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Holiday Things / Thanks to Grumpy's Secret Santa!
« on: December 21, 2005, 10:36:43 pm »
Thanks so much to my Secret Santa, Icerotti!  The doggies love their new toys!  They have a brand new Suspicious Chicken, a fun snowman toy, an edible Xmas card (I think that is from Farley and he got confused and thought it was underwear!) and a fun rubber toy that looks like a big tongue (again, very probably from Farley).  :D

Opening these presents and seeing the fun everyone was having in chat really made my day.  I am horribly sick today, and I feel so foul that all I have done all day is lay in bed and cry.  If I don't get better by Sunday, I won't be flying to my parents for Christmas and that is really bumming me out...  But, seeing all the love we all have for each other has really lifted my spirits.  Well, the codeine in my cough syrup may have helped too...  No!  No, it is definitely you guys!

Thanks again, Icerotti!  You are the BEST!  I will try to get some pictures up when I am feeling better...

Mixed Breed Pictures / Evil Bed Hogs
« on: December 05, 2005, 03:13:36 pm »
I went to go to bed the other night and this is what I found.  And WHERE exactly am I supposed to sleep? 

("Those dog beds on the floor" is NOT an acceptable answer.)

Mixed Breed Pictures / I Can Fly, I Can Fly (And Beg!)
« on: November 28, 2005, 02:57:02 pm »
A couple random pics I pulled off my cell phone today - too bad the camera on it isn't better...

(Concerned parties, please note that for their safety, Ranger and Gwen are always tethered with a seat belt through their harnesses when we are driving, and that we only let them put their heads out the window when we aren't driving very fast.  Sadly, we can do nothing about the begging.)

Remembering those no longer with us. / My Beloved Cabo
« on: November 18, 2005, 10:39:20 pm »
OK, I think I might finally be able to officially do this...  I apologize - this will be long.  I think I have a lot to get out.   :)

Cabo was the dog I loved more than anything else in this world.  I was lucky enough to have him with me for almost 10 years, and I would give everything I have just to have him back for even one more year.

He came to me when he was four, from the Humane Society.  He had been there for months, and they feared they would have no choice but to euthanize him because he had begun to shut down.  He had been on TV, on the radio, and in the paper, as Pet of the Week.  He had been adopted out once and returned because "he barks when we leave outside all day and night."  I had actually noticed him there before, on one of our many trips, but felt my then-husband would think he was too large and hairy.  On one of our many visits, we were talked into looking at him, and it was all over for me.  He was my dog, and had simply been waiting 4 months for me to realize it. 

He loved everyone, but he was a mama's boy from the start.  When my then-husband and I got divorced, there was no question that Cabo was coming with me.  He was the kind of dog that even people who don't like dogs like.  He went everywhere with me, and everyone in my neighborhood knew who he was - right down to kids, gang members and homeless people.  I never felt unsafe walking in that neighborhood, even when he wasn't with me, because everyone knew who he was, and therefore knew who I was. 

When he first came to me, he was very dog aggressive, especially on-leash.  But, somehow, we got through obedience training, and when I went on to assistant-teach at the same obedience school, he would come with me to be a demo dog.  We used to go to class twice a week, once so I could teach, and once just because he liked to go.  Eventually, we were even able to go to the dog park together, and he never had an issue off-leash.  He mellowed so much that when we would go back to obedience class just for fun in his later years, my friend Greg, who originally taught us, would say "Cabo isn't fun anymore - he doesn't want to kill anything."   :D

He loved cheese.  He didn't like his belly rubbed, but loved a doggy head massage.  He had the highest, girliest bark ever.  He loved to chase squirrels (in Michigan), and even caught a possum once and was so confused he just ran around in the back yard holding it, until I called him away.  When he didn't want to do something, he would pick up his paw and softly lay it on you.  He never really learned to play, but did like soft fleecy toys.  When he ran with them, he ran the last couple feet wildly shaking the toy from side to side with his head down, causing his front legs to have to splay outward as he ran to avoid the toy - his special "floppy walk".  You could dress him in anything and he would wear it without complaint.  He was afraid of thunder, and the only thing that would ease him was to be covered up with a towel.  He hated to be picked up.  He would tap dance on the kitchen floor at his dinner time.  He saw me through a divorce, and the follow-up to a bout with cancer.  Even dirty, he smelled so good to me. 

When I lost him, he was almost 14, and a year prior, had a bout with pancreatitis that he never really recovered from.  He just kept going slowly downhill.  We spent so much on tests and medicines, but nothing ever was conclusive, or really helped.  He would stop eating and get so weak, and then we would put him on a new medicine, and he would be his old self.  But then he would go downhill again, and finally the antibiotics didn't help.  His last couple days were heartbreaking for me - I don't need to describe it, we have all been there.  But I kept telling myself that he could come back from this, until even I realized he couldn't.  On his last day, I lifted him to the couch and layed with him, smelling his head and offering him cheese, which he ate only to be polite, and because it meant love to him.

Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever done.  I thought I would die.  So many people have a milestone in their lives when they first felt like a grown-up - having a baby, buying a house or car, getting married.  I never really felt grown-up until I had to deal with the weight and responsibility of making the decision to send him to the bridge, and then being mature and strong enough to be there for him during it.  I felt a thousand years old.  At the same time, though, I felt like a little kid who finally realized that death meant never seeing him again, and cries and screams and wonders why things have to die.  Even after more than a year has gone by, I still torture myself a thousand times a day over whether I moved too soon, or waited too long and kept him with me out of pure selfishness, but I did the best I could for him.

I don't know what I believe about religion or the afterlife.  I go back and forth.  When I let him go, I wanted so badly to feel he was still with me, to get some sort of "sign" or something...  I even hoped he might haunt me.  I see little bits of him in Ranger, even though they are so different, and that helps some.  But, if I would ever sit down and pray for something, I pray that he is in a better place, and happy, and knows I love him.  I hope that I see him again some day. 

Rest easy, Mr. B. 

Games & Jokes / What Do We Look Like (In South Park)?
« on: November 17, 2005, 04:24:54 pm »
Since we are all having kind of a yucky day, here is something fun we can do.  This web site lets you create yourself as a South Park character.

Doesn't matter if you know what South Park is, or like it or not, it is still kind of fun to see what you look like as a cartoon character.

You do have to do a screenshot and stuff to save your picture, but the site tells you how.

Have fun - here I am!

Mixed Breed Pictures / Pictures of Gwen
« on: November 16, 2005, 02:07:01 pm »
Even though I usually act like we only have one dog, I did take some pictures of Gwen looking cute on the couch last night.  She is normally not this cooperative - there was a toy and some pizza involved. 

In the interest of being a fair mommy, I present Gwen!

(and one of Ranger, hee hee)

Mixed Breed Discussion / "Ooh, Ooh, Bed Pee-er!"
« on: November 13, 2005, 02:10:15 pm »
Sing this to the tune of that old song, "Dreamweaver" - "Ooh, ooh, bed pee-er, I believe I'm gonna soak your shee-eets.... Bed Pee-er!..."

Ranger is just over two years old and hasn't had an accident in the house since we first brought him home at about 10 months, UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT.

It rained a few days ago here in San Diego, and for some reason for a couple weeks after it has rained, Ranger hates to go in the backyard.  I don't know if he doesn't like the feeling of the damp ground on his paws, or if the smell of worms is a turn-off, or what, but he will not go down into the lower part of our backyard to his normal "pee-ing place". 

He will run around the side of the house into the rocks there, and do what he needs to do as quickly as he can.  That is, IF you can get him outside in the first place - sometimes he just runs and hides like you are a serial killer carrying a Ginsu when you call him to go outside. Just to make things easier, sometimes when he gets like this, we just put his leash on and take him out the front door and walk him up and down in front of the house until he goes. 

So on Friday night, he was being all wiggy about going outside.  But at about 9:45, he went over to the sliding glass door and grunted, so I took him out.  He ran over to the side of the house, did the world's quickest poop, and ran back to the door.  I said "Do you need to pee?"  He said "No, but thank you for asking."  I said "Are you SURE you don't need to pee?"  He said "No, I am quite certain that I don't.  I wish to go inside now."  I said "Are you positive?"  He said "Inside, please.  Now."  I sensed he might be lying, but I can't MAKE him go pee, so we went in.

About 2 minutes later, I went to bed.  Ranger will usually join me in the bedroom for a little belly-rubbing action before Scott kicks him out and closes the door so I can actually sleep, so it wasn't too long before he came sailing over the footboard of the bed and landed with a thump next to me.  He started to make himself comfortable.  He turned a couple times, in that pre-laying down circle that dogs do.  He dug at the comforter and sheets to make a nest.  That was pretty fun.  Some frenzied sheet digging ensued.  Apparently TOO frenzied, because the next thing I heard was the sound of a dog releasing his full bladder on my bed.  I was so tired that it took a few minutes for everything to sink in (except the pee into my sheets).  I was kind of like "Hmmmm, that sounds familiar...  What is that sound?  It kinda sounds like a dog peeing...  But, that is an outside sound.  It wouldn't be inside.  Unless.... ....peeing.... ..on.....the.. .....bed.  OHMYGODHEPEEDO NTHEBED!"

It was everywhere.  It literally POOLED, there was so much of it.  I did not get to go to sleep.  I got to get up, strip the comforter, strip the sheets, strip the mattress pad, blot the mattress, turn the mattress, and then lay freezing on the bare mattress shivering and TRYING to sleep.  Ranger pretended to be sorry, but I know that he was really just like "Ahhhhhh, sweet, sweet relief."

Hopefully this makes those of you who are struggling with housebreaking issues with your younger guys feel better.  It can happen to anyone at anytime!  No one is safe!   ;D

Thankfully, no "accidents" since then...


Anything Non-Dog Related / Music for a Friday
« on: November 10, 2005, 04:13:44 pm »
OK, folks, totally off-topic here, but it could be fun!

Friday's at work are generally slow and quiet, so I amuse myself by listening to music.  However, I forgot my iPod at home, so I can't torture anyone by playing zydeco and Ozomatli at loud volumes.  So, suggest a BPO playlist for me...

Name your favorite song, or just the one that you can't get out of your head recently, and I will see if it is on iTunes.  If it is, and I download it, I can listen to everyone's favorite music today!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Got My T-Shirt!
« on: November 09, 2005, 02:16:59 pm »
Big thanks to the anonymous donor who sent me my rockin' BPO t-shirt!  It totally fits, and the pink color is quite stunning...   ;D

I guess all those years of being a smart-a** finally paid off!  Thanks again, it was really sweet and an incredibly generous thing to do.

Anything Non-Dog Related / Hey Moni!
« on: October 27, 2005, 10:45:05 pm »
I was watching the video of Sanity watching the video of Tenchi,  ;D and I noticed the video called "Tenchi's Signs", which I somehow previously missed. 

I just wanted to say that something about that video brought tears to my eyes - in a good way.  It was very touching to me the bond that you two have together and the steps that you have taken to make sure that you two can communicate and understand each other. 

So, that's it - you guys rock and I love ya.  That's all!

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Collars On? Or Off?
« on: October 26, 2005, 05:00:53 am »
So, something that happened last night made me think of this...  Do you leave your dogs collars (with ID tags, etc.) on all the time? 

Let me explain...

We had a "found" doggy at our house last night.  Scott was returning from getting a haircut before work yesterday, and came across a dog running thru the yards along a busy street in our neighborhood.  He was able to get the dog into the car and bring it back to our house so that he could try to contact the owner.  The dog was wearing a collar with a license on it, but no other identification .  We were able to call Animal Control and get a phone number for the owner based on the license tag... 

And that got me thinking - do your dogs normally have their collars on all the time? 

Right now, our dogs like to be naked unless they are actually going for a walk or somewhere else outside the house.  When Scott and I are both not at home, they stay inside the well-secured house, and we have never really felt like they needed to wear their collars just to hang around and chill.  We take every precaution to insure that they will be safe and never "get out"...  But last night I was thinking WHAT IF... 

What if someone broke into the house and the dogs escaped?  What if a water line broke and a neighbor busted into the house to try to fix it (this actually just happened in our neighborhood) and the dogs got out?  Just... WHAT IF?  They wouldn't have their collars on, and they wouldn't be identifiable until someone actually scanned their microchips.  Plus are people more likely to try to pull over and help a dog that they see has a collar and tags on, than they are a dog that looks "stray"?  So now I feel like we need to leave their collars on all the time, just in case...

What do you guys think?  Are your dogs always "dressed" and carrying some form of ID? 

(BTW - the lost doggy did get home.  His name was Roper and he was a Dobie mix.  We left a million messages on his owners machine, and finally called Animal Control back and finagled an address out of them.  Scott went by with Roper, while I stayed home with our guys (who were totally freaked out that they might be getting a new brother, and who is that, and why is he in the back yard, and why can't we play with him or (in Ranger's case) pretend we want to play with him and then try to kill him?).  A neighbor told him that Roper gets out pretty often.  His owner is an older lady, and this time while she was trying to round him up, she fell and hurt herself badly enough to need a trip to the hospital.  Roper was put into his backyard (with a doggy door into his house), to wait for his owner to come back that night.  When the neighbor picked the owner up at the hospital, they swung by PetCo to thank Scott for rescuing Roper.  Scott said the poor lady's face was all beat up and bruised from her fall....   :()

Anything Non-Dog Related / Exciting Blood Pressure Update!
« on: October 11, 2005, 12:53:16 am »
OK, it isn't really exciting, but I have to get you to read my boring blood pressure nonsense somehow...  I should have called this thread "Cute Puppies" or "The Hot Guys of LOST"....  :)

The bottom line is that my doctor wants to put me on medication for my blood pressure, which has become quite high all of a sudden.  The medication is Lotensin, which is an ACE inhibitor. 

Anyway, I am pretty sure that my high blood pressure is due to stress.  I mean, it isn't anything that a new job, new car, removal of all my debt, and the assurance that my dogs will be constantly healthy and live forever, wouldn't remove.   ;D

I am really not thrilled about having to take medication (I try to stay away from medications when I can), and I was hoping that there was some way I could avoid it.  I asked the nurse that I talked to about alternatives, but all she really said was "I need to call it into the pharmacy - it is your choice whether you pick it up and take it or not."  Thanks for the advice!  But I think the only real alternatives are to stay away from salt, get some exercise (both of which I already do), and reduce my stress (which I seem to be having some trouble with).

So, has anyone had any personal experience with this medication?  Any knowledge-able medical types have any advice to offer?  Anyone want to send me on a stress reducing all-expenses paid vacation to the tropics?  (OK, I just had to try on that last one there!) 

Anything Non-Dog Related / Aliens, Hotel Fires and Wading Pools
« on: October 04, 2005, 02:46:47 am »
Some random pictures from the past couple weeks....

Picture #1 - The recent missile launch as seen by folks in San Diego.  We were in the grocery store when this happened and all the 16-year old baggers and checkers thought it was Armegeddon.  One of them came back into the store and said "It's the end of the world..", only half kidding.  I turned to the lady in line in front of me and indicated our groceries and said "You know, these will all be free once the looting starts..."  By the time we got outside, this is what it looked like.  I spent the rest of the night certain that aliens were coming to probe me....

Picture #2 -  a hotel fire from my recent business trip to San Francisco.  The first night we were there, my colleague Greg and I took a walk.  Despite our hotel being right in the middle of Union Square, we managed to go in the one direction that took us to a seedy neighborhood.  We happened upon a hotel fire (well, we didn't really HAPPEN...  there were a lot of sirens coming our way, so we knew something was up).  Fortunately, it was just a little one, and I don't think anyone was hurt...

Picture #3 and Picture #4 - the view down from my room on the 11th floor of our hotel, and the view up from the lobby.  Both, thankfully, not on fire.  My co-worker on the same floor enjoyed the fact that my fear of heights caused me to slink along the hallway to my room, hugging the wall as if the hall was only a foot wide rather than several, and I might topple over the edge...  (I also have an irrational fear of this one window in our office that I am always afraid I am going to trip and fall out of...)

Picture #5 - my co-workers and I at our tradeshow booth, round about the time we got bored enough to start taking pictures of ourselves.  I look (as I usually do) like one of the librarians from The Far Side cartoon, Beth looks hungover, and Greg looks insane.  Kinda like Howdy Doody on crack.

Pictures #6, and #7 - Ranger and Gwen in their super-fancy "Finding Nemo" wading pool.  Doesn't the first picture look like it should have the caption "Earth's dogs were the first ones to know that the aliens had arrived..."?  Ranger loved the whole wading pool experience.  Gwen was kinda "meh" about the whole thing.  Please notice the $50 piece of Astroturf that we had to purchase so that the dogs would not slip on the wet patio and kill themselves, thereby negating the whole "cheapness" of the $6 wading pool...

Anything Non-Dog Related / 120/80? I Think Not! (Funny)
« on: September 30, 2005, 01:48:11 am »
OK, so I thought would amuse you all with tales of my disastrous life...

The last couple times that I have gone to the doctor, my blood pressure has been high.  This is unusual for me, but the doctor wrote it off the first time, seeing as a lot of people will naturally have a bit higher blood pressure when the are in the doctor's office, (especially seeing as this was one of those delightful yearly "girl stuff" visits).  Well, I went back again recently, and it was still high.  Delightful. 

So the doctor asked me to monitor it on my own, using those free blood pressure montoring stations that you find in drugstores and such, and then report the results back to him.  He said that if my results were high because of the stress of being in the doctors office, this would show that.  However, if they remain consistently high, then there is an issue that we need to address.

Well, first off - HELLO, how is it LESS stressful to check your blood pressure in a public place than in the privacy of the doctor's office??  Those monitoring stations are always positioned right by the pharmacy where there a thousand people waiting for their prescriptions.  Plus, since the cuff goes around your upper arm, you have to remove whatever camoflauging garment you have on and expose your uppper arm fat to the world.  Having strangers view my dangly arm fat is NOT relaxing.

But, ok, whatever, I have a mission to accomplish.  So, the first day I go down to the drugstore and scout out the blood pressure machine.  It is kind of a crowded day at the drugstore, so I have to make a couple passes at the machine, and spend an inordinate amount of time pretending to be interested in, like, rubber gloves, but I finally get in there when there are only a couple people around.  I tried to close my eyes (so that I couldn't see if anyone was staring at me) and relax, but then I thought "what if someone sees me with me eyes closed and thinks I passed out in the blood pressure cuff", so I did it with my eyes open.  It was really high.  Yuck.

So the next day, I go to a different drugstore, thinking maybe I can cheat the system and get a lower reading off a different machine.  This is when disaster struck.  The machine was one that took a reading from your lower arm and allowed you to stand up while the reading was being taken, so I thought that was good.  But, it was also really prominently placed and there were a lot of people around.  But I sucked it up and did it.  I hopped up there and stuck my arm in the cuff, and the machine started TALKING TO ME!  It said something like "Thank you for choosing to monitor your.....blah blah blah".  Now EVERYONE is staring at me and my arm fat.  Then it weighs me and announces my weight out loud to everyone watching!!!! 

So, about then I decided to bail, and I hopped off the machine only to realize that the cuff had already tightened around my lower arm, trapping me.  So there was like 30 seconds of me fighting with the machine, and jerking my arm around like an idiot trying to yank it out of the cuff, and the machine teetering back and forth, before I slunk back on and just hung my head in shame while it measured my blood pressure.  Then to cap it all off, when I got the (understandably) obscenely high reading, I didn't have a pen or paper in my purse and had to record the reading on a See's candy receipt with a lip pencil.

This is my life, people.  And you wonder why I have high blood pressure???    ;D

Anything Non-Dog Related / Totally off topic - LOST anyone?
« on: September 22, 2005, 04:00:46 am »
OK, anybody love LOST like I do?  Anybody watch it last night?  Anybody have any thoughts on.....

How Jack remembered a guy that he met, like, for two minutes about 10 years ago? 

The significance of the hatch saying "QUARANTINED" on the inside, when it can only be opened from the inside?

Why Hurley was in a mental hospital?

Whether that was really Walt, Walt's ghost, or a psychic projection of Walt in the forest? 

(BTW, that whole scene with Walt freaked me out!  Hold me, Sawyer.....    :D)

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