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Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / He did NOT just do that!!!!!!
« on: February 16, 2008, 07:43:57 am »

 :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

He has NEVER done such a thing before!!! I just got out of the shower, he jumped up on the futon, and PEED! Right in front of me!!! And he did NOT have to go outside. I had just taken him out probably a half an hour ago. I had just put the futon down for him because he likes to look out the windows behind it...and no one really goes on the futon much these days but him. Could it be like...he is letting everyone know it is his or what!? He's never marked anything before though!!!

I seriously cannot believe he did that. I made a loud noise to make him stop like when we were potty training. Oh no, didn't phase him a bit. He let it all out. I better be able to get the pee smell out >:(

a dog named Jake from the Wisconsin Humane Society. He's a lab/newfoundland mix, and he's been there for what seems like forever. He's 3 years old, and I don't get why he's not adopted yet! He looks so great. I want him so bad, but my boyfriend said no :( I want to go visit him at least, but I know if I do that, I might leave with him, and the bf would not be a very happy camper. :'( :'( :'(

This guy has been their featured pet quite often. He's been on the news adopt a pet segment, on the radio....I feel like I NEED to go get this dog. I've never felt like that about a dog at the shelter. I mean, of course I always want to take all of them home, but Jake. I need him. :-\

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / Miles was a GOOD BOY Today!!! =)
« on: February 07, 2008, 09:34:15 pm »
Miles and I just got home from the dog park, and he is pooped! But, I just wanted to say what a good boy he was!!! Everytime I called him to "come" he ACTUALLY listened!!! Every single time!!!! He would come, then sit nicely in front of me. It was magical really. I'm so proud of him! I haven't been working on recall that much lately, just because he has been pretending like he doesn't HEAR me ::)...but then today at the dog park EVERY TIME he came. Even with all the distraction of the other fun dogs!!! It was a great day at the dog park! ;D I wish we had a brought my camera with me. Miles was having such a good time playing with this goldendoodle. It was too funny. At one point, the goldendoodle was literally laying on top of Miles like he was a big comfy couch! And he didn't even care. hahaha It was soooo funny. Ok, I'm done bragging about Miles' good recall today :D :D ;D

Yep, that's right. He has pushed me as far as he can push.

Ok, so I take Miles for short walks around the block at LEAST 5 times a day, between my boyfriend and myself. He also gets at LEAST one longer walk, usually two or more. Plus, I take him to the dog park at LEAST 3 times a week. We don't really have a yard, so this is pretty much all the time he gets outside (except for potty breaks which turn into 15 minutes each because he will lay down in the snow and refuse to get up. I'm at the point where he is too heavy to drag more than a few feet.

Well, he has now taken to jumping on me, and biting at my coat and at my boots to the point where I cannot move because i will fall flat on my face tripping over him. This is only when we start getting near our home after our walk. He basically doesn't want to come inside so he does this. I'm almost positive this is why because he will ONLY do it when he knows we're close to home. But this is RIDICULOUS. He has put numerous holes in my coat now because of this. I'm sure people walking by think he's attacking me!

When he starts to do this, I've done a number of different things. Attempt to keep walking. When he jumps, turn around and push him off, tie him to the nearest tree and walk away, show him treats to entice him to walk like a normal dog (he always gets a treat once we get to the door of our building now so he sees going inside as a good thing). Grab him by the collar and walk as fast as I can around the block to get home. And as SOON as we get in the door, in the crate he goes.

None of this is working!!!! It's snowing buckets outside, no one has come out of their house to shovel their damn sidewalk so the difficulty of walking in a foot of snow on top of a dog biting my boots, and my coat, and jumping on me, has gotten me SO upset. As soon as we got inside, I threw him in his crate (ok, not literally THREW...but I didn't give him time to do anything else) and walked away. I locked myself in the bathroom and took a shower. hahaha Ok, I am now OUT of the shower and I let him out of his crate. I haven't talked to him or said a word since I got out. He seems to know he was wrong. he keeps coming up to me and sitting and just staring at me. He wants me to pet him, but I won't do it.

ANYWAY, I know this is really long, but what do YOU think I should do about this? I'm about out of ideas. ???  >:(

Great Pyrenees Pictures / Some pics of Miles
« on: February 03, 2008, 08:17:09 pm »
Miles has been a big goof today. Here are som pics of his lard butt!

P.S. Don't mind his dirtyness. It snows 12 inches...then turns 40 degrees and rains. So he's quite a mess right now!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Interview Jitters
« on: February 03, 2008, 02:13:31 am »
Ok, so this afternoon I have an interview for the lead position at my work, and I am soooo nervous! Like, more nervous than I've ever been for an interview. And I mean, it's not like it's the end of the world if I don't get it. But all the supervisors have high expectations for me, and they are the ones who sort of solicited me to apply for the position.

A lead is basically like a supervisor, but you don't have to do quarterly reviews on employees AND you get paid hourly so when you work a 13 hour day, you actually get paid for the whole thing ;D Working for an airline, you're often stuck working hours after your scheduled shift. Especially during the winter :P

But anyway, I'm trying to think of questions they're going to ask me. I know they like to hear experiences such as "tell me about a time when you had to take over for another employee" or d I can answer the questions in my head now, but when they actually ask me, I'm totally going to forget all my stories. I know it. hahaha

And then I also think, if I do get the lead position, I feel like some people won't like me anymore, even though I, as a person wouldn't be changing. Mainly the people that have been there for years and think they know everything would feel the most resentment. I've been at this job less than a year PLUS I'm only 19 (almost 20...), so I have a feeling people are going to dislike me. But if I get the job, they'll get over it, right?

He's growing up so fast!! Yesterday he got his stitches out from when he got neutered (and he is currently an 81 pounder!) so yesterday was his first day back to the dog park. He was soo excited to be back! Here are some pics from the dog park today (forgot the camera yesterday). Not many people were there though because it was literally 3 degrees outside! hahaha I was their with a few other crazy people!....but not many!

His, "I'm ready to go to the dog park" look

Waiting for Mom to get in the car already!

New Friend!

"Mom, Are you coming?"

"I don't want to go back home. I'm just fine here, thank you."

Medical Conditions & Diseases / Red Spot
« on: January 21, 2008, 12:47:15 pm »
Miles has had this small red spot below his eye. It is thinner hair there since it's near the eye, so it is pretty noticeable (to me anyway). When he got neutered, the vet didn't say anything.

It is about the size of a dime, and it's been there about a month or so now. It is not raised, he does not itch it, and he doesn't care if I touch the area or put pressure on it. So basically, it's not a problem except there is this red dot of skin on his face near his eye! haha

I was just wondering if anyone knows what this is? Should I worry about it? Is this something the vet needs to see right away? Is it just a discoloration of some sort??

Behavior, Housebreaking, Obedience / Neutering and Humping
« on: January 11, 2008, 02:52:06 pm »
Ok, So as most of you all know, Miles was neutered on Monday. Well, he still attempts to hump ME, and his toys, all the time. Mr. Pinky, still makes appearances QUITE frequently. Now, I do know neutering in no way completely stops the humping in most cases, but I mean, come on. He's still got the urge....just as bad as he did before. hahaha Will it always be like this? Or am I still waiting for the testosterone to leave the body?

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Rimadyl?
« on: January 07, 2008, 03:58:05 pm »
Ok, so my vet gave me Rimadyl to give Miles for the pain after his surgery. She prescribed 75 mg twice a day. I checked on their website and they say 2mg/lb/day. So that's about right. Now, she gave me 8 (to last 4 days.)

Now, do you think I should give it to him all four days...or give it to him when he seems to be hurting, or not give it to him at all.

I did give him one this morning, and I'm still planning on one this evening...just since it's the day after surgery. And let me tell you, for the most part he is feelin' good. Despite all my efforts, he still tears through the house on occasion, and jumps up to see if there is something for him on the counter....and slide all over the floor in the common area of our building (with wet, muddy paws) when he sees another dog, trying to get to them to play. It's just killing him not being allowed to play! haha

Anyway, what is your take on the pain meds!?

Groans, Gripes, Brags & Boasts / Grrrrrrr!
« on: January 05, 2008, 02:33:43 pm »
I just looked at the local craigslist, and it makes me so upset that all these people are rehoming their dogs because, "we don't have time for him", "i'm moving", "he fights with my other dog". Seriously, why did you get a dog in the first place if you weren't prepared to take the responsibility of caring for him/her for life.

The only time I think it would be acceptable to get rid of a dog "because you don't have time" is if you have a job or something where you travel all the time, (but then why did you get a dog in the first place)....Otherwise, MAKE TIME.

If you're moving, you better take that dog with you. If you can't, then you better be lookin for a place that you can. I can't imagine not taking my dog with me because I'm moving! Seriously. If you're moving into an aparment...kee p lookin' because I'm sure someone allows pets. I would live on the STREET before I would move into a place that doesn't accept pets. hahaha No, but seriously. I would never leave my dog behind for this reason.

This beautiful husky is on craigslist because, "it fights with my other dog too much". Almost always you can work something out. The dogs may never be best friends....but you can work something out. >:(

Ok, I'm done.

P.S. I wish I had a ton of money and a huge yard and house so I could take some of these babies from these irresponsible owners >:(

Treatment & Preventative Meds / The Big Snip is fast approaching- Update
« on: January 02, 2008, 02:05:15 pm »
Yes. Miles goes in for his neuter on Monday at 8:15am. I am so nervous.

The Dr. apparently called me with the results of the pre op bloodwork, but I didn't have a message on my phone. Maybe he called the wrong number or something. hahaha So I called today, and I talked to the receptionist. She got the file and said he called and said they didn't find anything significant, which means he checks out good, and he can go through the surgery. But after I got to thinking I was like, nothing SIGNIFICANT, but does that mean they DID find something that was a bit off!?

Also, Miles' bottom left canine baby tooth hasn't fallen out yet, but his adult tooth is almost all grown in! So, I let them know they need to get that removed too, but she couldn't get me a quote over the phone since they weren't aware of this and they will need to take a look first. Ugh.

I'm such a worry wart. I know that TONS of animals get this done, but for some reason I'm so nervous! I think those 3 days at the animal emergency center when he was 9 weeks old scarred me for life. Seriously.

Great Pyrenees Pictures / The Big Zero Six
« on: December 19, 2007, 03:09:47 pm »
Yep. You got it. Miles is 6 mos old today! It seems to be a tradition that I post pics each month so I thought, "why stop now?" Here are a few pics of Miles today.

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Neutering
« on: December 15, 2007, 12:36:23 pm »
I was just wondering how much everyone paid for your spay or neuter (approximately). I'm just trying to get an idea as to what the range in price could be. I've noticed it changing alot from place to place. Rural areas are usually much cheaper than the city. It also changes from east coast to west coast.Since this is a pretty standard procedure, I thought it would be interesting to see. Heck! I might even do a poll if i figure it out!

Holiday Things / Miles Visits Santa
« on: December 14, 2007, 09:55:08 pm »
I was out getting some dog food for Miles before I had to work and on the door read, "Santa is Here". The ONE time I do not bring Miles with me to the store, is the ONE time he needed to be there!!

I had to work at 1:30pm, and it was 12:15 at the present time. So, I ran out of the store, drove home FAST (This is Santa we're talking about!) and made it back to the store by 12:35.

We ran to the back-there was no line. Whew. Finally took a decent picture with Santa after disobeying the "stay" command about 7 times. He got a goodie bag with some treats and a snowman toy.

I made it home by 1 and got to work on time!! What an adventure it was!! Below is Miles and Santa Claws!

P.S.Boy did those free treats from Santa save me time AND money! Usually at the pet store I have to pay for like FIVE things Miles ate while shopping. I'm always like...oh yeah...."I also need to pay for a pig ear, 5 of those bulk biscuits in the 3rd container and oh yeah....he did eat one of those braided bully sticks that cost SEVEN dollars and was devoured in minutes". Thank You Santa!!!

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