in real life, or should I say was a vet. He passes away in 1995 I think it was.

Soooo if you are looking for easy going, fun to read, hard to put down books.....

All Creatures great and small
All things bright and beautiful
All things wise and wonderful


Soooo Galahad is totally in love with the tree, and other than trying to cuddle with it, he is really good. After all he isnt a year yet. BUT we have had several (read more than 10) ornament crashes. He walks by the tree and as usual wagging his tail, and swush several ornaments go down after his tail has wisked around in the tree  :P

I have taken all the breakable ornaments out of the tree now, I dont want it to happen when we are not there and one of the dogs or cats step on it and hurt themselves. But now I have christmas balls from the tree flying though the air every time he is passing. I have hung back like 15 today, every time I look there are new ones on the floor. Its a good thing he is a happy boy I guess, but dang, I am tired of putting back the ornaments in the tree, and let me tell ya, it aint getting any prettier  ::) :o


Soooo finally the tree has "stuff" in it too. All three kids were busy dressing it, and after, when they were tired of it, and left the poor thing half finished, I had to go move the ornaments, where they were crammed up 5 on one branch hehe.

Galahad may need some kind of therapy after christmas, he is in love with the tree. He is snuggling with it, being as close to it as he possibly can and the poor tree skirt is in a scrunched up pile after he has had his way with it, I think he may have found his life partner, and that is a bit upsetting lol


Old English Mastiff Pictures / Galahad and the girls
« on: December 15, 2005, 09:46:19 pm »
We took the tree in this eve. As soon as it was standing up Galahad was all over it, rolling around almost in under it, it was like he was having a snuggle time with the tree, we havn't decorated it yet, but christmas pics this year starts with "naked tree"  :D

I got Galahad and BOTH girls to pose under it, Hera and Mattias gave me dirty looks and went in to watch must love dogs in our bedroom. Hera seems kinda worried about the tree this year, she wasnt at all bothered last year, I wonder why

Anyway here are a couple of pics


Old English Mastiff Pictures / How NOT to take pics
« on: December 15, 2005, 09:33:22 pm »
Well I now know that I am just simply not going to have an easy time getting pics of my oldest daughter Malin, she actually did agree to have a couple of pics taken, this eve when we took the tree in (yes people I know we are late lol)

So to start the series of Christmas pics of 2005 I figured we'd start before we had even decorated the tree. She was having fun, and I had a blast when I saw the pic. soooo typical, I dont have many pics where it is not a dog body part in them hehe


Anything Non-Dog Related / My contribution to the big footed cats
« on: December 15, 2005, 06:50:55 pm »
This is one of the kittens that "came with" mama cat this past summer, you know one of the cats I am FOSTERING  ::)

His name cookie dough (we figured after he started to grow things girls dont do it was too late to change name) so we are now saving up for the sexchange surgery hehe

He's got extra toes on both front paws. We also call him Mittens, it kinda looks like his got little oven mittens on doesnt it lol.


Bullmastiff Discussions & Pictures / A couple of Hera pics
« on: December 15, 2005, 06:26:50 pm »
Hera still looks happy, her shower is yet to come hehe. I am glad I dont have to worry about cover ups with her, its sooo much easier with girls  ;D

We are doing our christmas baths, so we are one down, two to go and then manicure and pedicure and then we have 8 cats  :-\


Anything Non-Dog Related / Is this where the copy comes out?
« on: December 15, 2005, 06:20:29 pm »
I am redoing a bit in the bedroom where I have had the puter and printer, so I put it in the kitchen for a bit. Tornado has totally found a new toy. He gets up on the printer, steps around on it until he has hit a button that makes the thing spit out papers. Then he gets down and sits and peeks in where they come out. He can do that over and over, a cheap toy, I just put the papers back haha


Old English Mastiff Pictures / Galahad - a couple of new pics
« on: December 15, 2005, 05:50:30 pm »
If you think he looks like a sad boy, its because he is just out of the shower. This is when I really really appreciate the shor haired dogs  ;D


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Please take a look at this
« on: December 12, 2005, 01:33:25 pm »
This is a place in NC, what would you call it? I am sooooo upset right now, it isnt a question about IF the rescue groups will get a big percentage of these dogs, it is a question about HOW MANY?

when you talk about puppy wholesale place, and mention breeds that are total design breeds, and hybrids, it sickens me and it is very obvious why it is such a big problem with millions and millions of dogs put to sleep each and every year and rescue groups who are bursting trying to help as many as possible.

I am sooooo ready to try and figure out how to shut down places like this. the ones that misstreat the dogs, are the easy ones to shut down, the ones that look like labs with fat little puppies and vets and all, well they are the hard ones, but they do as much harm.


General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / WHAT A SAD SAD DAY ON BPO
« on: December 11, 2005, 02:53:08 am »
Coming on todnight and reading that two of our beloved dogs have crossed over to the bridge and one is going the same way tomorrow, has truly been a sobby, wet and very very hard to read. I can feel with all of you, as can everyone else here. We all love our dogs and most of us have had to make that horrible call, that it is time for our companion to pass on.

During the 9 or so months BPO has been active, we have had a few of "our" dogs go to the bridge. Now when it is Christmas and lots of candles, I will have one very very special candle to light every evening for all the dogs that has passed away on here and all the dogs before that have touch me, both my own and others.

May I suggest that we all have a special BPO candle, for all the dogs that will be greatly missed this Christmas and long after.


Old English Mastiff Discussions / WINSTON - OEM?
« on: December 05, 2005, 08:47:26 pm »
Winston, I have been away from BPO for some time, and I dont think I saw you on here before I took my break lol.

I take it he is a OEM???? He is beautiful and was looking for pics of him on here, but couldnt find any, have you posted pics of him, if so where are they.

How old is he, and hight and weight lol hahaha I know it sounds like im playing 20 questions, but I just get so excited when I see another mastiff on here, we didnt have too many of them before.


Old English Mastiff Pictures / Galahad Pics
« on: November 30, 2005, 09:05:47 pm »
A few pics of my growing baby.

One of him giving Jennifer a BIIIG kiss
one of him being our dishwasher (we sold the regular one, now we only use him lol)
tug of war with Jennifer
and last a wrinkely face


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